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lenusk@ Apr 10 2014, 4:39am says:

C'mon guys, do you really think it's a great job. Do not misunderstand me, I do not want to offend anyone or demotivate, just the opposite. Last next door ten and more skins and including this are generally worthless.
I understand you guys learned how to use in photoshop: color balance/brightness/contrast/hue/saturation and so on, but this is not enough.
At first of all learn how to work with lasso and magic wand; at second learn how to work with layers and mixing layers; and thirdly learn to work with blur and patch. And I kindly ask don't draw any pattern or detail by hand; but search web some real object pattern or detail, trust me I know what I'm saying.
And more remade models of VV/Jeanette/Therese/Heather03/stripper03... is a "bad taste", if you are not going to do something new, what is the point constantly repaint all time same clothes? Use a little imagination or already-made ideas.
Here is an example how you can make VV and Jeanette:
I apologize if I hurt anyone.

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lenusk@ Dec 11 2013, 5:48am replied:

Main obstacle is unmaded min 12 ​​player models.
Also accepting all possible assistance in this direction, if who wants to help.

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lenusk@ Oct 6 2010, 2:29am replied:

Possibility "diablerie" is considered, quite possible that will be present in the game. But i can say unequivocally that, through diablerie in game will not get the new disciplines. For many reasons, player will always have only 3 clan disciplines (sooner, except old clan Tzimisce - which will also can learn koldunism - "the way of fire").

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lenusk@ Aug 13 2009, 9:52pm says:

MalkHead, ну ладно, все равно приятно слышать соотечественика!

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lenusk@ Aug 13 2009, 10:45am says:

MalkHead, Спасибо, ты наверное единственный русский кому понравилось!
Я тебя знаю или нет? Ты на сайте под каким ником?

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lenusk@ Jun 25 2009, 12:36am says:

Wow, amazing, i really like. When can download?

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lenusk@ Jun 24 2009, 11:04am says:

'Avtomat Kalashnikova sample 1947'

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lenusk@ Jun 22 2009, 6:09am says:

If you need a ak47 very much, I can do it from the model SPAS15 and paste instead of Steyr scout or dragon's breath. just do not know how behave animation. Only if you are very much needed?

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lenusk@ Jun 21 2009, 5:55am says:

I badly understand English, you are offer to take AK-47 from the strike source one and insert the VTMB instead SPAS15? You can try, I did not get.

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lenusk@ Jun 17 2009, 10:15pm says:

Purely theoretically, possibly can add ak-47. But there are a number of problems. Need a model similar to the AK-47 and close animations. add new models can not only edit the old ones, with animation nothing can be done. The same will have to replace any one of existing weapons.

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lenusk@ Jun 14 2009, 4:26am says:

Of course, the description is written and illustrated by the pictures and videos ...

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