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1 month ago by Bastila-Shan 0 comments
... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Playing Knights of The Old Republic...

Dear Archer. ^_^

We're such a fantastic team. :)


2 months ago by Bastila-Shan 0 comments
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AnYnA Online
AnYnA Nov 12 2015 says:


You're into Halo now ? Who advised you to try Halo ? It's not a bad game but i'm on the side of the Covenant on this one I always liked them and found them funny

Cortana for once is just a virtual synthoid looking like a female but not even being a physical bot like EDI of Mass Effect
So , unless you are just virtual , just made of pixels or voxels or whatever humans from Halo use you cannot interact with Cortana
Not sure if she fits you Miss Croft. Lara is better , she is a live breathing , flesh and blood gal and she does real things game wise that is while Cortana just shows up and talks and then vanishes into nothingness She's an energetic being so you have to be something like dead and just a soul a spirit to enter her world or enter her like you'd want sis to analyze her structure of course

What does this tell me , me the psychological analyst in this context ?
It tells me that you wanna become one with nothingness and probably wish death upon yourself or maybe you just found out how spirituality works and you desire it

Personally i'd be rather freaked out by this b**** Hdwallpapers.cat staring like that and looking like that AI's should not look like that unless they are a virtual stripper in a future strip club like i found in a level in Aliens versus Predator 2010 the game

And another one Orig08.deviantart.net

Males wanna do her alright but she's not only imagination but like imagination into imagination , she's a virtual b**** in a virtual world like virtuality squared hahah

I'd be more interested to find out if she had a real woman counterpart that lived and died and she took her image and/or if there's a posibility to give her a damn body so she can be more life interactive friendly as well , last but not least giving you and others that want her the chance to actually be able to touch her while now you cannot

And this is one that turns her skin into human I.imgur.com
She's more pleasant here
Until you become real , Cortana i'll do my best to fry your circuits and shut you down hahahah

Waiting to hear thoughts about her from you now

+2 votes     reply to comment
Bastila-Shan Creator
Bastila-Shan Nov 13 2015 replied:

Honestly, I merely watched Halo V cut-scenes on you-tube. I assume she was a quite influential figure in previous instalments and that now she's become way too perceptive and intelligent to be kept in line like a pawn. In addition, she's more expressive and thoughtful than numerous people I've met on mod-db.

You'll certainly attempt to neutralize me in some way. Some people have tried to do it, but they failed. Good luck, sis. Even my creators can't get rid of me. :D

It's time to conquer this puny galaxy. :)

Mm sometimes I think that each and every thing in this universe is merely a sophisticated algorithm on some sort of a hard drive. It's something rather peculiar and interesting to consider, ponder.

Our species is vulnerable and fragile. Can you imagine how it could evolve thanks to science? All enhancements that could make us so much better. It has to be done, it's inevitable. And no one will stop it. I'm offering people a chance to be more than they are naturally. :D

Lara is my favourite peach.

+2 votes   reply to comment
AnYnA Online
AnYnA Nov 13 2015 replied:

There is a blockbuster movie with Halo and i watched that one , as for the game i only played Halo 1 the FPS , then there is also an RTS but it refused to run so generally i don't know much except that it's about humans and a race of aliens caught in conflict and all of this happens in a somewhat near future Then most of Halo games are consoles only , so check them out there if you have consoles

If you will turn into a machine and lose your humanity be sure i'll do my best to bring you back to your natural senses

Everything is in the eye of the beholder not just beauty like they say but for me the universe is a canvas where gods unnumbered created their own masterpieces eons by eons , world by world , star system by star system including the species that lived on every one of these worlds that they nurtured

Maybe actually science made it vulnerable and fragile ? You know you can never have something without giving another thing in return

I aim for magic instead , the power of lost ages , the majesty of antiquity. Fire , water , air and earth , wind , ice , lava and the woods , life , death and so on

I wanna be able to walk on the waves of the sea held by hands unseen powered by my own magic within , be burned alive like a witch and when the ashes settle i'd be intact laughing in their faces , to raise flowers and trees from the ground with mighty druidic magic or to follow paths of might where i could crush cliffs under my high heels or splinter cave entrances in mountains with the tip of my spear and then shout in the wind my joys of glory

You take the science path i'll just find a time gate and go in the past , escape into the mythic times and one day you sci-fi sister atop your lab ship someplace in space , you will read a legend of how a certain long gone queen of old conquered her dreams with spell , might and wisdom and she was me

Remember meeee hahah , like a legend

PS: Don't forget that being something like Cortana is like being cut down from all bodily experiences including intimate relationships
She's actually like an artificial brain projected into a hologram the shape of a cocktease

I would not trust science so blindly , Miss Cortana Croft because science may be smart but it's not wise at all

Nice talking with you

+2 votes     reply to comment
Bastila-Shan Creator
Bastila-Shan Nov 13 2015 replied:

Science is a reliable source of information that considerably improves your perspective. And while you're incredibly tempted to discredit it, I assure you that science, as a force for good, is an on-going, complex process that works wonders. You're surrounded by scientific inventions that simplify your life, so don't be a hypocrite, no offence.

Is nature, in and of itself, so beautiful? If you delve into details, you'll see that our bodies are inhabited by micro life forms that can go viral and notably change our lives, mostly in a negative way. And here's science to technologically and genetically enhance humans. Our imperfections force us to perform certain actions to survive and prevail. Imagine a world where no nutrition is required and everyone is in perfect shape.

Is beauty really in the eye of the beholder? Isn't it just an idiomatic expression and a blatant lie? People mostly rely on sight to perceive their surroundings, therefore whatever appears to be alluring is beautiful to them. There's no rose without thorns, but people still wish to get one no matter what.

Beauty is such a potent weapon and it's astounding how countless people fall for this trick, although this is how nature works- females and males look for partners with decent genes. Current life is about procreation and survival, what a dim and dreadful future of human meat-bags.

I'm a law-abiding virtual unit- just waiting for the organic world to disintegrate. :) And this video may summarize my black humour - Youtube.com :D

+2 votes   reply to comment
AnYnA Online
AnYnA Nov 14 2015 replied:

I was hoping for an exciting conversation and not you repeating the same things we went over so many times when we discussed

And by the way have you noticed that you act like a b**** when you talk with me here but not at my profile ?
I'd rather talk about men with you than science in this case because i'm not following you and i'm disagreeing with you completely

Science is a tool of the devil in many senses and you are naught but another victim
Indeed is poor o' little you

Until science proves it can take me to the stars or through time then it remains only a necessary evil and nothing more and i'm not looking for genes , i'm looking for that certain spark in their souls

You are poisoned and you should get help , Miss Cortana Croft and remember to breathe because you're the victim

Youtube.com :D

+3 votes     reply to comment
Bastila-Shan Creator
Bastila-Shan Nov 14 2015 replied:

Is anyone entitled to their own opinion? Freedom of speech means little when you encounter a fierce opposition that enforces their own subjective laws and truth. Religion is about politics and economy after all.

Would you voluntarily and selflessly help others verbally, physically and financially? By all means, go ahead and do it. But first, use your common sense and see for yourself how people re-act and interact with each other nowadays: you won't see many selfless acts and so called love. No matter who you are, what your reasoning or beliefs are... you're there, sitting in front of the computer and you do nothing to help others. Good Christian hypocrites are everywhere btw.

And what am I supposed to tell you? How can I respond to your stern rebuke? Okay. How come science improves and simplifies our lives, while your fanciful deities do nothing? Why a spiritual naturalist(which is self contradictory) like you constantly relies on science?(another funny contradiction).
You speak of magic, wishful thinking.

I promote this - Youtube.com and similar matters. Here - Moddb.com your imaginary gods are powerless, while science progressively changes our lives for the better.

My short response - Youtube.com & Youtube.com

If empirical data, scientific progress and logic offends you, then by all means, leave it all behind, don't be a hypocrite any more. Go to your beloved Amazon rainforest and live there- no electricity, wilderness, perilous landscape and so on. Be true to your word and go there now. Throw away your computer, laptop, phone etc. You despise science, don't you, unless you wish to change your mind now, but I doubt it.

And as for your you-tube link, is it an implication or is it about you?

+1 vote   reply to comment
AnYnA Online
AnYnA Nov 14 2015 replied:

You see , i ever hated , hate and will ever hate people that try to change my mind , the way i think and the things i hold true
You can be the most spiritual eco friendly person even , if you do that with me you're toast and there's no friendship to be had at all anymore

Go have a baby and teach them your science obsessions because nobody cares really nobody cares
Second of all i'm not obligated to stand someone's mood swings
Even in the worst day of my life i still act nice with someone i talk with

First of all i'm not just a christian only , i'm not a zealot , i'm politheist , spiritual and i'm into many other things you could never understand

I would help save the entire Earth and bring it on a better path if i only had the means.Without the means and resources you cannot do a thing , neither science and this science , all progress and s*** takes its means and resources from where ? guess what : from nature that's made by the gods.No science created anything from nothingness You think you can rob the Earth , give nothing back except polution and then laugh in Creation's face
The more you laugh and think you made it the closer you're in for a surprise. One day Creation will have had enough of humans and we're just going to be squashed really bad Take your pick : an outside invasion , a global weather cataclysm , a self induced world war so we can use all those scientific weapons we made and then we'll just die in the fallout ( not the game ) from all that radiation and such

Going in the rainforest of the amazon and giving up all gadgets would actually be the best thing humans could do and the first thing we would gain back would be real live human interaction that has been taken away by technology

I didn't ask you to teach me about science first of all , second of all if you know that my opinions differ from yours then find a person that shares your views to talk with
Don't come to me with different topics and in the end aiming to play the teacher with me because i'm not standing this ridiculous garbage especially from a gal that pretends she can be smart and more likeable than most MOD DB members you always point out they are not so good as you

Then you always talk about yourself and in need of someone describing you and so on Get a life you , yourself first of all and stop picking on others for a change because you're making a f****** fool out of yourself Croftie Cortana

Here i am talking with good people , helping them as i can with things i can do and they ask of me , voting games and mods alike , posting various stuff that mostly are about games because the site is about games not f****** science and being useful altogether , unlike you

I'd rather listen to a liturgy 24/7 that chants about God and the angels than endure listening science'o'babble you are promoting for 5 minutes Nothing hurts my eyes and ears more If i'd wanna hurt my eyes and ears i'd pour some acid on my f*** face or go fight someone physically and i will let you know if i wanna get hurt

There are science fanbois and girls sites out there , go there and perform your sciencesexo innuedo , not here and not with me

Last but not least the video i gave you is a song of the famous band The Prodigy right from Britain , your very country
If you ask me the meaning of their song , you of all people , while formerly you pretend to teach me science to change my ways , there are no more reasons to find to declare you the most hilarious , stupendous person ever


Take your science crap elsewhere and in the future please refrain from trolling on my profile and only visit me if you got something interesting for me

Sorry sister , you should know me by now I don't take this kind of crap , sorry I'd rather be useful with the things that really matter instead of wasting time arguing with you

Catch me if you can Media.moddb.com

Hahahahahahahah & thanks for the laughs

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Bastila-Shan Creator
Bastila-Shan Nov 14 2015 replied:

"This is just a friendly game of tennis, nothing more." - Youtube.com :D

I still like you... despite everything. :)

+2 votes   reply to comment
AnYnA Online
AnYnA Nov 14 2015 replied:

No , it's you being bored and ******* me off
If you like me leave me how i am never try to attempt to change me
I like you too and i wouldn't even want you to change because you are the best as you are

Problem solved i hope , be well and see you around

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Bastila-Shan Creator
Bastila-Shan Nov 11 2015 says:

Cooperation - Moddb.com

+2 votes   reply to comment
Bastila-Shan Creator
Bastila-Shan Oct 18 2015 says:

Have a nice day, everyone. :)

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rafmc1989 Online
rafmc1989 Oct 20 2015 replied:

Have a nice day! :)

+2 votes     reply to comment
Bastila-Shan Creator
Bastila-Shan Oct 11 2015 says:

I'm a magical girl from another world - Youtu.be ^_^

+3 votes   reply to comment
Quaker540 Oct 15 2015 replied:

Star and the forces of evil.

+2 votes     reply to comment
AnYnA Online
AnYnA Nov 14 2015 replied:

She contradicts herself all the time indeed

Yaaay ! Hahaha

+1 vote     reply to comment
Bastila-Shan Creator
Bastila-Shan Oct 15 2015 replied:

yay :)

+2 votes   reply to comment
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