Hi, I am a Belgian Agnostic who studies Greek and Latin. I'm interested in anything connected to history, mythology, philosophy... and games of course.

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The_Whaler Aug 5 2014, 4:39am says:

Can't wait to see the changes implemented

+1 vote   article: The Road to Edain 4.0: Mordor, Part 2
The_Whaler Jul 4 2014, 2:12pm says:

I can't wait to hear about the changes to Sauron, I thought him to be one of the most Original elements in the mod.

+5 votes   mod: Edain Mod
The_Whaler Jun 28 2014, 4:25am says:

I really hope we're going to see more things like this. Beasts or beings like this really put back the mystery in the darkness of evil. I can't wait to see more...

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The_Whaler Jun 25 2014, 3:17am says:

This looks weird, I like it.

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The_Whaler Jun 21 2014, 5:49am says:

Very nice, I'm glad this mod keeps going forward!

+1 vote   media: Work continues.
The_Whaler May 8 2014, 10:29am replied:

ok, thanks for the help, I'll see how it works out.

+1 vote   mod: Edain Mod
The_Whaler May 8 2014, 6:36am replied:

ok, yet it's kind of odd, the other mod I have installed is one for BFME 2, I didn't expect to have issues with edain as it is from a different game.

+1 vote   mod: Edain Mod
The_Whaler May 7 2014, 1:09pm says:

I have a slight problem. I never had real problems with edain, but recently a pink screen replaces all images that were added. How can this be fixed?

+1 vote   mod: Edain Mod
The_Whaler Apr 27 2014, 12:28pm says:

wow, nice

+1 vote   article: Illustrated Loadingscreens
The_Whaler Apr 23 2014, 8:32am says:

nice indeed!

+4 votes   media: Corinth map - agora section
The_Whaler Apr 6 2014, 11:56am says:

A few questions:

1) Are you planning to update the 'make a hero' system with the new shields and armors?

2) Will the next version contain naval warfare?

3) Are there any plans to rebuild 'the war of the ring' system to fit within your mod?

4) Are you going to add more siege weapons to the spartan armory (ladders for example)

5) are you going to make city maps in which one team controls the city (like minas tirith, or helmsdeep) and one has to besiege?

That's all for now, good luck with the mod!

+2 votes   mod: The Peloponnesian Wars
The_Whaler Mar 27 2014, 1:27pm says:

Are you planning to populate the new houses (and the gerousia)?

+1 vote   media: Spartan City
The_Whaler Mar 27 2014, 1:25pm replied:

You probably haven't installed 1.06 patch for BFME 2.

+2 votes   mod: The Peloponnesian Wars
The_Whaler Mar 26 2014, 7:56am says:

When The next version is realised, will it be necessary to redownload the entire mod? And does the installement of this mod have problems with other mods installed for BFME 2? I was just wondering... :p

+2 votes   mod: The Peloponnesian Wars
The_Whaler Mar 25 2014, 7:33am says:

again, very nice!

+4 votes   media: The finest fishing spot in Corinth.
The_Whaler Mar 24 2014, 1:05pm says:

1) How will the black numenoreans look like?
2) What powers will they have?
3) What is a sand daemoness?
4) Will the BN have evil beasts of some kind?
5) Will there be maps with populated cities or something like that?
6) Are you only going to expand the map of WOTR or are you not going to enclude old areas that play no part in the war?

7) How is the expanding of the team going?

I hope this mod will keep going, even if the progress is slow. I wish you good luck with this project!

+3 votes   article: Q&A Topic
The_Whaler Mar 23 2014, 11:00am says:

No, they look perfect. Btw, the houses look really nice!

+5 votes   media: Spartan City
The_Whaler Mar 23 2014, 9:38am replied:

oh, my mistake ;)

+2 votes   media: Improved Blacksmith, New Statue
The_Whaler Mar 23 2014, 9:37am replied:

Well, it depends on how you insert the defense system. For example, If you placed an entire batalaion (15 archers) on the wall it would be overpowered. You could of couse only make it possible to place one row of 5 archers on the wall (for one updated wallpiece)

Or (and this is just a theory, that may or may not be impossible to do) or the update itself could be an archersden from which an archer (or more) starts to patrol a piece of the wall or something like that.

It should be me thanking you for not leaving this project to die, but still working on it after all this time. It pleases me that you guys make so much effort to present this time period to a bigger audience.

+2 votes   mod: The Peloponnesian Wars
The_Whaler Mar 23 2014, 6:45am says:

I like the bronze idea, but I kinda feel it should be a bit darker. It looks a bit yellow instead of bronze. Just saying :p

+4 votes   media: Improved Blacksmith, New Statue
The_Whaler Mar 23 2014, 4:36am says:

I don't want to be annoying or something, but playing BFME 2 gave me some odd ideas for this mod. :)

1. A thing I've Always found slightly annoying is that most of the maps in skirmishes are too open for realistic nature. Therefore I would suggest at least one map in which the two bases are being separated by a fast forest. So if you 'd like to expand your base or clear the path to your enemies camp, you would need to burn/chop a part of the forest down. I think it would be cool to have maps in which it is vital to adapt the surroundings to you instead of always the other way around.

2. Another idea I've had was while defending minas tirith. Archers constantly change their position and sometimes just leave the wall. That is the reason that I would suggest (When the time comes to work on the Athens faction) a wall update (like towers and catapults in the game) that spawns archers on the wall that are part of the Wall's defense. This would prevent your archers from leaving their posts and make sure that the wall is quarded all the time.

That's all for now. I hope I'm not consuming too much of your time with my questions and suggestions. Good luck with this project and other ones!!

+2 votes   mod: The Peloponnesian Wars
The_Whaler Mar 22 2014, 11:18am replied:

ok, thanks for the very quick answer and good luck with the progress!

+2 votes   media: New Looks!
The_Whaler Mar 22 2014, 11:15am replied:

I mean the one with the Ares statue and the four towers. ;)

+2 votes   media: New Looks!
The_Whaler Mar 22 2014, 10:29am says:

very nice! So if you upgrade this fortress, you will get the one from the previous image or am I mistaken?

+2 votes   media: New Looks!
The_Whaler Mar 21 2014, 1:49pm says:

Now that this mod is slowly become active again. I would like to give a few questions/ suggestions:

1. Wouldn't be cool to connect the powers more with gods?
for example, you could have active and passive spells as divine aid :
-rain spell or lightning strikes (zeus)
- a spell that causes the entire map to become visible (Athena)
- bonus for the farms (demeter)
- bonus for the fishingboats (poseidon)
- war frenzy (ares)
- sunbeam (helios)
2. Are you going to implement greek fire in naval warfare?
3. Will the athenians have civilian housing aswell?
4. Are you planning to replace the images of the gods in the power menu with more exciting (something from god of war perhaps)

4. Are you thinking about incorporating some other groups in the form of allies for spells or inns or something?

5. Are you going to implement bandits or wild animals (instead of goblin lair and war holes)?

6. My last question is a question I ask out of concern for this mod:

Is there anything a non-modder can do to help the progress?

I really hope this mod at least gets a second releas with the Athenian faction. this mod is so creative and unique that it would be a shame to end to soon. Good luck with the progress!!!!

+2 votes   mod: The Peloponnesian Wars
The_Whaler Mar 21 2014, 7:37am says:

can't wait to see more of this mod!

+3 votes   media: And One More.
The_Whaler Mar 21 2014, 7:36am says:

nice, the masters have returned!

+1 vote   media: Two New Things
The_Whaler Mar 20 2014, 7:38am says:

very impressive

+5 votes   media: Thorin
The_Whaler Mar 18 2014, 12:44pm replied:

Thank the gods! All progress is good progress!

+2 votes   mod: The Peloponnesian Wars
The_Whaler Mar 16 2014, 6:51am replied:

I can't believe that of all the people who track this mod, no one has the time or the skill to lend aid. I'd apply myself if I had any modding skills. But in any case, if you have some job to do that requires no modding, I'd be happy to help if I can. I hope this mod keeps on going and wish you good luck!

+1 vote   article: A Team
The_Whaler Sep 30 2013, 12:57pm says:

very nice!

+1 vote   media: Vampire Lich
The_Whaler Jul 2 2012, 7:50am says:


+2 votes   media: A render of the new Spartan Hoplites
The_Whaler Jun 19 2012, 10:23am says:

Naval warfare!!!

+7 votes   media: Trireme and hoplites
The_Whaler May 31 2012, 12:31pm replied:

Can you buy him, because if I recall correctly you could buy the banner upgrade (It's been a while since I played bfme2)?

+1 vote   media: The Athenian Lochagos
The_Whaler May 24 2012, 12:16pm replied:

Wait until you see their fleet

+3 votes   media: Athenians vs Spartans
The_Whaler May 21 2012, 12:30pm says:


+3 votes   media: Athens versus Sparta!
The_Whaler May 19 2012, 9:45am says:

Nice! They are holding their spears better then the spartans did in the phalanx formation, or am I mistaken?

+3 votes   media: Our First Athens Update!
The_Whaler Jul 16 2011, 4:33am says:

Very cool and very detailed

+3 votes   media: New smithy model
The_Whaler Jun 30 2011, 5:06am says:

today is the day of our glorious victory,charge!!

+2 votes   media: Various Pictures
The_Whaler Jun 29 2011, 12:19pm says:


+3 votes   media: Spartan House
The_Whaler Jun 17 2011, 10:13am says:


+2 votes   media: The New (and final*) Agoge
The_Whaler Jun 13 2011, 6:48am says:

those statues look great!

+1 vote   media: New Spartan Fortress
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