Okay, Where to start... I'm a web designer, graphics designer, 3D modeller and game programmer born and raised in Wakefield, United Kingdom. I spend more time developing than playing video games, although you may catch me on Steam or Xbox Live playing a game or two. My major skill is web design. I can make a decent site within 3 days. And by decent, I mean you can do a lot. For example; Post comments, videos, and images. You can even dynamically ban a user depending on user ID and IP. I prefer working in code, although I may occasionally drop into design-view to align a few things in Dreamweaver. If you need a website, feel free to ask me and send me a mock-up of your desired layout/design.

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Platinum Arts Sandbox Free 3D Game Maker
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This engine is 100% free, 100% flexible and 100% simple. Providing you have the programming know-how, you can do ANYTHING! This engine is updated frequently and I myself have content included in the engine (Karbon Collection, NewUI, RPG HUD) ready for the 2.7 release. The developers (including myself) are almost always around in the IRC channel to help you out. (#sandbox, irc.oftc.net)

Half-Life 2
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