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SWAT 4 is a pretty good tactical FPS.
However its not at its full potential, this game could actually be better.

Some stages I found not that fun.
And some stages like the serial kidnapper in his mom’s basement, and the cult stage were very good, creepy and fun.

My team AI can be pretty stupid at times.

And the game is too harsh when it comes to using deadly force. Especially when there are 10 enemies and you gotta constantly shout "get down".

The weapon varieties are not very interesting.
I know its out of place, but i would have liked the option to use an AK-47.

It has only 13 career missions. I think if this game was still getting support it could be better. Like adding more career missions.

The game doesn’t have the right resolution for my screen so there are minor bugs. Would be good if some kind of patch was released to fix the minor issues I had.

I hear talking of people wanting this game to come to STEAM.
And if that happens maybe it will be re-released with some fixes.


Far Cry

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-FarCry is a great open world FPS.

-Good characters, and good story.

-Good gameplay.
Stealth is good when it works. But it seems to be more helpful to the enemies rather than to the player since their sight and aim are amazing. They can see you from great distances even when you're prone. And its hard to see them even when they are running around exposed.
And they outnumber you by a lot; when you think you cleared them out more pop out.
You can throw rock to distract them. Its good when it works.

-You can drive 4X4s and boats, even hang gliders. And use the guns mounted on them.

-You can carry 4 weapons at once. And there are different weapons to choose from. Although the variety isn’t that great.
You can carry a variety of grenades, including gas bombs.

-Would be nice if the game allowed you to carry atleast one health pack with you.

-Sprint doesn’t help much. You cant sprint for long and you cant sprint fast.

-No manual save only auto save, which is good for a challenge. You are able to reload any save file since they each get their own slot.
Unfortunately the game doesn’t always save at the time you want it to.

Overall a great game.


Portal 2

Game review

Portal 2 is a great sequel.

Story is still great and got expended on from the first game. Uncovering more of the mystery of what happened in this place. A little creepy and so thrilling.

Voice acting is terrific. A fun and funny game.

The only way this game could have been better is if the Gman actually showed up in the end.


Condemned: Criminal Origins

Game review

A horror game done right.

You play an investigator hunting down a serial killer who kills serial killers. While at the same time running from the police who suspect you of murder.

You use various tools, as well as some psychic visions, to examine clues and evidence.
Your friend Rosa, a forensics at HQ, whom you are in contact with throughout the game analyses all the clues sent to her and helps you.

Game focuses on melee.
Combat is well done. You need to block, move forward and back and time your attacks. Certain melee weapons have secondary uses to break doors or locks (fire axe, sledge hammer, crowbar)

You may also find ranged weapons with limited ammo in them. Shotguns and pistols.
Unfortunately you may find sub-machine guns occasionally. And i wish the game did not have them. But they are rare, plus the ammo is limited.

Checkpoints are position perfectly. The game also has a quick save feature which i dont use since checkpoints are well positioned.



Saints Row IV

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This game is wacky, over the top, funny, bad *** and epic.
Like previous games you can still customize character, weapons and vehicles. There are alot of weapons, alot of cars. Many of them are wacky. Areas to take over. And a NICE SOUND TRACK.

The missions are fun, the characters are funny.
"LOYALTY MISSIONS" are fun. Side missions are the same as side activities, they are repetitive but also fun.

One of the major selling points is that you get to be PRESIDENT, however it doesn't add much to the game since you dont really get to do much of anything as a president before all goes to hell.

Game takes place in a SIMULATION WORLD created by alien invaders.
You get SUPER POWERS and can do alot of crazy ****. First time i ever messed around so much in a game and ignored the main missions. Just doing side activities, upgrading my powers and abilities.

GANGS are useless in this game, as are vehicles since its easier and faster to use powers. Plus all the side activities revolve around your powers.
HOMIES are not useless though, they offer fun loyalty missions, and can obtain powers and cool costumes.

CONS: Because of what happens to Earth early in the game you dont get to do many real world missions which is disappointing.
The powers were fun but i missed powerless driving, running and shooting.
The virtual world looks so UGLY, no blue skies or pretty colors.
I wish i could have done 50% real world missions in beautiful, colorful Steelport. And 50% super power missions in the virtual world.

CONCLUSION: The most fun superhero game i've ever played, and the most fun i've had just messing around in a game.
Great game.


The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena

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Just like Escape from Butcher Bay, Assault on Dark Athena is a pretty good game. Its got the same things i liked but also the same things i disliked from the previous.

Stealth is the best part of this game, when it works.
Riddick can see in the dark so you must shoot out the lights and use his night vision. However often even when its pitch black enemies will still see you and just riddle you with bullets.
And some lights are covered in bullet proof glass for some reason so there are some you cant shoot out.

Worst part is the shooting. Guns act weird. When too close to a wall, object or enemy the gun disappears and you cant shoot.

At some points you use mechs also fun.

Hand to hand combat also good when it works, though there is less here compared to the first game.

The voice acting is again very good.

I also have to give an extra point to this game for having a way more interesting antagonist. Gale Revas: beautiful, sexy, mean and dangerous.


Shadow Warrior Classic

Game review

Shadow Warrior Classic Redux

If you enjoyed Duke3D then you should enjoy this. Its just as good if not better. Its the Asian version of Duke3D, which means its gonna be racially offensive.

The weapons are great:
Katana or Fists, Shuriken,
Riot shotgun, Uzi (+dual wield), Grenade launcher and rocket launcher,
Sticky bombs (stick to any surface including enemies), Railgun,
Guardian head (the head of an enemy that shoots fire), Ripper heart (heart of an enemy that can make a clone of you).

Powerups: fortune cookies give health boost, armor, Nuclear bombs, Heatseeker cards for rocket launcher.

Interesting enemies like female warriors, Sumos, even ghosts.

There is less nudity than Duke3D, the girls are anime girls.

Keys can be used multiple times, you have the keyscards but you also have keys for locks.

The game is more fast-paced than Duke3D but at the same time easier. My main weapon in Duke3D was a shotgun, in Shadow Warrior its the dual Uzi.

Bosses are also easier, not giant alien monsters.


Dead Island Riptide

Game review - 1 agrees

A new playable character is added, eventhough I don’t use him.
The other survivors are visible now and don’t only appear in cutscenes.
The survivors help you fight in these horde modes where wave after wave of zombies attack. Very fun.
You are able to perform drop down kills on enemies.
You can find a chainsaw.
You can do mission for your friends making them stronger.
New special zombie types (remind me of the Charger and Witch from Left for Dead).

Some aspects of combat are worsened: I cant stand on a car and properly hit zombies like I used to and they can more easily hit me than before.
Eventhough the other survivors help in combat during the waves, they don’t do anything else. Instead of maybe helping you carry multiple heavy objects or helping you fight a boss, they’d just stand there and watch.
Too many fetch quests. Too much backtracking. Too often a mission would lead to a dead end and you have to find alternate paths. Too often a mission would lead to a locked door and you have to find a key.
Because 3/4 of the game you are in a flooded area you cannot drown enemies. But I drowned once, I fell in some kind of sinkhole near the beach and couldn’t get out.
More often than once an enemy one-hit-killed me by throwing a melee weapon at me, a cheap way to die.
When I use my kick it automatically throws the flares im holding, wasting them.
SamB’s ram ability doesn’t work well.
It copied the first too closely. Right down to the audio tapes you find, the missions, betrayals, the last boss battle being some kind of supermutated human, and a certain girl dying at the end.
Kevin (aka Charon the terrorist from the first game) and Yerema are removed at the beginning of the game and are never seen again.

Confusing. It looks like we rescued some people but abandoned others, again, just like the first game.


Crysis Warhead

Game review

Shorter but almosts good as the original game.

A great Scifi FPS.
Gameplay is fun.
A variety of weapons.
Alot of action.

But it also has the same little problems that the original had.

A satisfying game.



Game review - 1 disagrees

A great Scifi FPS with an interesting story involving Koreans and aliens. And good characters.

Gameplay is fun. You're equipped with a suit with the abilities to increase your armor, speed, strength and invisibility. Unfortunately they cant be activated with a simple key, i had to tweak the game for that. You also cant toggle crouch.

You get a variety of weapons. However they feel like they dont have much force, and sometimes dont feel like they do enough damage, except the shotgun. But you get used to it.

The game also has alot of action, and alot of enemies, but because of how weak the guns feel, and how much enemies seem to show up out of nowhere i would often just run through them.

At the end of the game there is the epic, yet cliche final boss fight.

Satisfying game.

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