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lemoniser Jan 23 2013, 9:35am says:

Felt that it was missing, not sure if anyone else has said it, but if not then shame. Good luck MERP team, its a shame about the NDA but I'm hopeful that youre continuing.

Fans of games, of books, my brothers! I see in your comments the same depression that would take the heart of me. A day may come when the courage of fans fails, when we forsake our dreams and break all hopes of happiness; but it is not this day! An hour of woe, and mauled mods, when the Age of fans comes crashing down; but it is not this day! This day we fight! By all that you hold dear on this good earth, I bid you sign, Fans of the Internet!

+2 votes   news: MERP news letter
lemoniser Jan 23 2013, 9:24am replied:

I assume that it is because of the fact that these games have been made and were successes in their own rights.

It seems more likely to me that there will be the usual movie accompaniement 'games' and it is Warner bros hope to protect these or this from competition.

+1 vote   news: MERP news letter
lemoniser Mar 9 2012, 12:19am replied:

Seems like its superfluous with your vehemence and easier said than done, but please back up back up back up. Im pretty new but been tracking long enough to be devastated by set backs. Also ill have a go at some resources in a few weeks then, best case scenario be able to get something half decent done in a couple days

+1 vote   mod: MERP | Middle Earth Roleplaying Project
lemoniser Mar 8 2012, 8:03am says:

As a fan i was wondering what the teams thoughts were on community contributions. Im not asking for anyone saying that if i make something it will be included but i was hoping anything i make can be reviewed as i lack the time or expertise to join the team proper but would still love to contribute, and with the divided nature of locations it seems like it could work well and that at least skeletons of locations can be accepted to cut down on work.

Admittedly i havent even downloaded the creation kit yet but id love to contribute if i can.

+1 vote   mod: MERP | Middle Earth Roleplaying Project
lemoniser Feb 4 2012, 5:57am says:

Out of interest can the player get to Durin's tower? where gandalf actually killed the balrog, top of the mountain, that place.

+1 vote   media: Moria Sneak Peek
lemoniser Feb 4 2012, 5:52am says:

just a little idea, maybe the script or whatever that is used that stops one from climbing to the peak of the throat of the world too early can be used at that really hostile mountain in the misty mountains?

caladras or the red mountain or red pass or whatever it was called?

From memory i think it was where Elrond's wife was killed, but the one which the fellowship tried to climb over before trying to go through Moria.

+1 vote   mod: MERP | Middle-Earth Roleplaying Project
lemoniser Aug 29 2011, 7:27am replied:

youre a republic commando!! you should be fighting both of them at once

+1 vote   media: "Halcyon Days" Wallpaper
lemoniser Aug 29 2011, 7:25am replied:

"cool guys dont look at explosions..."

+2 votes   media: UNSC Command Cruiser
lemoniser Aug 29 2011, 7:24am replied:

"Anyways, here's the dreadnought featured in both Halo Wars and Origins."

Check the description next time? And it looks great

+3 votes   media: Forerunner Capital Ship
lemoniser Aug 29 2011, 2:47am says:

Does it have the whole twisting handle thing? Or is it just a trigger? I'd love to see the jack in the box esque thing but I understand that that entails a lot of complicated work with animations and everything so not fussed.

Especially considering as I probably wont be able to play this

+1 vote   media: Introducing the "Gatling Gun" ...omg
lemoniser Aug 2 2011, 7:37am says:

I've been hoping for something like this, can't wait. Any chance of dragons eventually? As flying units are possible on m2. Anyway not too importnat, cant wait to play it.

+1 vote   mod: Morrowind: Total War
lemoniser Aug 2 2011, 7:18am says:

loving the idea, really hope it pulls through.

+1 vote   mod: Star Wars The Great Hyperspace War
lemoniser Aug 2 2011, 7:06am says:

This looks great, maybe it'll help heal the wounds that microsoft left by abandoning pc players :P

Keep up the great work and tracking.

+3 votes   mod: Campaign Commander
lemoniser Aug 2 2011, 7:05am says:

I'm hoping this will be single player as I don't know if it will get enough players for multi, especially in my area. Anyway tracking, looks like it'll be good.

+2 votes   mod: Dead West
lemoniser Aug 2 2011, 6:54am says:


+2 votes   media: Alien In game
lemoniser Aug 2 2011, 6:47am replied:

wow as in you can ram it into guys?

thats awesome if thats what it is.

+1 vote   media: He has returned from darkness
lemoniser Jul 21 2011, 1:44am replied:

Cos thats halo?

Although a halo rts like company of heroes would be really really mad.

0 votes   news: pondering about unsc textures
lemoniser Jul 21 2011, 1:43am says:

Missiles ey? No Anakining through the hangar then I guess. Looks very trade federationary.

Anyway keep up the good work and I'm really liking the bridge at the back.

Assuming thats what it is anyway.

+1 vote   media: New SITH carrier
lemoniser Jul 21 2011, 1:40am replied:

coherent story ey?

Well I guess thats not a bad thing... :P

+1 vote   media: Cheyenne Mountain Complex
lemoniser Jul 21 2011, 1:38am replied:

wouldn't lotro have introduced some form of one?

+1 vote   mod: MERP | Middle-Earth Roleplaying Project
lemoniser Jul 21 2011, 1:37am replied:

Actually google it but I think that they want to port mods to the consoles with skyrim. Whether or not it'll ever happen, who knows?

If it does its possible they may make a deal with devs and create a user generated material store, like tf2 or someone has.

So I'd wait and see if I were you.

So skyrims turning out to be a very console friendly game, especially as it seems to me like the two hand system may be better suited to consoles. Thoughts on it all?

+1 vote   mod: MERP | Middle-Earth Roleplaying Project
lemoniser Jul 15 2011, 12:28am replied:

1 - Theoden

2 - Pippin

3 - Gandalf

4 - Aragorn

5 - King ...... of Rohan, his last words. The one who raided that dragons treasure horde. Not too good with names. Also king of the dead and Legolas, not sure about others.

6 - Who didn't say it? Aragorn first I think.

7 - Eowyn

8 - Boromir

9 - Gandalf

10 - Legolas, great remix

Also books or movies? I went mostly with movies because individual lines are more memorable although the books are a lot better imho.

Also bonus question; name all the wizards. Sorry to all you movie chaps. Someone come up with a hard question for them? I dont even know the proper answer to mine :P

+1 vote   mod: MERP | Middle-Earth Roleplaying Project
lemoniser Jul 14 2011, 7:54am replied:

ahh great, i was worried I'd have to say something about the yellow. Thats the only bad thing, the rest of its great, but I see youre on top of tings geroenimo

+1 vote   media: New menu in progress
lemoniser Jul 14 2011, 1:22am says:

Hmm the model looks a bit sith-ish to me but this doesn't make it look too bad. Guess I'll wait and see.

0 votes   media: Republic Striker Cruiser to _W_' concept art.
lemoniser Jul 6 2011, 11:45am says:

So if that thread was locked wheres it being updated from? I think Ill just track it here and hope to god this is updated if its finished unl;ess told taht it wont be though.

Anyway good luck finishing it, looks great so far.

+1 vote   mod: Pirates & Fishmod
lemoniser Jul 5 2011, 11:15am says:

Jesus tap dancing Christ, I really hope that this is done, it will be amazing. Is the plan for the ship models to just be added to x3 or for it to be a total conversion? And if it is total conversion will it still have a lot of trade elements or will it be a lot more action orientated?

+1 vote   mod: X3 Covenant Conflict
lemoniser Jul 5 2011, 10:54am says:

Tracked even though i dont have EaW, couldnt help myself it looks like a great mod. Good work and please keep it up :)

Also its been a while since I've played the kotors but werent the mandos diminished a lot? So is having them as one of the major powers, a playable one in fact, just a bit of artistic license and everything? Personally I dont care as its a mod and so doesnt have to be canon and mandalorians are awesome, just wanted to check.

+3 votes   mod: Old Republic at War
lemoniser Jul 4 2011, 10:22am says:

On the question of evil characters maybe it would be easiest to start (in the far future, after 1.0 is released and everything) on the less evil characters- the Easterlings, Haradrim, maybe a black Umbarian or a swarf of the Eastern clans. All of these would have free will but are often seen as being evil, some more or less than others.

Also I doubt that you would but if you need anyone for research than I'm happy to help, unfortunately I don't have any other modding skills and do occasionally get busy when I take on projects like these and so have to stop or whatever but I'll help if I can.

Looking forward to Merp and it'd be a great first full conversion mod for Skyrim.

+1 vote   mod: MERP | Middle-Earth Roleplaying Project
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