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Kooskia Jan 11 2015, 6:55pm says:

Jut perfect! He's easy to recognize among all the others in the movie, and his portrayal was perfect for the Mod! (i expected this choice and welcome it x3)

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Kooskia Jan 3 2015, 8:45am says:

I greatly welcome this decision as a fan and as being reasonable.
Personally i think it's better this than waiting for a full one, also because will keep fans to stick more news and follow the whole events&news; reguarding the mod.

+2 votes   article: Edain 4.0: Our Plans For 2015
Kooskia Dec 23 2014, 3:41am replied:

They've already shoed the Erebor armour design as implemented:

I've to say that i would have liked to see in the movie the Iron Hills to have some kind of different design i mean, something of more easy to recognize: but maybe something of their shields and spear formation could be used in future.

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Kooskia Dec 21 2014, 2:46pm says:

If the last overeacting rant-style comments was directed to my last comment, i would like to point how i never suggested to implement elements of the last movie in 4.0 version, i've said "in the game": speaking in general/for the future plans.

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Kooskia Dec 21 2014, 11:52am says:

Hello Edain! Once again big support for all your awesome work! X3
I've just finished watching the last Hobbit movie and (without giving spoilers) i can say that (as expected) could offers you lots of potential and opportunities to expand the game with elements from this movie ^^

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Kooskia Nov 25 2014, 12:12pm replied:

Ok, first step: check to have Rise of the witch king dowloaded and updated.

then: don't replace file or other stuff: just put all the dowloaded data into a special folder and name it battleofalagaesia

Now, make a copy of the launcher-icon, and check to have similar following proper links in the "property":
(NOTE: the following lines are the one of my pc: you could have them different, for example in "C", rather than "D", and i placed the "battleforalagaesia" folder, directly in the Desktop)
Be careful with typing the " -mod " (without "") putting the proper spaces

From: "D:\Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\The Lord of the Rings, The Rise of the Witch-king\lotrbfme2ep1.exe" -mod "C:\Users\Utente\Desktop\battleforalagaesia"

To: "D:\Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\The Lord of the Rings, The Rise of the Witch-king"

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Kooskia Nov 8 2014, 5:43pm says:

Gosh... just watched the new Hobbit trailer and i can't be more thrilled! o.o
And not to mention the appears to be lots of cool elements that could be implemented in the Edain Mod xD

Said that, keep on the awesome work! You've all the support from your fans x3

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Kooskia Oct 25 2014, 11:41am says:

Guys, don't worry about people complaining of waiting.
You've created an awesome new game for all of us.
Keep going the good job at your time and need, making the Edain, you've really gave us a gift worth much more of any other official games.

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Kooskia Oct 25 2014, 11:40am says:

Hello! Big support to you x3
You've made an awesome job, keep doing it x3

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Kooskia Oct 25 2014, 11:38am says:

Keep on your good job x3
Big support to you ^^

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Kooskia Oct 25 2014, 11:37am says:

Still one of my favourites x3 even if works appears to have been stopped (or i'm wrong?)

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Kooskia Oct 25 2014, 11:36am says:

Just started playing again at it with the bugs-fixed
Big support for you,keep on the good job x3

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Kooskia Oct 25 2014, 11:33am replied:

Tried to contact Ouranos recently.

+1 vote   mod: The Battle for Alagaësia
Kooskia Oct 25 2014, 11:32am says:

Big support for your mod x3

+1 vote   mod: The Battle for Narnia - A BFME Total Modification
Kooskia Oct 25 2014, 11:26am says:

4minorkinq, who you are?
It's long time i've not heard from Ouranos, (and he's the main developer of the mod), sadly the last time he was very busy with real life.

I could say that's difficult there could be updates or news in brief time.
However would also say that the mod it's enjoyable (i hope) even if not fully finished as originally planned.

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Kooskia May 27 2014, 7:22am says:

I think it has been a great idea to use Bolg with this design.
I've nothing against the Bolg in the movie (and has been said before, i found nice that he wasnt' so different from Azog), but it's a cool conept to be scrapped and it's really more leader-like here.

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Kooskia May 27 2014, 7:20am says:

It' an awesome concept and addition!
As little detail i can adds that we should wait December to see if Lake Town soldier will have shields during the 5 Armies Battle.

+1 vote   article: The Road to Edain 4.0: Lake-town
Kooskia May 8 2014, 12:18pm replied:

After i tried (and after 1hour and half) suddenly failed.

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Kooskia May 7 2014, 4:51am replied:

Thanks but.. it's a safe dowloading? You've checked it? I'm sorry but i don't know the chinese.
I've noticed it dowload a .exe file

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Kooskia Apr 30 2014, 3:33pm says:

Don't worry, i ever liked some interesting things you've done: factions as Rhovanion and King's Men. Not to mentions the heroes: i like the fantasy you've put in some of them (just played today with Harad) especially in giving little tips of story-background for them (the king and queen of scorpions are a so "lovely" pairing! XD).
A little thing i noticed today (and i don't remember if it was a thing of the previous one too) it's that Harad has the basic ring powers of Mordor, maybe it could have been more nice to put the same one of Rhun.

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Kooskia Apr 28 2014, 7:55pm replied:

I agree with you, not to add the fact that personally i found the Hobbit (book) nothing of awesome, even for the structure and choices and changes he did while writing the same book. No author is "sacred", and the Hobbit (book) is surely something that could have been wrote better.
I've already stated that this is a key element of my opinion about the movies (that has no sense to say "they're different", if the actual product it's much more "LOTR-style" than a fairy-tale that has few of the taste of the LOTR). The change in the name is actually pretty much welcome, if it can be related with a big focus on epic.

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Kooskia Apr 6 2014, 8:18am replied:

Just tried, a cool feature XD

+1 vote   mod: Shadow and Flame
Kooskia Apr 4 2014, 7:44am says:

I highly appreciated the Misty Mountains faction! It has been graet to play some of the new characters introduced in the Hobbit movie series. I've also appreciated the very interesting details (voice and pics for the abilities) of Smaug, that are directly took from the cartoon ^^
Do you think you will re-work on the character to adds material from the movie? (voice + pics) It would be great, even if it could be sad to loose one of the few elements that has been took from the cartoon.

+2 votes   mod: Battles of the Third Age
Kooskia Mar 28 2014, 5:12pm says:

Have to say that Ouranos (only guy that works on Mod, i'm just the beta-tester!) sadly will be mostly busy due work. This doesn't means the Mod is dead! But he could get some time only during holidays, and will need inspiration..... so comments-support-suggestions-criticism are needed here! x3

+2 votes   mod: The Battle for Alagaësia
Kooskia Mar 28 2014, 4:52pm says:

An interesting mod, with some original concepts both for heroes and Rhun faction (have yet to play Harad). You've made a good work x3

+2 votes   mod: The 4th Age
Kooskia Mar 28 2014, 4:48pm replied:

Ok, i've re-installed the game, and now another mod (that had problems) works well. Probably it's solved also for Rerturn of Shadow, i will check soon.

+2 votes   mod: Return of Shadow
Kooskia Mar 28 2014, 4:46pm replied:

Silly me, it's the main page Xd btw i've solved the issue

+1 vote   game: Battle for Middle-earth
Kooskia Mar 27 2014, 4:39pm says:

I've big issues to start the mod.
On "From" i've made "C:\Users\Utente\AppData\Roaming\My Battle for Middle-earth Files"
On "To" i've made "D:\Program Files (x86)\EA GAMES\The Battle for Middle-earth (tm)\lotrbfme.exe" -mod tfa.big

I've anther mod for BMEII, with the "My battle ecc.." on C, and the original folder with lotrbfme2.exe on D.

It should work because i've made them on parallel.
But it just start the original game, and even crash when i try to play a single game.

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Kooskia Mar 26 2014, 5:28pm says:

every time i start the mod it give the message: "This launcher is considered a Beta". "If you're using directory other than the default one etc.." and again speaking about saving issue.
But the issue it's that every thing i try to do to launch it, it just open this window. I've attempted to edit the paths to the folders, with different variations, without success.

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Kooskia Mar 25 2014, 5:18pm says:

Your Gundabad faction it's interesting: i appreciated a number of things.
And i found very very cool the giant bats! an interesting adaptation that i've not seen in other mods..

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