I am learz. I am a pretty good programmer in learning, if you need my help for making game I'm not the best person you can find but I can try to help you. I generally love procedurally generated games, simulators, rpg and fps. I can currently code in java, C/C++. I have a good knowledge of Blender3D and Gimp/Photoshop. I wish I could work with indie programmers to learn how to make complete games (not just alpha prototypes). So it's me, native Canadian speaking french and english, loving and learning japanese. Learz.

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Learz Dec 7 2011, 11:53am says:

Hey! hey, hey! You know what?


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Learz Apr 23 2008, 8:33pm says:

Why am I 96% negative ??

+1 vote   member: Learz
Learz Jan 4 2008, 5:51pm says:

Haha! maybe someone will think of runescape mod but not us! And for the gameplay screenshot, we don't have some for now but we are working on.

+1 vote   mod: Club Penguin FPS
Learz Dec 9 2007, 11:42am says:

thank you for watching clubpenguin fps (also named as CPFPXperience).

+1 vote   member: cobo10201
Learz Dec 9 2007, 11:41am says:

thank you for wathing clubpenguin fps!

+2 votes   member: m0nster
Learz Dec 9 2007, 11:40am says:

thanks for watching clubpenguin fps!

+1 vote   member: wraith987
Learz Dec 9 2007, 11:38am says:

Me and PJJMDCC had this idea because everyone like first person shooter and everyone like clubpenguin, why not combine both in one game?
And thank you imtim2.

+1 vote   mod: Club Penguin FPS
Learz Dec 8 2007, 3:49pm says:

my account work so we'll continue to update the mod page as soon as we have new things. I'm also currently scripting and PJJMDCC is starting some little part of the map but we are still waitting for a mapper, a modellers, and a scripter.

+1 vote   mod: Club Penguin FPS
Learz Jul 22 2007, 9:35pm says:

does there is a source engine section on moddb? NO! So where can he put it? he just want to show what we can do with this engine and show that it can not just create some fps games like hl2.

+1 vote   mod: FLIPSIDE
Learz Jul 22 2007, 9:32pm says:

If you don't like to die at the first touching, just change the script. If you don't know how, just don't play.

-1 votes   mod: FLIPSIDE
Learz Jul 19 2007, 8:53pm says:

thanks for watching us this is from clubpenguin fps!

+1 vote   member: FirzZ
Learz Jul 9 2007, 10:41am says:

of course we will accept you in our team.

+1 vote   mod: Club Penguin FPS
Learz Jul 6 2007, 3:56pm says:

we really apreciate this, thank you :)

+1 vote   mod: Club Penguin FPS
Learz Jun 30 2007, 4:16pm says:

This is not because you have windows vista. You've just closed the window of moddb before the download finish, that was my problem, I don't know if It's your. If it is not, I cant help you. or just download it on public link.

+1 vote   mod: SMOD: Tactical
Learz Jun 9 2007, 8:49am says:

thank you for watching us and congratulation! You are our 10th watcher! You won a congratulation! lol.
You won a V.I.P information : If you didn't know, clubpenguin fps is now CPFPXperience (for clubpenguin first person experience) and after it will be a standalone game.

+1 vote   member: Bugles
Learz May 23 2007, 6:11pm says:

about the wiki page, I didn't thought about this and, yes it is really not there. Maybe I'll try to arrange this but, you know, it is not our priority. Before doing something for that we need a mapper and a modeller ,or just say to me what program can we use and if you have some tutorials please. I know which program I have to use to do map but not for modelling.

thank you and We Need A Modeller And A Mapper

+1 vote   mod: Club Penguin FPS
Learz May 7 2007, 5:27pm says:

hi everybody, I know that our mod dont go very fast this time but it's because we're like a little bit stuck because our modeller don't want to work and our mapper wait to be sure he will not waste his time. anything else about? we're coding very well cause we are two so the menu and all the script is near to the end. And again if you're a modeller an you think the mod will be good mail us at:
-marco456789123@hotmail.com or le_gars123456 on steam.
-penguin_dafrique@hotmail.com or PJJMDCC on steam

+1 vote   mod: Club Penguin FPS
Learz Apr 22 2007, 4:18pm says:

first yes we have the permission and the name is my mistake, the real name of the game is club penguin first person experience (CPFPXperience). 2nd we had the idea to do this and, why not putting it on moddb, maybe you'll dont like it ,you're surely not the only one but some people like this and we do this for them not for you and If you dont like it why are you coming on the page? we do this mod just for practicing after we will do a standalone game, I know that the source engine is not the best choice for making a mod like this and it's why we will do a standalone game after.

:) And for who like this mod, thank you for supporting us. :)

+1 vote   mod: Club Penguin FPS
Learz Apr 14 2007, 1:10am says:

If you didn't knew, you can add things on your main menu like noclip , impulse 101 , exec neo etc. you can do it by going in steam\steamapps\sourcemod\SMOD\resource\gamemenu.RES (just open it with notepad) go at the end and put like:

"(the position)"
"label" "(what will be written on the menu)"
"command" "(what will it do)"

"label" "able sv_cheats 1"
"command" "engine sv_cheats1"

ps. engine is to write the text in the console (now sv_cheats 1 will appear in the console)

+1 vote   mod: SMOD: Tactical
Learz Jun 10 2007, 3:23pm says:

on the website man!!!

+1 vote   mod: Zero Hour
Learz Jun 10 2007, 4:00pm says:

Yes we are searching for a mapper and a modeller but I am trying to model and the co-leader is trying to map, but I think we need better mappers and modellers because we are beginners and if we do all the work, it will be a little bit "ugly". Right now, I am trying to model the penguin but it is not really beautiful, maybe I will try to put some pictures of it. The co-leader is mapping but, not for the mod because we just need one map and he want to practice before. Anyway, this is not because we are modelling and mapping that we don't need mapper and modeller because we really need mapper and modellers. I hope that I more informed you on the progression.

thanks for watching CPFPXperience mod.

+1 vote   mod: Club Penguin FPS
Learz Apr 13 2007, 8:49pm says:

...really? I mean, my ten year old brother plays this, is it really going to appeal to anyone?

+1 vote   mod: Metroid:revolution
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