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leo11048811 Nov 12 2014, 6:33pm says:

It's too clean, I mean you should modify the edges of the buildings as if a brick was missing.

+10 votes   news: I am the king !
leo11048811 Jul 21 2014, 2:43pm replied:

Thank you guys, but none of this worked. :/

+1 vote   news: S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Lost Alpha Patch 1.3002 Released
leo11048811 Jul 20 2014, 7:30pm replied:

How do we have the gamedata folder, and not the gamedata.db* files? (ie : where can we download the unloaded version of the patch?)
PS : I've tried to open the gamedata.db* folders with notepad++ but they are too big. :/

+1 vote   news: S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Lost Alpha Patch 1.3002 Released
leo11048811 Feb 6 2014, 12:06pm replied:

Hang him!

+3 votes   media: NEYA-7 (Concept #1)
leo11048811 Dec 22 2013, 7:14am says:

5-10-15 seconds? It is... long! No?!

+1 vote   news: MSD Shaders
leo11048811 Sep 1 2012, 9:32am says:

A Google petition, like for the ACTA would be a good idea, no?
You can only win! "All volunteer!"

PS: You will interest a lot of people with this mod, they will have to buy skyrim for it... you could ask them!
And Mojang seems to love taking part of the small games studios, maybe mod?!

+7 votes   news: MERP C&D
leo11048811 Jun 22 2012, 1:22pm says:

First reaction: In game!?
Second reaction: Medieval 2, Total war!
Third: You can't mess Merp up with those concepts!

+2 votes   media: Concept - Rohan Fortress - Angatur
leo11048811 Jun 7 2012, 5:36pm replied:

Yes, I don't mean: "If an idea is liked by a lot of people you HAVE to implement it" but just be aware of it (and possibly implement it, if you like it too). The "like" system would be a mean to easily differentiate the stupid ideas (like a pink Minas Tirith : yeah I know, I'm inspired :P ) from the interesting ones (you stay the best filter). In the case that I have, so far, always been agree with your vision, it would be more like a generator of potentially good ideas that you haven't already think about. :)
I'm agree, there are not enough ideas to create an "idea voting system" for now, but if you decide to try one, I would be happy to develop it! :) (php+javascript/ajax: web format)

+2 votes   media: Pre-industrial Isengard
leo11048811 Jun 5 2012, 4:58pm replied:

"And i don't think it will be possible for you to disappoint us."
Translation: Mess it up, and you are dead! :P

By the way, you should program your main web site, to allow the community to post ideas. And a "+/-" system to permanently have the best on sight. (rated by the community it self) Then you see what you want to keep or leave. I say that because some people have really great ideas, and I'm always impress of it. :)

+7 votes   media: Pre-industrial Isengard
leo11048811 Jun 2 2012, 5:32pm says:

"12th April, 3018" So I have! ^^
Some other questions:
- 12th April, 3018 to 22th september, 3012... it's 4 years! Will there be some basic needs, like resting, eating, drinking? And most the important: Does that mean we will have to play during 1800 game days to finish the story? (1800x48-1800*24=43200min=720H=30days: So approximately 30 real life days? (Ok, get it, the answer is no! xD))
- What is the quality of the voices? Like in Skyrim, or more amateur?
- Will there be quests for places which are not in the main story? Will they be scattered all around the map? I mean near the border, to give the impression that the map is really huge. (something that skyrim doesn't develop enough in my taste)
- Will you use some mods which have been created for skyrim, and/or reuse their idea? (more birds/bugs, better wild life, more light on roads,... the top 100 on skyrim nexus)
- Will all the regions of middle earth have their own characteristics? (proper trees/rocks/weapons/peoples/wildlife/...)

(you should talk about boats, it's a redundancy question ;D )
I think thats all for now, sorry to waste your time with questions! :b

+4 votes   news: FAQ
leo11048811 Jun 1 2012, 6:36pm replied:

Exept if you want to kill some elves...

+2 votes   media: Helms Deep
leo11048811 May 30 2012, 11:30am says:

I guess you already have seen this Water mod but... (WATER - Water And Terrain Enhancement Redux)
... it would be a great improvement with Water like this! (in my opinion of course ^^ )

+5 votes   media: Mering stream
leo11048811 May 24 2012, 12:37pm replied:

1% he said, maybe 2.

+4 votes   media: WIP White Mountain retexturing
leo11048811 May 16 2012, 7:49am replied:

I hope so. :)

+3 votes   news: Project CryZone loses the status of "modification"
leo11048811 May 15 2012, 4:26pm replied:

Agree too. More dirt, more wealthy around the buttons. Like everything in the zone.

+3 votes   media: PDA and Textures
leo11048811 May 13 2012, 10:22am says:

Conclusion: It's all good for us! xD
But the release date is always to be defined or there are some approximations which can be done? :D

+4 votes   news: 23...
leo11048811 May 12 2012, 10:27am replied:

If it could be a checkbox in the options (like the difficulty level) it would be great. =)
By the way the models looks really good.

+4 votes   media: New food
leo11048811 May 11 2012, 8:32pm says:

There are too much stone for a Rohan village (in my opinion), except if this one is close to a mountain. A little bit more wood on the models could maybe improve the entire village. :)
(Rohan is a big plain, so there are only a few stones/rocks)

+1 vote   media: Fiscryne WIP
leo11048811 May 7 2012, 4:34pm says:

Exept maybe the HUD and the player weapon are bringng too much place on the screen.

-1 votes   media: CryZone Sector 23. Morning, the bad weather.
leo11048811 May 6 2012, 5:17pm replied:


+5 votes   media: Hunter becomes hunted
leo11048811 May 6 2012, 1:12pm says:

Little question: Will the arrow of some bow be faster than some other? (I don't know if it's possible on the engine)

+3 votes   media: Elven bow
leo11048811 May 2 2012, 7:43am says:

Will you add rock objects (when mapping, not just a Texture) on the mountains, like in Skyrim? :)

+2 votes   media: Hornburg (WIP)
leo11048811 Apr 15 2012, 10:44am says:

Will be the destroyable weapons system from Oblivion reintroduced?

+1 vote   media: More Rohirrim weapons
leo11048811 Mar 28 2012, 3:19pm says:

Does Tamriel suck? No
Does Tamriel suck compared to Middle earth? Yes
Are you gonna miss this up? I hope not, if you do, I kill you!
Do this mod evolve if you are dead? No
... dont mess this up!

+1 vote   media: Cyrodiil - Tamriel - Oblivion MERP - Skyrim MERP
leo11048811 Mar 27 2012, 5:16am says:

You should improve the textures, it seems like you've just copied/pasted them from oblivion.

+1 vote   media: The Paths of the Dead WIP
leo11048811 Jan 11 2012, 7:12am says:

"Is that one of the old ruins?"

+1 vote   media: Moria Sneak Peek
leo11048811 Jan 4 2012, 4:37pm replied:

Not only strange too! xD

+1 vote   news: A small update
leo11048811 Jan 1 2012, 5:08pm replied:

Niiice! :D

+1 vote   news: Happy New Year!
leo11048811 Jan 1 2012, 10:28am says:

Just to know about the gameplay: will it be more like "I see a dinosaure, ammo are rare, so I run", or like "Yeah! Dinosaure! Let's kill him before he escapes!"?
Trad: Will it be like a stalker or a Crysis?
PS: awesome new! :D

+1 vote   news: Happy New Year!
leo11048811 Jun 7 2011, 3:00pm says:

This is beautiful...

+14 votes   media: This is MERP...
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