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Sound Design Resource now online

Sound Design Resource now online

Mar 15, 2005 3 comments

This new site is designed for all that is audio in video games. Initially the site is addressing budding sound designers and audio programmers working...

Wolfenstein 3D

New Source!

Dec 5, 2004 Kreml 3D 2 comments

Some good news from the team! After being idle with the coding for some time, I received a new and shiny EXE from Dan. It has the brown status bar finally...

Kreml 3D - Progress!
Wolfenstein 3D

Kreml 3D - Progress!

Sep 2, 2004 Kreml 3D 6 comments

Kreml 3D is still in active development! A bit slower than before, but many of team members went on holidays and/or have been bothered with Real Life...


Flesh On Walls - new work done!

Jun 24, 2004 Flesh On Walls 5 comments

In the past few days, I've been designing the first map for Flesh On Walls. It was supposed to be a small map, set in a theme of toxic/factory area. And...

March / April Progress
Wolfenstein 3D

March / April Progress

Apr 8, 2004 Kreml 3D 6 comments

Kreml 3D - March & April progress 1.

Wolfenstein 3D

TLM - Released

Feb 19, 2004 The Last Mission 0 comments

Hmm.. I think this news post is a little delayed, as I had some other things to do.. anyways - this is pretty important, so here you have it! The Last...

Wolfenstein 3D

Snow Sniper Concepts

Feb 16, 2004 Kreml 3D 10 comments

Hello all! I was thinking of a nice addition to the outside winter scenes that will appear in Kreml 3D, and here's what I created... It's a snow sniper...

Wolfenstein 3D


Jan 16, 2004 Kreml 3D 0 comments

Kreml 3D is going to be delayed _again_. There is NO deadline set. That's because of corrupted GAMEMAPS file. I'm currently seeking all of available backup...

Wolfenstein 3D

Maps 1 and 2

Dec 31, 2003 The Last Mission 0 comments

Map one is ready. The second one is being finished now. The first one is a common entrance and storage area, while the second one is a prison keep and...

Wolfenstein 3D

Progress information!

Dec 9, 2003 Kreml 3D 0 comments

Hello guys, a lot of time left after my last news post here. I just would like to say to you that Kreml 3D is still under heavy developement, and all...

Wolfenstein 3D

XP Subsystem prototype & new graphics

Aug 20, 2003 Kreml 3D 0 comments

Okay.. I finally did the prototype of XP subsystem I was talking about in last newspost. I'll soon show it up because it needs a few tweakups, but believe...

Wolfenstein 3D

Stuff going Around..

Aug 15, 2003 Kreml 3D 0 comments

Well, not much at all. Anyway, I managed out a new way of visual look of menu - it looks pretty nice, I'll show it up soon. Also, Zach though of new feature...

Wolfenstein 3D

The old progress...

Jul 24, 2003 Kreml 3D 0 comments

07.2002 - First ideas about Kreml 3D 09.2002 - Back from holiday, first graphics (Insignia and Stalin for grey brick) 23.09.2002 - First level designed...

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