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Game frustrated me so much i wanted to give it 1/10.
But I should also take into consideration the positive things about the game.

I bought into the hype.
I loved Opposing Force and have been wanting to play as Shepard again.
I thought this would feel like a sequel but it doesn’t.
Other than the HUD being green there isn’t anything Opposing Force related about this.
Its Half Life 2. But not in a good way.

There is no controller support. If you’re one of those “first person shooters shouldn’t be played with a controller!” person then this wont be an issue for you.

The intro and voice acting is not good. Flashback sequences are annoying.
When it comes to storytelling in games I think showing is better than telling. And doing is better than seeing.

As for the gun fights they are terrible. This game is not hard because of intelligent or varying enemies. Its hard because of the fact that they dont stop spawning. Its annoying and tedious. Im not having fun im just getting tired.

The instant kill puzzles suck too. Playing HL and HL2 the environment itself was a hazard. And you'd often take damage that seem unavoidable. This however, i have to jump over bright, moving lasers. Its a first person shooter and the controlled character doesnt have feet, how am i gonna see where im landing?