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Call of Juarez: Gunslinger

Game review

A satisfying western shooter with some cool gameplay mechanics.

You play as Silas Greaves an old bounty hunter telling his story of vengeance at a bar.
Throughout the story you encounter famous (or infamous) western outlaws.

Didn’t have an interesting variety of weapons. You have two weapon slots basically.
One for pistol or Sawed-Off Shotgun (both you may dual wield)
The second for rifle or Double-Barreled Shotgun.
Third is for dynamite.

Despite liking the shotguns you have to reload too often so I found them useless even in close quarters combat.
The rifle is good for long range.
The only pistol I found worth using was the Ranger.
The other pistols are either the six-shooters or quickshooters which may shoot/reload faster but I didn’t find them all that useful or fun to use.

The game is a narrative driven game so it is a bit linear. A bit too linear. You are meant to search for “Nuggets of Truth” they give you xp aswell as some info on characters. But im often afraid to search for them because I keep getting these “leaving the story area” messages that I dislike.

The game has a bullet time mechanic.
A Sense of Death mechanic that lets you dodge a potentially fatal gunshot.
And boss duels.

The story telling has funny moments.
This game is definitely worth it.


Dead Space 2

Game review

You see Isaac's face way too much. Isaac talks way too much. I prefer him as a silent protagonist.
I saw the Isaac in DS1 as a mysterious, in control, focused guy.
The voice actor doesnt do a bad job at all but Isaac talking adds nothing to the game for me. It takes things out.

Chapter transitions are much smoother. Too smooth. In fact there are no transitions at all. In the first game you used the train to get to different parts of the ship.
Here you just see a text pop up saying "Chapter..." which is pointless because you hardly notice.

The pacing is not as good as the first game.
The side characters are not as memorable.
They introduce some new enemies, but nothing special.
Your suite doesnt upgrade in a linear fashion anymore which is unfortunate. It gave a better sense of progression.
Even the way the shop itself works has changed for the worst.
They also pointlessly changed some of the controls. You'll get used to it but what was the point of changing it.
My problem is not that there were changes. We need change. But the changes need to be improvements.

The zero-gravity sections are good. You dont jump from surface to surface, now you actually fly and move about freely.

Still a good game but not as good as the original.


Max Payne 3

Game review

The plot is Max has to protect a bunch of rich folks in São Paulo Brazil.

Spoilers: tsom fo meht eid

Didn’t care much for the characters.
Rodrigo Branco is a likeable guy. Then you have his gold-digging wife Fabiana. His politician brother Victor and other brother Marcelo a spoiled partier. And Giovanna who is Fabianna’s sister "the good sister". She is kinda likeable also.

The gunplay is fun and satisfying for the most part.
But it is also flawed. I have a hard time seeing the tiny crosshair which is just a white dot.
The cover system sucks. Best to crouch behind objects than to attach to walls.

There is an overuse of cutscenes that cant be skipped until the game is done loading apparently. The game tries very hard to be a movie. Whats worst you can pause the cutscenes. Yeah i just love cutscenes you cant skip but you can pause. Plus you cant quit the game until the cutscene is over.

What sucks even more is that Max has a habit of switching back to your one-handed weapon each time, and also likes to charge into dangerous situations. So imagine having only 8 bullets and Max charges in a gunfight like an idiot instead of letting the player strategically decide how and when to engage.

It also gets pretty annoying with the constant wave of enemies.
There is a cycle that repeats. Cutscene, action, walking, cutscene, action, walking.

A cool thing are the collectibles. You can collect "clues" in the game and Max will narrate something.

You can also collect pieces of gold weapons which will turn a weapon golden.
So you'd think the game encourages exploration right? Wrong. The game is on a time limit. If you stop for too long you can get a mission failed. What ********.

There is a twist in the end. But its nothing amazing or surprising. It just deals with corruption.


Halo 2

Game review

Halo 2

2 protagonists (you can play the Arbiter who is actually more interesting than Master Chief and seems to do more in the campaign than Chief)

Dual-wielding guns. Something that should be an option in every first-person shooter.

FOV is 2 small (can be fixed by editing a few HEX files)
Gun models are 2 big. Especially when dual-wielding, i can barely see a thing other than two giant guns in my face.

2 many instant deaths. Gets very frustrating.

Twice the weapon and vehicle options than Halo CE.
Twice the enemy variety.

Would have been twice as better with mods.

Not a bad game, but i wouldnt call it great.


Gears of War

Game review

The chainsawgun is fun and satisfying. Rarely got to actually use the chainsaw.
The other guns were pretty much useless. Except for the sniper-rifle. And the hammer of dawn which is a heat laser coming down from the sky from a satellite, but you can only use it in specific locations.

I dislike that you have to stop to pick up ammo on the ground. I dislike that your character goes into walking mode whenever speaking on his ear-radio. Ruins the pacing.

The characters at first felt very stereotypical, but they grew on me. And i started to like them.

Being able to give your team commands is completely useless. And they never actually cover you.

There are 4 of you in total, but there is always a new reason to split up so its usually just 2 of you.

There isnt much of a variety in enemies. Nothing special about the story.

The reload mechanic is fun.

Some stages are very atmospheric.



Halo: Combat Evolved

Game review

Halo Combat Evolved is a good game. But its not amazing.

2 gun limit. Bullet-sponge enemies. A lack of variation in the enemies. The variety of weapons are a bit interesting but is held back by the fact that you can only carry 2 at a time.

And sometimes the shooting gets tedious. And tiresome.

Mister Chef and Cortana are good and likable.
Cortana's voice acting is very good.

Halo "Custom Edition" is where the fun is at. A bunch of maps to download. The modding community has really kept this game alive.


Dragon Age: Origins

Game review

+Good story
+Good characters
+Good gameplay

-Slow and tedious combat
-Areas that go on for way too long
-Badly paced
-Unfair scripted events
-Crappy monetary/shop system
-Lame loot and a lack of interesting and varying weapons
-Limited romance option
-Bugs and glitches
-Unreliable camera controls

Those 3 positives are what kept me coming back to this game but eventually the negatives were too much for me to take. The best way I could play this game was by taking breaks every once in a while because the game is exhausting.
Some areas go on for so long that I have to turn some music on to listen to while I do it because it never ends.
Combat is not satisfying unless I use a mage since the mage has so many useful spells. And the lame loot you get from slain enemies don’t make up for it.
The rogue is also fun. Can turn invisible to scout out some areas. But because the game is scripted sometimes the invisibility becomes pointless. The game detects you even if the enemies don’t.
The game is not open world. Instead you fast travel from area to area with some random encounters in-between.
I do prefer it to its two sequels though.

(I am playing Torchlight 2. I don’t know the story, it doesn’t have amazing characters. But it is very satisfying to kill enemies and loot them. Cool weapons and items. Its colorful. Fast paced. And has some sweet mods)


Mafia II

Game review

Minus the DLC i rate this game a 6.
With the DLCs Betrayal of Jimmy, Jimmy's Vendetta and Joe's Adventures i give it a 7 or 7.5

Great characters.
Great voice acting.
Looks beautiful.
Hand to hand combat is fun.
The game is set in an interesting time period 1940-50, alot of potential.

But the game is also boring.
Way too much driving sections. Not much interesting to listen to on the radio, would have made the driving more fun. Driving feels stiff sometimes.
Weapons are good but sometimes i cant feel the impact of my bullets on an enemy.
The missions are not that exciting or memorable except for the last mission.
The missions are very simple, like day to day activities.
And you cant explore the world out of mission, nothing to do.

However i still think its a pretty good game with alot of potential but just didnt deliver it.

A pretty good game. You play as Riddick as he tries to escape a prison.

The stealth is the best part of this game, when it works.
Riddick can see in the dark so you must shoot out the lights and use his night vision. However often even when its pitch black enemies will still see you and just riddle you with bullets.
And some lights are covered in bullet proof glass for some reason so there are some you cant shoot out.

Worst part is the shooting. Guns act weird. When too close to a wall, object or enemy the gun disappears and you cant shoot.

At some points you use mechs also fun.

Hand to hand combat also good when it works.

The voice acting is also very good.


Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Game review

I had more fun playing Call of Duty 1 and 2. The weapons and combat were more fun. I also felt more freedom, i didnt feel forced to follow my squad, and my squad didnt take all the kills i these tight areas, there was enough to go around with the open space. If felt good.

It was hard to connect with the characters, especially the main character. The only people i remember are Soap and Gaz.

I dont like controlling multiple characters in one campaign.
I would have preferred 2 full campaigns, one where you only control Soap and one where you only control Paul. No switching back and forth.

Gameplay is fine. This is the only time that i was OK with the 2 gun limit. However the gameplay doesnt vary much, mostly shooting, and a little bit of areal assault, and a sniper mission.

Linear. You can jump over somethings but then the game prevents you from jumping over other things.

I did like how smooth it plays.

I found the game to be too short though, im talking singleplayer campaign.

Overall a good game.