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2 comments by Yukino-69 on Sep 11th, 2014

Some things are beautiful and you can attain them. Certain subjects are unreachable, you cannot estimate their value- they're priceless. You may day-dream, it's better than nothing.



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Yukino-69 Creator
Yukino-69 Jul 28 2015, 11:52am says:

I rarely play games. And I usually watch you-tube LP(let's play). Is it okay? Obviously, I play Mario and Ray-man. And I re-play classics like Knights of The Old Republic, Gothic II, Tomb Raider and Heroes of WW-II. I even have PS-1 games like Legend of Legaia and Jackie Chan Stunt-master. This pretty much sums up my digital entertainment. Does anyone else is a noob like me or are you a pro player?

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Necrolifer Jul 28 2015, 5:36pm replied:

That's good to know!
I ******* hate myself for giving away my old PS1 to someone I knew,I should've kept it,oh damn it...
Jackie Chan Stunt-master is a fun game to play,Legend Of Legaia too(although it was quite hard for me when I played it).
Pro Player ? Well,not really,but I have quite the history with video games. The entertainment and the joy that gaming industry provided me with along the years is second to none of the other types of entertainment that I experienced.
Have you played Blade on the PS1 ? Name more of the games that you have and played,it would be nice!

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Yukino-69 Creator
Yukino-69 Jul 30 2015, 6:08am replied:

PS-1: TR Chronicles made a lasting impression on me. Certain puzzles and adversaries were simply splendid. I re-played the Rome and Ireland sections several times. Ireland's hostile environment, spooky music, paranormal activity took my breath away and I was a bit scared at times.

As for LoL. It was a visually resplendent game a decade ago. It was a master-piece back then- the innovative combat system, enthralling story-line, lovable characters and so on. What was your favorite boss fight?

No. I did not play Blade. I assume it's about a long sword? :D

I'm glad to hear it. Sometimes science-fiction is better than reality. You may perform certain action you wouldn't normally do in real world. And it is proven that games enhance your brain, to some extent.

PS-2: Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith.

You don't necessarily need a PS platform/device to play a particular game, simply find an effective emulator and enjoy yourself. It's even better because you can save your stats anytime!

PS-1: Hogs of War. Now this used to be such a fantastic multi-player game. Me and my close-friend would play it an hour or so and we really loved this classic. It is reminiscent of Worms Armageddon, similar pleasant memories.

What else? Some Nintendo games. Mario etc.

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Necrolifer Jul 30 2015, 5:15pm replied:

Favourite boss from Legend Of Legaia,not favourite,but rather obnoxious to fight was Xain,that minotaur like creature from Fire Path. I had such a hard time beating this boss...
As for Blade,how can you not know about Blade? The comic book hero? The relentless hunter of vampires? The Daywalker?
Here's some footage from the PS1 game: Youtu.be
One of my favourite fictional character and superhero,such a badass...

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Yukino-69 Creator
Yukino-69 Jul 31 2015, 3:08am replied:

I've never heard of this iconic figure before. I'll certainly analyze his achievements and so on. Oh it's a nice game, clearly PS-1 old-fashioned mechanics. In my opinion, TR Chronicles was smoother and more elegant. :D Ah, it's pretty much the same ah-ha! PS-1 graphics. :D

I assume you've heard about this character - Youtube.com my favorite Nazi-vampire slayer. ^_^

Honestly, some designers should remaster LoL. They absolutely need to enhance visuals/textures and all, add new maps- preferably some islands engulfed in Mist and infested with Seru monsters etc. This innovative combat system should remain intact, although they might add some new Arts and potions.

Oh and I despised that shabby herbivore called Berserker. It was rather easy adversary, although once it used a special attack, my units were either decimated or severely injured. Oh yeah, Xain was a quire formidable opponent, took me a while to defeat him- some days. :D

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Necrolifer Jul 31 2015, 5:00am replied:

Bloodrayne? Yes,I know her. The first Bloodrayne game was great,Bloodrayne 2 was meh...
Berserker had a special attack called *Spore Gas* which rendered a fighter unable to attack because of the *rot* status. Nasty business that one...

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Yukino-69 Creator
Yukino-69 Jul 31 2015, 5:21am replied:

The "Stone Circle" was his vicious attack. It always reminds me of Stonehenge for some reason. Yeah, spore gas is a quite harmful, one of my units became "rotten to the core" so to speak ah-ha! :D

What was your favorite LoL location? Was it Sol tower?

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Necrolifer Jul 31 2015, 5:35am replied:

I liked Sol tower because of the side activities which could earn you pretty neat items and also G .

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Yukino-69 Creator
Yukino-69 Jul 31 2015, 9:57am replied:

It was such a neat place. I really liked that pub where an elegant lady played piano. And that combat/tournament arena was a nice place to gain more gold. Monks, Gaza and other individuals. I still like this classic and I intend to re-play it someday. ^_^

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Necrolifer Jul 31 2015, 2:55pm replied:

Don't forget that club where you could get Noa to dance.

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AnYnA Jul 27 2015, 3:18pm says:

Hey there sister ! i bring flowers

Bestinspired.com and a bottle of Healthfooddream.com

I think the latest models from AMD or Nvidia should cover you Yukino

Are you really from Monaco ? You must be super rich , so happy and spoiled too

Really " hate " you now even more ! Hahah Joking :)

The GeForce GTX Titan and any of its variants supports DX 12 and and the Sapphire Radeon R9 295 from AMD/ATI supports DX 12 too

These are the best models there is , others i cannot tell because i always buy the latest hardware so i don't have to worry for good periods of time before upgrading

First make sure you got someone who knows these things to help you , a good power supply you need preferably over 1000 W , motherboard to fit with it because some don't and a nice wide monitor to give the card the work she craves.

I have a not so new AMD model and i managed to play Tomb Raider the last with her hair FX no problem but with the loss of 20 frames at least. I think Nvidia handles that better

It's all i can do for you dear sister and stop using dots so many LOL

Glad to help even if you probably don't need it anymore

+2 votes     reply to comment
Yukino-69 Creator
Yukino-69 Jul 28 2015, 9:54am replied:

Oh it's such a splendid bunch of flowers. I prefer crimson roses, but I appreciate your effort nonetheless. :)

And this red wine is delicious. Try this one Moddb.com it's exquisite! ^_^

I hardly consider myself a spoiled brat, but if that will make your blood boil, I'm inclined to concede your point. :D

Titan card in a nutshell - Youtube.com ah-ha! ha-ha! :D

I'll simply watch a you-tube play-through. I cannot afford to buy a new computer for the time being.

Dots are awesome... :D

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AnYnA Jul 28 2015, 12:16pm replied:

Red roses like you wanted



Yeah ...ahah that would be the oldest and finest wine alright , if it weren't just stone LOL

I love archeology too you know

Just do it anyway because my blood is colder than ice sometimes.
I do like to drink a lot of coffee to get it flowing too + getting mad at stuff

Yeah ! just like some black sisters from a movie i forgot the name of , in a particular scene said regarding size

" Size doesn't matter " then the other " What you talkin' bout sis ? I want the Titanic "


Go with the GeForce Titan all the way if you can afford it , Yukino ,though personally i preffer AMD cards.They are ahead thus far in matters of memory size , performance and are more affordable too. Larger size of memory at a video card means you can kick it big at higher HD resolutions with smoother gameplay because it can simply load more textures etc.
I game at 2560 x 1440 btw

And lightningterror was right to ask you about what resolution you wanna game !? If you're not crazy about graphics like i am i think 1600 x 900 , 1920 x 1080 should suit you just fine

You can also find used cards but...i wouldn't recommend them though... hey ! you're Monacoan , girl , so you could afford an already done PC like on this site :D


The british make good stuff but of course more expensive because i think prices are in pounds

Ah shucks ! You can always ask your boyfriend/husband or dad nicely ;) That might work sometimes

Indeed they are

Btw i'm really happy the Lithuania group got authorized and strangely you saluted me right after i found it approved, so did you have something to do with it sis ? ;) If that's the case thank you too !

Regarding the other message i'm quite more the diverse player that tries almost every game ( in the range of the genres i play only though ) there is but barely remains to play that game further.I tried tons of titles but i only remained loving the ones i liked the most

I like RTS first , 4X games second and city builders third.Then i also tried action games ( mostly Tomb Raider titles believe it or not but some others too ) , then some FPS and of course racing once in a while.

That sums it up

I leave you with a bottle of black wine which i preffer more than red simply because it's stronger

Disclaimer : The bottles i offer to you differ with the real actual ones i drink so any similarities between them are purely coincidental Hahah



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Yukino-69 Creator
Yukino-69 Jul 30 2015, 6:16am replied:

You're so sweet. These roses are beautiful, thanks. :)
And this bottle of wine, delicious.

I'll certainly look for an affordable card. Perhaps I'll merely need a device that will support Direct-x-11. My computer is unrefined, I mean it.

So, you're an ardent player. Can you recommend me a neat game similar to Soldiers: Heroes of World War II? And what's your favorite stand-alone or game series?

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AnYnA Jul 30 2015, 8:11am replied:

Soldiers Heroes of World War II ? Wow you play that ?

Honey , you are impressing me at every step

Alright.This game you mention is the ancestor of Men of War


Men of War has a lot of expansions and even a remake the Men of War Assault Squad 2.It's very realistic , you can control tanks individually and soldiers too plus a lot of emphasis on inventory , however it's quite complex but if you learned something from Soldiers , you will be just fine in Men of War and expansions.I liked it a lot because you get to learn about WW2 tanks from many nations , my favorite being the german tanks

Aside from Men of War Assault Squad 2 the sequel , the others will run perfectly on your PC.

What are your specs if you wish to share ?

Men of War Assault Squad 2 is a really nasty one on your hardware , on some maps even for me it was dropping frames but it's just a HD remake so the normal Men of War Assault Squad is fine as it is too

Ah i understand.You don't even have DX 11.You will at least need a DX 11 able card for the next Lara game, Yukino.It will play in DX 9 too but it won't look nearly as good neither run as good and i'm certain that you will spend quite a lot of time in it. I loved the first part of Tomb Raider the last until they left me in the open world part.I liked and like predetermined missions more than : go out there and do what you want

Personally i pump all graphics settings to the max in any game even if i just quit to windows and uninstall it afterwards so i'm not quite an avid player , more a graphics ***** and in general too with or without the graphics


Another title would be Company of Heroes which is less realistic but really good.It too has a sequel Company of Heroes 2 then there's Blitzkrieg an older game but it's 2D graphics , though fun anyway

Hope i helped , Yukino , and thanks for your gift too.I like pink.Always choose pink

I'm glad that we are sort of friends even though some of your friends are my foes but hey ! it's a big world and a lot to learn from

My favorite series are the Anno series : Anno 1701 , Anno 1404 , Anno 2070 , Sim City Societies , Banished then in the 4X area : Galactic Civilizations 2 and 3 , Sins of a Solar Empire , Star Ruler 2 , Star Drive 2 , Distant Worlds , Endless Space , Endless Legend and more i can remember then RTS : Age of Empires 1 , 2 , 3 + mods , Warhammer 40000 ( i'm also quite a fan of W40k ) , Starcraft 2 and expansions and then all NFS series especially Most Wanted 2012 and Rivals

I did try shooters too but not my thing , the only one i like most is Unreal Tournament 1 , UT 2004 and UT 3 then i had all Tomb Raider games installed starting from Tomb Raider Legend because the older ones wouldn't run on me and could only find them by borrowing , you know ;) ending with the last one i really liked but it's so different to the others + they added the trial and error puzzles too akin to Clive Barker's Jericho for instance

All i know is that the community asked for a new Lara or something but i don't know details.All i'm wondering is why ? wasn't the old Lara good enough for them or what ? If you wish you can explain me more whenever you want

So this is it , sister

Happy playing and hunting ! Btw if you want a more smooth gameplay you need to use a System Cleaner now and then , degrag your hard drive , clean up the registry , install a new fresh Windows installation.I maintain my PC to the max at all times and it helps

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Yukino-69 Creator
Yukino-69 Jul 31 2015, 4:08am replied:

Men of War Assault Squad 2? I sincerely hope it will live up to my unrealistic expectations. ah-ha! :D Honestly, visuals are important, but if the combat system is flawed and tiresome, then it may be a conspicuous waste of time. And I watched a brief game-play, it looks neat, but it takes a lot of time to defeat your enemies as though your projectiles were barely harming them, that's a bit, in my opinion, annoying. :/

Ah the TR reboot. First of all, it's notably reminiscent of Uncharted in some way, but TR's mechanics are more fluent and entertaining. The lush environment and hostile inhabitants, subterranean passages, dusty chambers ect. are quite appealing to my eyes, but this whole concept of becoming the Tomb Raider via severe pain, distressing memories, fear, blood and gore, excessive violence etc. is quite annoying. I mean, Indiana Jones is an archaeologist, the new Lara is half-baked explorer in training... let's just wait and see what happens in the upcoming installment.

Lara is a college student that comprehends Asian Archaeology to some extent. And now she's forced to withstand perennial anguish both mental and physical in order to become an iconic figure. Well, it sounds somewhat legit when I look at my own life, but how does it make anyone a better archaeologist? And our new Lara has to confront an influx of new enemies for what? How come there's an archaic mystery and a hidden temple you, more or less, come across... and there's a whole horde or adversaries waiting for you there? How is it a discovery when countless people already know about it - S-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com

Ah. Tomb Raider used to be a solitary expedition/exploration. Now and then, some memorable characters would show up to profit from miss Croft. Tomb Raider Chronicles: Rome and Ireland sections are the real Tomb Raider. TR Anniversary is nice as well.

And look at Lara's new boobs! They're smaller, so atrocious. And she uses only one pistol. -_-

+1 vote   reply to comment
AnYnA Jul 31 2015, 5:59am replied:

She looks pretty amazing here to me Im.ziffdavisinternational.com but she's probably tailored for older men's tastes that love younger looking women and Lara was getting old , Angelina Jolie is getting old too so they had to go younger i suppose.You never know with men.But by no means older means less great than she was

Angelina really had some good movies and she portrayed Lara just fine

A bigger bust is always welcome especially if it's not you carrying it and it's Lara doing the work LOL

She was better here like she was Superbwallpapers.com i agree and less dirty i mean just like after a shower

Now they wanted her to be like Arnold in Predator 1 the movie , full of mud and fighting like some kind of a commando girl

And i agree with all you said and IMO i think in the last game she should've been even stronger , better and more seasoned portrayed instead rather than portrayed as if she just barely started.The game is more a prequel than a sequel

Further more i cannot say , you surely know a lot about her so i cannot add anything but i can show you a game akin to Tomb Raider that's also anime you might probably like


The girl here Ayumi is also some type of tomb raider but more an artifact hunter meaning that she raides the tomb , fights all foes of myth and then takes the artifact for profit to her boss or for her own uses

Then it's Blades of Time the reboot and/or sequel to X-Blades


where they made Ayumi more like a real life girl but it's fun too

She's a lot more supernatural empowered than Lara but she plays fine to me.A lot of acrobatic moves involved

Other than this , on the other extreme , you can try Velvet Assasin , a realistic game featuring a WW2 spy lady


They don't make many games for the ladies , Yukino , and i hate it a lot but it will take probably a decade until we'll be live and kicking just like the men do now

Ah yes and i noticed you mentioned Bloodrayne.She was amazing but there's a lot of violence in that game.If you can stomache that then play it.Both games were good to me and too bad they forgot about her.She needs a new game for certain

Then of course last but not least Alien Isolation.I just loved it but because you cannot fight i bailed on it.I hate being powerless in person sometimes when feeling so , much less i want this in a game but that's life

Hope this helped more sister

I leave you now with a cold rose behind in the place i stood after i vanished in thin air Haha Btw i answered you back at my main


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