Im an Ex-PC Tech who has a tendency for trying to see how far i can push computer's (and sometime's people :P)

I do tend to be a little outspoken at times, i try to be as straight with ppl as i can but that often ends with my foot in my gob as i can be a little too blunt sometimes.

Not really what you would call the sociable type, i do enjoy going out with friends but cant stand being in groups. I'm more the stay at home with a nice film to watch a few drinks and a good meal type. I'm really into Wolves, Dragons and Tigers especially in a Fantasy Art style. I collect Dragon ornaments to keep on display, still collecting them though.

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Chakra Linux

Korvinus Blog

Well decided after keeping an eye on the Chakra Project site for a while to jump in and make the change. Chakra is basically a linux distro that solely work's on kde integration, they even go as far as removing GTK from the system (GTK apps still run through what they call "bundles").
So far it's been nice to get back to KDE and i must say the 4.7 release is looking quite polished (a massive improvement from the original 4.0 release :p, but not much from 4.6 mainly bugfixes).
Ofc with this being linux and not Windows you can do what you want with the system, I've started on customizing the look of it and at the moment I'm getting around to installing my games. Yes I did do a fresh install, but there was actually a reason (other than me being bored). Chakra uses a GPT partition table rather than the normal MS-DOS one so it mean't I had to totally clean the drive out (dropbox is a godsend for backing up little bits and pieces of work though).
Anyways I guess I'll go back to messing with this. If anyone's interested in taking a look

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