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L-Bachi Apr 12 2013 says:

I have heard this game was over-localized and references to Japanese culture were taken out. As a potential customer for games like this I don't really approve of this.

I recommend updating the translation for this game to more closely reflect the original Japanese culture this game is supposed to be about.

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L-Bachi Apr 9 2013 replied:

I second the desire to see Crescent Pale Mist.

I bought the game on the PlayStation 3 because I just about had to in order to officially support the localized version. But the game is originally a PC game and I prefer the PC version. As it stands, I have to play an imported copy to play the game officially and legally.

I'd be much happier to buy copies of the game for the PC. And there's no reason it should be too difficult to localize and release the PC version.

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L-Bachi Apr 8 2013 says:

I can't wait any longer. Steam Greenlight has taken too long for this game.

I preferred to use Steam for my games. But after all the difficulty and all the great games like this that are on Desura rather than Steam, I had to finally sign up for Steam. If just for this game.

Steam can't be that great if I doesn't have Bunny Must Die. I guess Steam wasn't so great as I thought after all.

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