I really enjoy any kind of war game. RTS or Shooter. I don't like wierd fantasy games though.

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L1K3A8O5S Oct 13 2011, 11:31am says:

Yeah, guys, because we all know it's the tiny little skinning details that count when we have battles with thousands of units...

+1 vote     media: Titan v4 in game
L1K3A8O5S Sep 24 2011, 2:02pm says:

Where can I find installation instructions? I have the Steam version of the Gold Edition of the game, so I am not sure how to install it. Thanks.

+1 vote     mod: The Fourth Age: Total War
L1K3A8O5S Sep 21 2011, 10:22pm replied:

What does "wait" really mean on ModDb? Is it that hard to occasionally check the mods page and see what's up? You don't have to literally wait and watch the page to see if it updates. Sorry but this comment is just pathetic.

+9 votes     mod: Generation X
L1K3A8O5S Sep 20 2011, 11:14am says:

This is a cool shot.

+3 votes     media: New particles
L1K3A8O5S Sep 8 2011, 11:27am says:

So, this mod looks pretty good. However, I seem to have it installed correctly, but nothing is changed. I run the .bat file, which works and tries to run the mod. This brings up the custom loading screen you made. Then, the normal game menu is there with no changes. I see only two races to choose (vanilla). I play a game and there is nothing new. WTF? Any help would be appreciated. I don't get any errors to pop up, but the mod just doesn't change anything.

Also, to install it, I just have to make a mods folder in gamedata and put Fight_for_Freedom in there, right?


+1 vote     mod: Empire at War - Fight for Freedom
L1K3A8O5S Aug 29 2011, 10:33pm says:

So, you didn't realize that those are German soldiers in the first place, which means this is probably not a final product of the game? Pay more attention.

-2 votes     media: LCVP'S
L1K3A8O5S Aug 20 2011, 10:15am replied:


+2 votes     mod: x7'ZombieExtMod
L1K3A8O5S Jun 19 2011, 1:00am says:

So, was it easier to do this than to put it in the description or as news?

0 votes     media: revamprelease
L1K3A8O5S Jun 16 2011, 9:25pm says:

The "Back" section is the bomb!

+1 vote     media: CONSEPTS
L1K3A8O5S Jun 12 2011, 1:25am replied:

Yea, if you play NVA, don't anticipate utilizing aircraft as your primary weapon...

+1 vote     mod: Vietnam Glory Obscured
L1K3A8O5S Jun 9 2011, 2:23pm says:

Okay. Now, I got all of the mods to work with AI, except this one! I reinstalled the whole game a few times, patched every time, and reinstalled the mod a few times, but only the black sun AI works! WTF! If you can help, please do!


+1 vote     mod: FOC Alliance-Star Wars from the Clone Wars to GCE
L1K3A8O5S Jun 8 2011, 3:05am replied:

Um, they won't include NATO. That's why.

+1 vote     mod: WIC: Modern Warfare Mod 4
L1K3A8O5S Jun 8 2011, 12:54am replied:

Not necessarily. I don't believe that would happen except for with noob players or people just wanting an epic battle. Most players would make rational use of their units.

+1 vote     mod: Operation Market Garden
L1K3A8O5S Jun 6 2011, 1:35pm replied:

It says that it is 1.5. It won't let me update, because it says it is updated already.

+1 vote     mod: FOC Alliance-Star Wars from the Clone Wars to GCE
L1K3A8O5S Jun 6 2011, 12:23pm replied:

for the record, he was third...

+10 votes     download: Republic at War 1.1
L1K3A8O5S Jun 6 2011, 12:20pm says:

Sorry I keep bringing these questions about stuff, but what should be in the data/xml folder for the FoC data (vanilla)? Mine only has two files and I am questioning that.

+1 vote     mod: FOC Alliance-Star Wars from the Clone Wars to GCE
L1K3A8O5S Jun 6 2011, 12:13pm replied:

Thanks, I'll look into that.

+1 vote     mod: FOC Alliance-Star Wars from the Clone Wars to GCE
L1K3A8O5S Jun 5 2011, 11:00pm says:

Can somebody help me?

The AI for my FoC, including all of my mods, no longer does anything. The only AI that works, as in upgrades and builds ships, is the black sun in this mod. All others just fly around their little respawning-reinforcements, but don't actually do anything. I have reinstalled and patched and everything. The only thing I have done is not played it in a very long time prior to this happening.


+1 vote     mod: FOC Alliance-Star Wars from the Clone Wars to GCE
L1K3A8O5S Jun 2 2011, 5:39pm says:

Um... Fantastic!

+1 vote     media: NEW UEF ACU UP AND RUNNING
L1K3A8O5S Jun 2 2011, 5:36pm replied:

@ Falleen
Wow, guy, he means the white above the wings that is on the fuselage...

0 votes     media: German Me262 Fighter Interceptor
L1K3A8O5S May 31 2011, 11:19pm says:

That is cool.

+1 vote     media: Enclave Leopard 2A4
L1K3A8O5S May 31 2011, 11:15pm replied:

He seems to have set his own trend of renaming things. It's fine with me...

+2 votes     media: New Rebel Ships: Adjudicator Heavy Carrier
L1K3A8O5S May 21 2011, 4:40pm says:

Do only some of the factions have AI?

+1 vote     mod: Remix Escalation
L1K3A8O5S May 20 2011, 6:01pm says:

That. Is. Sick. Too bad I'll never play another video game after 3 weeks from now.

+1 vote     media: David vs Goliath
L1K3A8O5S May 18 2011, 6:10pm says:

I agree. The name doesn't fit with who it represents.

+1 vote     media: Protectors of the Homeland
L1K3A8O5S May 18 2011, 6:06pm says:

no spikes plz

I don't think a minesweeper would be needed honestly

rest looks fantastic

+1 vote     media: Tank concpet complete
L1K3A8O5S May 14 2011, 3:42am says:

I would say auto cannons and missiles, but that's not a choice, so I go with auto cannons.

+2 votes     media: New earth tank concept
L1K3A8O5S May 13 2011, 6:10pm replied:

Hermes was just a Roman God, I believe...

(That's what Wikipedia says)

0 votes     media: Hermes class frigate
L1K3A8O5S May 12 2011, 10:33pm says:

Looks really nice.

+3 votes     media: Revamped Titan textures
L1K3A8O5S May 8 2011, 5:48pm says:

Hey, after about 5-10 seconds of playing the game I'm given an error and sometimes it happens when I click on the map. Game crashes to Desktop, etc... Any help?

My Zero Hour is 1.04 and I have Windows 7...

+2 votes     mod: Blitzkrieg II: The Finest Hour
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