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L3TUC3 Sep 17 2009, 9:26pm says:

And to think you guys were to abandon support after the first release.


+2 votes   news: New Crusader Skin - Age of Chivalry
L3TUC3 Sep 17 2009, 12:35pm says:

You should let someone who's proficient with English proofread your texts before releasing the mod. There's some pretty big grammar/spelling errors in there.

I like the style though.

+1 vote   news: batman is like...
L3TUC3 Sep 11 2009, 7:55am says:

Like acronyms much? This story makes little to no sense to me.

But Spartans fighting battlemechs makes it all OK.

+1 vote   news: Earth Defence Alliance-EDA-Storyline
L3TUC3 Apr 3 2009, 9:53am says:

If they bought a license, all is fine and dandy if they want to go retail.

The ending license/copyright statement looks ripped from HL2. It's outdated too.

+1 vote   news: FPS/RPG E.Y.E reveals new trailer.
L3TUC3 Mar 21 2009, 1:44pm says:

I wondered what tripwire was up to. This is good news. Yay unreal mods!

+2 votes   news: Tripwire Interactive Announces Killing Floor
L3TUC3 Mar 21 2009, 1:42pm replied:

Steam has a pretty big userbase within the target audience. It makes sense selling it on there.

The exposure alone would result in more copies sold, without the need for an advertisement budget. The slight cut going to valve from the sales would be worth it.

+3 votes   news: Tripwire Interactive Announces Killing Floor
L3TUC3 Mar 21 2009, 1:34pm replied:

CS comes to mind.

+1 vote   news: Tripwire Interactive Announces Killing Floor
L3TUC3 Mar 21 2009, 1:31pm says:

Ironclad? I was picturing steampowered warships.

Tanks have never been made out of iron. Except maybe the landships from WWI (ohgod). Pretty much every tank since has been armored with hardened steel.

+1 vote   news: Ironclad
L3TUC3 Mar 8 2009, 10:52pm says:


+1 vote   news: Republic Assault Ship & Main Characters
L3TUC3 Feb 28 2009, 6:16pm says:

The sparrow sounds rather immature and annoying with that high pitch, like there's a 11 year old girl at the controls. Can you get your actress to sound a bit more mature? Assuming that was a feminine voice.

I'm the king of the world! (Destroyer's ace).

+2 votes   news: Voices Spotlight
L3TUC3 Feb 25 2009, 10:31pm says:

Heh, got the weenie roast award today.

I can't seem to get enough awards to actually unlock anything though.

+1 vote   news: TF2 Scout Update, Plus More!
L3TUC3 Feb 7 2009, 6:48am says:

Nice initiative.

+2 votes   news: Let's Play: Eternal Silence
L3TUC3 Feb 6 2009, 1:39pm says:

I was bored and decided to give this mod a try after I heard from a friend that this was great.

And he was right.

I love the changes to the bf2 gameplay forcing people to cooperate more. It's a real thrill to be in a voip squad and assault enemy locations while a different squad operating an apc gives you cover fire, while yet another squad in a helicopter flanks around back.


+2 votes   news: Project Reality v0.85 Released!
L3TUC3 Feb 6 2009, 1:29pm replied:

I believe he tries to say that creativity is overrated by 90% of the masses, instead favoring the same 'ole pewpew with a different skin over a daring design that rewrites game concepts or push artistic limits. The entry of the military as sponsor is in his eyes the confirmation of his theory.

Don't worry, editors choice will cater to the alternative mods that go by unnoticed to all the fragmeisters and in my eyes that's just as worthy as being popular.

+2 votes   news: Top 100 Voting
L3TUC3 Feb 6 2009, 1:23pm replied:

It's pretty simple. They gave moddb the biggest bag of cash so they can have those logos over the site.

Marketing etc etc. Not all that uncommon for other media venues.

+2 votes   news: Top 100 Voting
L3TUC3 Feb 5 2009, 11:29am says:

M40s, m98s, been there done that.

That little RC robot peaked my interest though. Looks nifty.

+1 vote   news: Assets Update
L3TUC3 Feb 2 2009, 9:39am says:

Design no2 dorky? The front kinda reminds me of HK47 and he's anything but.

+1 vote   feature: Unknown Worlds Videocast #4
L3TUC3 Feb 2 2009, 9:28am says:

Looks interesting for small group dynamics.

+1 vote   news: Decadence trailer released and release date revealed!
L3TUC3 Jan 29 2009, 8:26am replied:

Steam support is relatively new. Many mods not featured on steam have great communities.

+2 votes   news: Eternal Silence: Friday, January 30
L3TUC3 Jan 27 2009, 1:30pm says:

Will probably continue while there's a more systematic release schedule. It's nice to be mentioned.

+1 vote   feature: Modcast S02 E10
L3TUC3 Jan 25 2009, 12:31pm replied:

The difference being that some of these are already retail and haven't won. What are professional games doing in an amateur competition?

+1 vote   news: Attention all Moddb-ers!
L3TUC3 Jan 25 2009, 12:25pm replied:

And I will happily vote for them.

+1 vote   news: Attention all Moddb-ers!
L3TUC3 Jan 25 2009, 12:24pm replied:

They want my vote don't they? Why would I vote for a game I don't care to own and would never play.

I vote on the merit of the game, not their moddb profile.

0 votes   news: Attention all Moddb-ers!
L3TUC3 Jan 25 2009, 12:20pm replied:

I have no problem shelling out money for a game if I think it's worth it. I own Red Orchestra for example. However, if devs do decide to make their product available as such then all they're doing is using moddb as advertisement. Does moddb get paid for their listings?

I have no problem with people gathering, honing their skill and progress in their venture to make fun and enjoyable games in a casual/semi-professional setting. Once you venture past that point, I think it's time for them to move on.

Kudos to them, but in my opinion they should be subjected to the rigors of mainstream games and not ramblings of amateurs like us.

+1 vote   news: Attention all Moddb-ers!
L3TUC3 Jan 24 2009, 2:11am says:

I'm not voting for retail products.

0 votes   news: Attention all Moddb-ers!
L3TUC3 Jan 21 2009, 5:14pm replied:

I thought that digital delivery was supposed to lower prices as there's no physical medium involved any more.

/me looks at price list on steam


That's my main gripe with steam really. Needs to lower prices to compete with retail outlets.

0 votes   news: Pirates are customers too.
L3TUC3 Jan 21 2009, 3:41am says:

Is it down yet?

Thanks for mentioning Empires again, hope you'll play some more games with us as the community is pretty awesome is a raging kind of way.

+1 vote   feature: Modcast S02 E09
L3TUC3 Jan 20 2009, 5:48pm says:

Well, if the delivery system allowed for mods to be easily accessed, I'm sure that lots of gamers that have an online capable machine would love to see your creations.

Think littlebigplanet, just with more creative control. I don't think that because of the preferred method of control or creation one should disregard an audience when it could be possible to approach it.

+3 votes   poll: Would you mod console games if the platform was open like the PC?
L3TUC3 Jan 17 2009, 3:22am says:

It's actually pretty tame. I've heard worse when commander intention and team member activity do not coincide.


+2 votes   media: Help Me!!!
L3TUC3 Jan 5 2009, 6:29pm replied:

It means that some of the scripts differ form the ones the server uses. Make sure you've got 2.2 (full install), the 2.21 patch installed and that you're trying to join a 2.21 server.

Also, there's a few servers that run non-standard scripts for testing purposes. These update quite frequently and unfortunately this makes people not able to join.

+1 vote   news: Empires 2.21 Update Released
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