Hi i am a major fan of star wars mainly its star fleets and what not. Im currently making my own comic series and do my best to study the fleets of the New republic. Kyle Katarn is one of my favorite jedi from the Rebellion/New Republic/Galactic Alliance eras. "I'm ready for a little pay back".

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My true name is Jamond but here and now i swear loyalty to the jedi order and the galactic alliance in an effort for peace. Since the earliest days of the alliance i have supported their cause and until the day the jedi fall i will not abandon them. For the jedi order and the galactic alliance! I wish to be a modder one day or help anyone with difficulty in modding the story lines for mods such as star wars empire at war and its expansion Foc for i have extensive knowledge of the galactic civil war, clone wars and bits and pieces of the old republic.

My Youtube Channel: Youtube.com I'm making videos for Sins of the Prophets now.

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