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Kyle07 Aug 30 2011, 5:48am says:

It would be very cool to use this modified Engine for the maingame or even other mods

+1 vote   mod: Half-Life FX: Single
Kyle07 Aug 26 2011, 3:25pm says:

Why are all the official servers empty?
The first two german servers are empty and the hardcore server doesn't work :(

Is this mod death? IMPOSSIBLE! The Release of Star Wars Blu Ray is coming, why I can't find players in this great mod!

+1 vote   mod: Star Wars Mod: Galactic Warfare
Kyle07 Aug 18 2011, 5:06am says:

Questions: Will this mod add the human military to this mod? I found once a mod which made the german HL:S uncut with the human military. It would be nice if you would add them to the mod and then give them the english voices. That would be very cool from you :)

Will you update the Game to the Orange Box Source Engine?

Will you use this skins for your mod?
I know that they are for HLDM:S but it could be build in the maingame ;)

-2 votes   mod: Half life HD V2
Kyle07 Aug 18 2011, 4:57am replied:

Well, if he named the creators in the credits, than everything is ok. We don't know what happend, maybe he asked already the creators for using the skins.

+1 vote   mod: Half life HD V2
Kyle07 Jul 20 2011, 2:11pm says:

Well is it normal that the server aren't running since yesterday evening? It seems to be frozen

+1 vote   mod: Star Wars Mod: Galactic Warfare
Kyle07 Jul 11 2011, 4:47pm says:

Good news for me to read that this project is still alive :D

+1 vote   mod: Tomb Raider 2: Reloaded
Kyle07 Jul 6 2011, 9:51am says:

Downloadlink @ news is unfortunately dead

+2 votes   mod: Noname Island
Kyle07 Jun 29 2011, 11:58am says:

the force is strong within this mod

+4 votes   mod: Star Wars: The New Era
Kyle07 Jun 20 2011, 5:16am says:

Nice, I thought this project is death.
Well I started to map the first level of PoP3D for the source engine. It's really hard, so you earn respect with your done work.

My Project started only as a texture pack for the original pop3d.
But it was impossible to realize that because the game reads some textures from CD and some from hard disk. So I decided to choose another engine.
And so I chosen the Source Engine.

+3 votes   mod: Half Life: Prince Of Persia 3D
Kyle07 Jun 19 2011, 4:15pm replied:

it's better to concentrate with 100% on this mod.
But I think Scepter of Ragnos is dead.

+1 vote   mod: Luke's Mission at Cairn Bay
Kyle07 Jun 19 2011, 4:14pm replied:

Well, look at the Half-Life-Mods, 80 % or more are dead and I agree with your anger. The fact is that the work stopped in 2009, there isn't much work to be redone.

I understand your anger, these days there are no new SW-Mods.
However, lets talk when the story about this mod ends ;)

+2 votes   mod: Luke's Mission at Cairn Bay
Kyle07 Jun 13 2011, 8:36am says:

Diese Mod macht einen wirklich guten Eindruck, gebt eure Arbeit bloß nicht auf! :)

+1 vote   mod: Aus dem Leben eines Diebes
Kyle07 Jun 8 2011, 1:56pm says:

Nice that there is an update, but unfortunately this mod doesn't run on my pc. I don't know why, but I get always an runtime error or something. ANd that is only in the mod. The main game runs perfect.

I can only run this mod in an virtual Windows XP in VMWare, there not good performance -.-

+1 vote   news: New Horizons: Build 14 Beta 1 Patch 6 Released!
Kyle07 May 22 2011, 5:21pm says:

There are two other LOST-Project out there here on
I hope that you will be one of those who will release his work.
But it looks good 5 of 8 episodes are already finished

+2 votes   mod: Lost - After All Episode One
Kyle07 May 22 2011, 5:20pm says:

awesome :)

+1 vote   media: He's Waiting For You...
Kyle07 May 22 2011, 5:16pm says:

I wish you guy luck and patience. I hope this will some day released

+5 votes   mod: STAR WARS - A GALAXY IN CRYSIS
Kyle07 May 18 2011, 5:34pm says:

Nic e modification. I really enjoyed it to play it in the enhanced edition of the witcher

+2 votes   mod: Deceits
Kyle07 May 10 2011, 11:47am says:

nice mod, unfortunately my ja doesn't run because of my ati card

+2 votes   mod: The Jedi Academy Texture Overhaul
Kyle07 May 7 2011, 4:58pm says:

finally a LOST-Project!!

+2 votes   mod: LOST - The Return
Kyle07 May 1 2011, 1:49pm says:

Sounds really interessting, tracked :)

+1 vote   mod: Half-Life: Scarface
Kyle07 Apr 26 2011, 4:57am replied:

I can play JKE with the Steamversion.
Im' only using the JKLauncher from
Look here:
This and many other mods are working with the steamversion thx to jklauncher

+1 vote   mod: Jedi Knight Enhanced
Kyle07 Apr 22 2011, 6:30am says:

GREAT Modification!
Thx for Re-Releasing this mod!

+3 votes   mod: The Destruction is Real
Kyle07 Apr 15 2011, 12:49pm says:

Opposing Force: Gold and Blue Shift: Gold would be VERY awesome

+3 votes   mod: Half-Life: Gold
Kyle07 Feb 13 2011, 8:28am says:

Cool, I hope you will continue this project it looks great :)

+1 vote   media: Sharp Helix
Kyle07 Feb 12 2011, 8:53am says:

Verdammt Geil!
Ich hoffe mal das ihr eure Mod irgendwann auch vollenden werdet, ich wünsche euch gutes gelingen!

+1 vote   mod: Die Schlacht um Faring
Kyle07 Feb 6 2011, 11:03am says:

I thought this mod is already finisehd.
So what is your target?
To recreate the whole hl2 beta as an legal hl2-mod?

+1 vote   mod: Missing Information
Kyle07 Jan 24 2011, 8:07am says:

FUUUAAACKING AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I will download the demo just right now!

+2 votes   mod: Half Life: Prince Of Persia 3D
Kyle07 Dec 6 2010, 1:06pm says:

Nice, a new patch is there. I will download it right now^^

+1 vote   download: Build 14 Beta 1 Patch 5
Kyle07 Nov 30 2010, 12:31pm replied:

I have the problem with the runtime error to
Have you maybe vista?

+1 vote   download: Build 14 Beta 1 Patch 4
Kyle07 Nov 17 2010, 11:33am replied:

I have the same problem with the Runtime Error Microsoft Visual C++.
But deleting the videos isn't the resolution :(

Can anyone help me?

+3 votes   download: Build 14 Beta 1 Full
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