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so yeah
i wanna rant in my blog
it's been a while since i've done blahblahblah...
i'm playing this game called Broken Dimensions
game opens and i say, wow, nice artwork you got there
game starts and i was... okaaaaay...
game goes on and woah, woah, woah, wait..
i'm getting dizzy around here

this type of situation isn't actually new to me to begin with
but this game got lots of 'em
i mean, yeah, the concept was good really,
it was all about physics and stuff
i just got lost at the part where a female ghost gets to "help" me get out of there
honest to all games, this got me really confused if that white lady hangin' over there is trusted
and i mean it
i don't know if anybody noticed it
but the way she speaks really sounded so suspicious to me
well, movin' on it was really a nice and fun game
until i got dizzy and blam!
uh-huh, i quit :)

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