Hi, I am a Belgian agnostic who studies Latin and English, Linguistics and literature. I'm also interested in anything connected to history, mythology, philosophy, folklore... and games of course.

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0 comments by The_Whaler on Feb 23rd, 2014

I would like to talk about a point made by a few people about mods I've long
cared for. Many mods have died in early stages of the project. This usually
happens due to the lack of time or interest by the producers. This is of course
a normal thing, for people who put a lot of their time in different projects,
to give up their work due to personal problems. But, I would like to call
out to fans of mods that are dying. You are passionate about mods and (some
of) you have the skill to lend aid and save a potential masterpiece from
death. So please, when you feel that after months of inactivity you need to
help, offer your help in a kind and gentle way. If you have skill
and are passionate about something, why not try to stop it's ending? To
many good mods have ended to soon. The future of every mod that does not deserve
to die before the height of its potential is in your hands.

ps: It's easy for me to say this, having no
skills in modding, but if someone out there feels like he/she would like to
teach me the basics or indicate how might do so, do not hesitate to respond!

Report abuse 300 & 300 Rise of an Empire

0 comments by The_Whaler on Feb 22nd, 2014

I know this has nothing to do with mods, but I would like to use this blog to make some points that I have made on other Social Media. As a Student of Greek and Latin and a Antiquity fanatic, I would like to defend the 300 Movies. A comment I have heard often is that the movie is a inaccurate representation of the historic facts, this to some degree is true. However, I'd like to say that it was never the intention to represent the historic facts in a realistic way. I believe that these movies are a perfect representation of history as Greek Historians experienced it. Herodotos specificly. He exaggerated the events by mixing idealized history with romance and myth. This was the case with almost all scientists and scolars of that time. Ctesias for example described tons of mythical beings and called it a true representation of the mysterious lands of the east. So, it's not really about how it happened, but about how the Greeks imagined it had happened. Of course, the producers exaggerated the exaggerations, but there is also a thing called artistic Licence. In all, I hope some people will be able to enjoy to movies more, because that is there true purpose.

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