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To whom it may concern:
I'm mainly a gamer, though sometimes I like to create music, capture videos/pictures in games (to make a video of course), and draw/other arts. I also can make maps on Hammer, I'm not the greatest but I know a lot about Hammer.

A few things about my music:
I make music, and have been for a few years now. I use Fruity Loops Studio 9. I have to say I'm a bit more of an amateur, mainly because I know most about the program and can do a lot, although I haven't been able to make much lately. Here is a page with a lot of my music. I like a lot of genres, with exceptions, and can make almost any genre. I usually make electronic music, including: Trance, Dance, Techno, Ambience, etc.

A few things about my videos:
Not much to say about my videos, but mainly that most of them are random videos I sort-of thought up. A lot of my videos aren't for everyone. I am completely able to do way more than random though, I've attempted making serious videos, but mainly failed because I may abandon them when my program cant take 50 video clips in one project.

A lot of things about my maps (in Source games):
I haven't made many maps, and only a few of those are ever released to the public. I used to be faithless on a few maps I made where I abandon it in the middle of making it mainly because of boredom or too much work, but now I have set that aside and started to keep at the map and discard it only if it is a complete failure (like if the map is poorly done and cannot be easily fixed).
KValley (Garry's Mod) or Warehouse Survival (Left 4 Dead)were my first uploaded maps (I'm not sure which one were made first). They weren't necessarily my first maps made, but first, I believe, to be stable enough for at least a beta release (and yet they have not been finished, mainly because I have lost the files).
Here is the list of the rest of the [uploaded] maps I have made:
FY_BunkerWarfare (Counter-Strike: Source) - My first CS:S map practicing on making maps.
GM_Brownout (Garry's Mod) - My first GMod map, experimenting with a few things I haven't done before.
GM_BrownoutRevision 2 (Garry's Mod) - A revision to GM_Brownout, editing the base & deleting the bunker that was out in the desert (mainly because I was, at the time, thinking of making a new one from scratch, which I did), added 3D skybox.
GM_Brownout Version 1 (Garry's Mod) - A better, yet not complete, version of Brownout adding: a larger desert area, newer & better bunker, detail sprites on terrain instead of dust particles, & 2 other versions (no dust, night).
TTT_Maintenance (Garry's Mod) - A map set in space, where one or a few of the crew members on the ship is a traitor, and the rest of the crew must find out who it is.
GM_ShadyPeak (Garry's Mod) Foresty map.
CP_Kuriast (Team Fortress 2) A TF2 medieval mode map.


Your music is beautiful on Soundcloud.

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