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Game Review on Oct 16th, 2012

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10 Review

Game Review on Aug 6th, 2012

+ Easy to get started if have played Quake like games
+ If not, there's easy tutorials for this
+ Speeeeed
+ Great graphics
+ Can be tuned down to work on slower computers and on faster ones it looks great
+ If you don't like the graphics you can change a lot of them - try r_drawflat "1"; r_wallcolor "210 210 210"; r_floorcolor "100 0 0" to see an example that what can be done.
+ Great (and familiar to Quake) weapons with some changes

Frozen Synapse
10 Review

Game Review on Oct 9th, 2011 - 1 person agrees

I give the 10/10 for multiplayer. Great unique way of playing and the tactics you have to learn make this an exelent game easily worth its price tag.

I haven't played single player much and don't know if I will. The multiplayer keeps me enterntained well enough. For what I have played so far, 7/10 because I'm comparing it to multiplayer and it is so much more interesting to play against real people.

Why are you reading a review of this game when you should already be playing it?

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