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Game Review on Oct 25th, 2015

Dark Souls is a hard game. It can be satisfying. It can frustrating. It has its ******** moments.

Some of the scenarios the NPCs get in can be a bit contrived.
There is a variety of interesting locations connected to each other via some kind of shortcut you can access either early or later in the game.

Too many bottomless pits in this game. All the routes are tight and narrow with bottomless pits. Its the fall itself that kills you, not the sudden stop at the bottom.
To make things worse some enemies placement are so annoying.

Alot of secrets to discover.

Enemy attacks clip through walls and are able to hit you. Its very cheap. But your attacks get interupted when you hit a wall.

Hitboxes can be unfaire too. Enemies hit you when they clearly shouldnt.
Collision detection is also not so great. You sometimes cant get over un-even grounds. Like some kind of invisible wall is preventing you to.

The jumping controls is not so good. You hold down the run button and then tap it to jump. Tapping is also used for rolling. So you can end up rolling when you want to jump. Or jumping when you want to run. This can lead to deaths.

Some boss designs are misleading. For example you'd assume that a boss covered in flames would be immune to fire. But its not. You cant use logic to defeat bosses in this game. Your logic will betray you. Its alot of trial and error. And finding the right formula for each boss.
But despite that almost each boss encounter is the same scenario. You are locked in a room or small area (behind an impenetrable "Fog Gate") and cant leave until one of you die.
They should have changed the scenarios up a bit. The whole fog gate thing got repetitive.

I didnt find many of the bosses interesting except for maybe 3:
Gwyn the last boss, reminds me of Zeus.
Sif a giant dog with a sword in his mouth.
Quelaag a fire witch with a spider creature as her lower half.
All i can remember from the other bosses was...they were big..

The item descriptions are unclear or false. Its not easy formulating a good strategy when you're not sure what a weapon or piece of armor actually does.
You have to actually search the internet for that.

The game looks bad graphically. And is locked at 30. This can be fixed with a mod.
But even with the mod fix it stills looks pretty bad. I can barely see faces. I dont know what people's face look like in this game even when their faces are exposed.

Also the endings are a bit abrupt. The game has a very epic intro video.
But the ending is pretty much "you did it, now start the game back over"

A good game.

Dead Space
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Game Review on Aug 21st, 2015

Memorable main characters.
Cool weapons.
Interesting enemies. Satisfying to kill: stomping on them or severing their limbs.
Good pacing.
Nice atmosphere.

Bad fov.

Crysis 3
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Game Review on Jul 16th, 2015

Overall its a satisfying conclusion to the trilogy (or quadrilogy).

Many of the things that i liked and disliked from Crysis 2 are here.
The visual effects are annoying. Rarely would i ever say the screen was clean and neat. The FOV is not so great.
Its less linear than Crysis 2.

I like the sound effects. But dislike that i still cant change the suit voice to female.

Hoping for a Crysis 4 in the future. Hopefully the story will be independant of this one.

Crysis 2
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Game Review on May 30th, 2015 - 1 person doesn't

There are some changes compared to the first games (Crysis and Warhead) that i dislike:

-I dislike how max strength and speed are now automatic instead of manual. But i got used to it.
-I dislike how they mad the suit a bit too self-aware. And it holds your hands too much. Never shuts up.
-I dislike that you cant change the suit's voice to female.
-I dislike the stupid invisible walls.

Now for what i like:
+I was disappointed to see Nomad gone (see comic for details). Alcatraz is cool though. A cool silent protagonist.
+Story is good. Characters are memorable. I didnt find any of them unlikable, even the villains.
+You eventually get your hands on some cool weapons. They are customizable, but i didnt find myself customizing as much as i did in the previous games.

There are alot of epic cinematics, aswell as some QTEs, but only a tiny bit.
The game doesnt need that to be epic. It just needs kickass music while you're kicking ***, which is what the first games did.

The FOV is not great (can be edited in autoexec.cfg)
There is also this weird annoying filter/motionblur thing that i just dont get.

The game doesnt have any "improvements" compared to the first game that i can think of.
But despite certain "dumbing down" aka "simplifying" it is still fun.
Out of the many "modern military shooters" this one i'd actually recommend.

Far Cry 4
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Game Review on Feb 16th, 2015

Some main characters are interesting.
Some are annoying. Which is a problem since you cant skip cutscenes.
The character Badrah is under used.

Gameplay is good. Performance is bad.
Variety in the endings (definitely better than FarCry3's ending)
Alot of side activities (although they do repeat)

There isnt much of a soundtrack. No real good music playing on the radio while driving. However certain missions have some kick-*** soundtrack that really gets you excited.

Cool features like being able to auto-drive.
The wing-suit. Parachute.
The Buzzer (Mini Chopper)
Riding elephants.
Rope climbing.
And other standard vehicles.
Alot of weapons.

Overall a satisfying game.

Shogo: Mobile Armor Division
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Game Review on Oct 5th, 2014

Very fun and satisfying.

However it doesnt feel like you are stomping around in a giant mech. Buildings are not destructible. The city is empty, no screaming citizens yelling "Godzilla!!"

Weapons feel good. Good story and characters. And a sarcastic and likable main character.

Id love a sequel or a remake. Or atleast another game like it.

Main problem with this game are the instant kills. But once you get a proper feel for the game it becomes less of a problem.

8 Review

Game Review on Sep 15th, 2014

In terms of gameplay its pretty cool: the kick, the whip, the slide. Aswell as some other things.
The gun fights can get pretty wild. Getting drunk is cool, but they could have made it a little more badass.
The ending isnt bad, but also not great.
Im also not a fan of regenerating health in FPSs.

Dark Messiah of Might and Magic
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Game Review on Feb 11th, 2014

A fun first-person RPG.

The story is not bad or great at first, but about half way when the mystery of what you are is revealed it gets interesting.

The combat is pretty fun. Kicking enemies off cliffs, into fire, on wall spikes that are conveniently placed everywhere. And I mean everywhere.

Some of the magical weapons are really cool to use. The skill points tree was also good.

The characters needed to be developed more.

I like how some quests were optional. Even boss fights were optional. The game doesn’t really lock you in a room and force you to fight a boss.

The endings are not bad, the problem is you just get a short cut scene, I wanted an actual epilogue to see the consequences of the choices I made throughout the game.

8 Review

Game Review on Jan 23rd, 2014

SWAT 4 is a pretty good tactical FPS.
However its not at its full potential, this game could actually be better.

Some stages I found not that fun.
And some stages like the serial kidnapper in his mom’s basement, and the cult stage were very good, creepy and fun.

My team AI can be pretty stupid at times.

And the game is too harsh when it comes to using deadly force. Especially when there are 10 enemies and you gotta constantly shout "get down".

The weapon varieties are not very interesting.
I know its out of place, but i would have liked the option to use an AK-47.

It has only 13 career missions. I think if this game was still getting support it could be better. Like adding more career missions.

The game doesn’t have the right resolution for my screen so there are minor bugs. Would be good if some kind of patch was released to fix the minor issues I had.

I hear talking of people wanting this game to come to STEAM.
And if that happens maybe it will be re-released with some fixes.

Far Cry
8 Review

Game Review on Dec 26th, 2013 - 1 person doesn't

-FarCry is a great open world FPS.

-Good characters, and good story.

-Good gameplay.
Stealth is good when it works. But it seems to be more helpful to the enemies rather than to the player since their sight and aim are amazing. They can see you from great distances even when you're prone. And its hard to see them even when they are running around exposed.
And they outnumber you by a lot; when you think you cleared them out more pop out.
You can throw rock to distract them. Its good when it works.

-You can drive 4X4s and boats, even hang gliders. And use the guns mounted on them.

-You can carry 4 weapons at once. And there are different weapons to choose from. Although the variety isn’t that great.
You can carry a variety of grenades, including gas bombs.

-Would be nice if the game allowed you to carry atleast one health pack with you.

-Sprint doesn’t help much. You cant sprint for long and you cant sprint fast.

-No manual save only auto save, which is good for a challenge. You are able to reload any save file since they each get their own slot.
Unfortunately the game doesn’t always save at the time you want it to.

Overall a great game.