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Detnaite Feb 19 2012, 4:00am says:

Pretty nice, Except that Sword's proportion is really bothering me, Like an OCD I guess. It just looks impossible for the "Alien" to sheath the Katana normally due to it's size.

I understand that this is a WIP, I don't mean to sound belittling so I apologize in advance if it was taken in a direction outside of criticism. I enjoy your work so far so keep it up!

+7 votes   article: Alien With A Sword
Detnaite Dec 13 2011, 3:48am says:

Wow, Very cool.

+1 vote   engine: XI Cast Engine
Detnaite Aug 26 2011, 7:18pm says:

Looks fun, I like what you've done.

+2 votes   article: New MA Map
Detnaite Aug 20 2011, 9:14pm says:

These mostly from Metro 2033? I don't remember these from either actually.

+2 votes   media: Test room
Detnaite Jul 4 2011, 12:12am says:

WIP, Art assets, Final? Looks alright but the textures looks kinda funny.

+1 vote   media: Factory for level 1
Detnaite Jun 23 2011, 3:47am says:

Interesting engine, I'd love to see the content it puts out in the future.

+2 votes   engine: First Flight
Detnaite May 12 2011, 6:31pm says:

Interesting... This is sorta proof-of-concept kinda thing or something with the mechanics?

+1 vote   media: Facial Expression System
Detnaite Apr 17 2011, 11:31pm replied:

+ Overlay(?) and Text.

+2 votes   download: Terrorist war mission
Detnaite Apr 11 2011, 1:49am says:

Looks awesome =D

+2 votes   article: 1916 now LIVE on Desura!
Detnaite Apr 9 2011, 1:12am says:

tiger man.

+7 votes   media: Cartoon Captain Keyes V1
Detnaite Mar 26 2011, 11:01pm says:

Preview Image makes me very interested =o

+2 votes   download: S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Build 1154
Detnaite Mar 26 2011, 11:00pm says:

Yeah there's the .PDF file just floating in cyberspace for a long time. I prefer paper but I've gotten pretty far in. Also A4 the creators of Metro 2033 where originally from GSC before building the team. But from what I heard, left before the release for fear it would all fall apart, etc. This could be why it's mentioned or the fact both stories are similar.

+1 vote   download: Roadside Picnic
Detnaite Mar 20 2011, 12:48am says:

I love, Love. Funnnnnn =D and the graphics put out by the engine are interesting and awesome.

+1 vote   engine: Quel Solaar
Detnaite Mar 15 2011, 3:57pm says:

AMMO and HEALTH kinda stick out to much and dominate alot of the bottom left. The crosshair is a little open and wide. Still nice.

+1 vote   media: HUD First Try
Detnaite Mar 15 2011, 3:34am says:

Nice, But the tarp like fabric looks odd. And I apologize in advance that I have no idea what it is officially called.

+4 votes   media: hyp_mirage
Detnaite Mar 13 2011, 7:39pm says:

Good luck. Looks like it could be a real good game.

+2 votes   game: 'Til Death
Detnaite Mar 12 2011, 8:42pm says:

Looks demonic. I do like this concept so far.

+3 votes   media: Concept - Corrupter
Detnaite Mar 8 2011, 11:50pm says:

I like the concept art, but some small alteration to the summary an Genre maybe needed. Since Shooting looks like a secondary mechanic (Bows and Crossbows from the look of the time period). Perhaps "Adventure" or "Fantasy" but not much information is given, The third person perspective should be nice in game. I'm willing to watch until release or the mod is shelved. Hopefully not the latter, Good luck.

+2 votes   mod: Sheol
Detnaite Feb 25 2011, 3:08pm says:

Good idea, But it's the "Sink or Swim" thing here and your mod doesn't look it can swim to long. Given only a few screenshots and a brief small concept your not going to get much help. I'd suggest getting a little further in progress before making a page next time.

0 votes   mod: SHELL495
Detnaite Feb 15 2011, 6:51pm says:

I cant wait for the download!

+3 votes   article: Day 7 - The Final Hours
Detnaite Feb 13 2011, 7:26pm says:

IT'S ALIVE! Thank god. This screenshot is amazing for the engine =o

+2 votes   media: Human Horizon lab
Detnaite Feb 6 2011, 4:12am replied:

I do prefer Spamblers, Blocks paths and is move then expendable.

+2 votes   download: Zombie Master Beta 1.2.1 - Windows installer
Detnaite Jan 31 2011, 1:49pm says:

Nice =D

+2 votes   media: TP: Overview
Detnaite Jan 20 2011, 11:24pm says:

Nicer here.

0 votes   media: Mako Reactor 2 -Alpha
Detnaite Jan 20 2011, 11:23pm says:

I remember this place... I think, Pretty bland at the moment. But still nice. wasn't there like a gated generator back there?

+1 vote   media: MR: Pillar room 2 -Alpha
Detnaite Nov 28 2010, 2:51am replied:

Same place so I guess I wont be playing either =/

+3 votes   download: Reign of the Undead 2.0 Beta
Detnaite Nov 2 2010, 5:50pm says:

Very nice system ya got there. Makes the waiting painful D=

+1 vote   media: Development Video: Points system 002
Detnaite Oct 27 2010, 3:34pm says:

Interested in the results. Guess I'll track to see how this ends up.

+2 votes   game: Project Aron
Detnaite Oct 23 2010, 6:12am replied:

Ad revenues probably.

+1 vote   article: TeamVille 1: East Vs West is a single player mapping competition
Detnaite Oct 22 2010, 10:55pm replied:


+1 vote   media: Codename: JMOD Teaser Progress Trailer
Detnaite Oct 17 2010, 7:15pm says:

Very nice.

+1 vote   media: Level in progress. > The City
Detnaite Oct 17 2010, 7:14pm says:

In the bottom Right for only 49,95 EUROs 0_0, This is one odd station imo.

+1 vote   media: Tellcrack FM
Detnaite Oct 15 2010, 10:23pm says:

Oh god... I wish I could make concept like this =[

+2 votes   media: ravenous black wolf concept
Detnaite Oct 15 2010, 12:35am says:

Nice, I'd use it.

+2 votes   download: Steam KFVM GUI - Red Mini
Detnaite Oct 1 2010, 6:09pm replied:

Let's hope your correct, Sir.

+2 votes   article: Steamworks & Media Update
Detnaite Sep 15 2010, 4:13pm says:

PST -1 hour, CST[?] +1 hour, EST +2 hours. Hope to play with you all, Looks fun.

+1 vote   article: Don't forget to play!
Detnaite Aug 29 2010, 12:48am says:

Seems cool, sounds like that old RPG I played as a kid except more advanced. Kind of out of it now, sick and all but I do like the concept, see you already made like a "Storyboard". If I could I would help but I cant do anything. Good luck sounds good.

+1 vote   article: Welcome to Project Albatross
Detnaite Aug 10 2010, 6:15am says:

Cool =D

+2 votes   article: Do you want to see my legs?
Detnaite Jul 12 2010, 5:06pm replied:

Well do, Thanks.

+1 vote   download: Cave Story for PSP
Detnaite Jul 11 2010, 10:04pm says:

Doesn't not seem compatible with the PSP N1001 [A.K.A. "PSP Go"]

+1 vote   download: Cave Story for PSP
Detnaite Jul 6 2010, 4:14pm says:

First, and good to see the mods going well.

0 votes   article: Updates on Codename: JMOD
Detnaite May 7 2010, 12:52pm replied:

Hawaii D= It's been forever since I lived there. Anyways... Good luck with the mod I'd like to see how it works out.

+1 vote   mod: Half-Life 2: Aperture Chapters
Detnaite May 5 2010, 12:54am says:

Are the graphics low or am I just to set to BC2 graphics? D=

+1 vote   media: Bereg Firing
Detnaite Apr 3 2010, 12:56am replied:

I don't see "red" just white. That's one big April fools "joke". Mapping and such... But I guess they did just use the QUAKE engine.

+1 vote   article: Solitude: Update #36
Detnaite Mar 28 2010, 5:44pm says:

Everything seems so flat and dull here... I think you should clip the barrier to go an upward angle until it meets the rest. Good height I think but it's hard to tell with no model or anything next to it.

+1 vote   media: Point./Counterpoint
Detnaite Mar 27 2010, 12:26am says:

The right arm is flat on some areas. The neck is high. The hair looks like it becomes rectangles. It is a WIP and I look forward to a release. =D

+3 votes   media: "Minsk"
Detnaite Mar 25 2010, 11:14pm replied:

Stock looks WAY off. Like the stock was made for a VAL. Also why is there no scope? Different model then the name suggest?

+1 vote   media: VSS Model
Detnaite Mar 11 2010, 1:52pm replied:

One the correct copyright is S.T.A.L.K.E.R. since Stalker is a word. Two: I can't say much here but I don't believe it's illegal since it's just an image[This is like saying anyone on even forums cannot use game related images. They aren't selling it so I couldn't see harm done there]. Three: The "Doctor Freeman...." is a placeholder like many enemies and characters within mod that haven't reach beta point. It's unlikely that Valve will call foul since I [believe] somewhere Gabe said they wouldn't mind though i would have to find that source again to back that claim up.

+1 vote   article: February/March Updates
Detnaite Mar 3 2010, 1:06pm replied:

First time i have ever heard or seen of this engine. I must say the gameplay is amazing. Might as well track I'm going to play it sooner or later.

+1 vote   article: New Ingame footage from Beta Test
Detnaite Feb 16 2010, 4:56pm replied:

I haven't "Beaten" it but i have gotten far and the underground I'm in is dark... Maybe our monitors in-game? Could very much be mines.

+1 vote   media: Campaing test map
Detnaite Feb 12 2010, 10:21pm replied:

Have you played stalker:SOC? The lighting is very limited. They are recreating the effect and gameplay.

+1 vote   media: Campaing test map
Detnaite Feb 4 2010, 5:40pm says:

May just have to buy UT3 for this game. =0

+2 votes   media: ColourRunners Prototype
Detnaite Jan 25 2010, 7:43pm says:

Damn... Is that a concept draw or the model? The shading makes it hard to tell.

+1 vote   media: Weapons for my mod
Detnaite Jan 25 2010, 7:42pm says:

Yay scribbles! Even if you didn't mean to make it look like MS-Paint Scribbling on a picture. It still looks funny and cool.

+2 votes   media: Vault 666
Detnaite Jan 24 2010, 5:14pm replied:

I would believe so i believe most of the HL1 mods are steam only or Stand-alone and Steam

+6 votes   download: PARANOIA v 1.2
Detnaite Dec 22 2009, 12:57am says:

Wtf? no comments? Thanks for the post im WAITING =]

0 votes   article: The Year 2009
Detnaite Dec 8 2009, 2:11pm replied:

the textures could use higher res i would agree but all in all the game looks good and i can't wait to play.

+1 vote   media: ...
Detnaite Nov 2 2009, 10:50pm replied:

Crap im screwed... brother of 5 siblings. Names Matthew... and the missing thing was gunshots or skulls crushing =P

+1 vote   media: 911 Emergency Call
Detnaite Oct 5 2009, 9:44am says:

I REMEMBER THE WARHOGS I SONIC! =D...Wait a sec was that giant robot always there? =P

+1 vote   media: E-Cannon Working AI
Detnaite Sep 28 2009, 10:37am says:

this looks like one of the best textures out there. kurok kills textures man.....

0 votes   media: sinoso08
Detnaite Sep 30 2010, 11:41pm says:

I can sketch well BUT I'D TRADE THAT FOR YOU PENMENSHIP. Mines is such rubbish sometimes I can't read it... I like the concept, and the notepad is an interesting take to see as most use MS Paint or some other junk to make a concept page. Keep it up

+1 vote   media: DEV notes
Detnaite Sep 30 2010, 11:33pm replied:

Don't post if you don't know the engines. =]

+1 vote   mod: Citizen Arms
Detnaite Sep 19 2010, 1:20pm replied:

The backstory had me thinking the same thing. I hope the dev teams pulls off a good game.

+1 vote   game: Roccy Laboratories
Detnaite Sep 16 2010, 4:56pm says:

And the three hours I logged in several times noone had a game up...

+2 votes   game: U.D.H.Z.
Detnaite Sep 15 2010, 4:20pm says:

The textures,mapping, and shadowing look strong for the engine. Very nice.

+2 votes   media: DEMO SCREENS
Detnaite Sep 15 2010, 4:19pm says:

I wish more people would've commented. The whole time I've tracked only this comments come up. D=

+2 votes   game: U.D.H.Z.
Detnaite Sep 15 2010, 4:18pm says:

This reminds me of Killing Floor slightly, But with the lighting up to high. =D

+1 vote   media: G18 IronSights
Detnaite Sep 15 2010, 4:10pm says:

Looks like a texture layered atop itself and animated to go two different directions. Looks nices so far.

+1 vote   media: Water with animated normal map
Detnaite Sep 11 2010, 11:28pm replied:

It's the L4D2 of AC Series

-2 votes   game: Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood
Detnaite Sep 11 2010, 11:02pm says:

A moving fuse would look nicer.

+1 vote   media: Bomb
Detnaite Sep 9 2010, 6:06pm replied:

I agree with Snake.

+1 vote   media: New Wave Defense Update
Detnaite Sep 6 2010, 9:14pm replied:

Beta instead of Demo, and you should visit the site instead of here.

0 votes   game: Z Day
Detnaite Sep 3 2010, 11:43pm replied:

Heh, I see the concept but Sarcasm in text is hard to catch often. You do give it away here and there ALOT. We need a new way of putting it sarcasm into text without losing the edge. Oh well, It made sense =P

+3 votes   game: The Increment
Detnaite Sep 3 2010, 4:35am says:

Codename: JMOD Dev Group is in control. [Check "Developer" tab, kids.]

+1 vote   mod: Codename: JMOD
Detnaite Aug 20 2010, 10:56pm says:

The game isn't dead [yet]. The forums are still active, Testers posting and all.

+1 vote   game: Z Day
Detnaite Aug 16 2010, 11:27pm replied:

Good question.

+1 vote   media: RPD Model Render
Detnaite Aug 15 2010, 10:48pm replied:

Agreed, The RPD looks amazing. Can't wait to see the other weapons.

-1 votes   mod: Codename: JMOD
Detnaite Aug 14 2010, 9:59pm says:

Looks nice but if the AI has no ranged weaponary or ability to climb ladders then it might not be as fun.

+1 vote   media: New Wave Defense Map
Detnaite Aug 14 2010, 9:56pm says:

I see where we invested in this RPD. Modellers real good, hope it's not to many polys.

+2 votes   media: RPD Model Render
Detnaite Aug 14 2010, 9:52pm says:

Lol, It was kinda funny at moments. ANTI GRAVITY SOCKS!

+3 votes   media: Overwatch: ZE Trailer (Joke)
Detnaite Aug 8 2010, 1:07am says:

Looks nice.

+1 vote   media: NMRiH Monthly Update Images - June/July 2010
Detnaite Jul 12 2010, 9:45pm says:

[Thumbs up]

+1 vote   media: Bada Bang WIP shots
Detnaite Jun 28 2010, 10:06pm says:

It's not dead is it? I wish this game was like Killing Floor... Indie-ish :)

+1 vote   group: Radi-8
Detnaite Jul 4 2011, 12:05am says:

Russian... =[

I hope you get the English patch/version out soon. I've been looking forward to this for awhile, and every time it updates I get excited.

+1 vote   article: Russian version of 2027 is out
Detnaite May 4 2011, 3:15am says:

"Think indie game developers are only in it for the art? Not this one. I’m in it for the cold hard cash." Isn't the "art" thing more a front to hide the secret ambition of money anyway?

Wow this article is amazing, I found it in good humor and well thought out and executed plan. You deserve that tour and spotlight, You earned it in sweat,tears, and a lot of severed cookies.

+4 votes   article: The Cookie Caper
Detnaite Apr 26 2011, 7:28pm says:

Good luck.

+2 votes   article: Lack of Communication.
Detnaite Apr 14 2011, 6:03am says:

Well done, Snake.

+1 vote   media: M84 Flashbang finished
Detnaite Apr 8 2011, 12:50am says:

Actually, The original post seemed misleading. THIS IS AWESOME. Good luck.

+1 vote   media: Concept
Detnaite Mar 28 2011, 7:23pm says:

Is it odd the first thing I noticed is both the black characters are infected? Then that this was in Spanish.

+2 votes   media: I personaggi
Detnaite Mar 8 2011, 11:58pm says:

Interface looks nice. But perhaps you could change the font color so it doesn't blend with the background to much.

+1 vote   media: Inventory Screen
Detnaite Feb 26 2011, 5:54pm replied:

Nah it's a fog effect see the blue in the middle? That's whats not right! A FOG EFFECT! It's like a weird chicken flash back!

+3 votes   media: One of these is not like the others...
Detnaite Dec 11 2010, 9:50pm says:

Maybe it's just me but I have a feeling this belongs at a place everyone else uses to showcase and archive their texture packs. Why make a second outlet for it?

+2 votes   article: Minecraft Texture-pack coming up
Detnaite Nov 22 2010, 7:04pm says:

Oh yeah... This is the mod I forgot to ask to playtest for D=

+2 votes   media: In-game play test teaser images
Detnaite Oct 27 2010, 3:27pm replied:

I believe the current beeping is just from the placeholder.

+1 vote   media: Codename: JMOD Grenade Cooking Demonstration
Detnaite Oct 2 2010, 9:36pm replied:

Liguster, It's seems you missed the point of Saxon's comment. As Saxon didn't imply anyone as fat and an Airsofter but rather to fat to Airsoft. The game looks like standard BF2 but I'll download an try it later it looks worth the time to check. Good concept but I don't think you'll start a huge thing with it since Airsoft is mimicking real combat in a non/less lethal method.

+2 votes   mod: Battlefield 2 Airsoft
Detnaite May 15 2010, 3:44pm says:

Lighting indoors if far to dark and the flashlight doesn't more as clearly so it makes for a hard game. The Ammo Crate is place in a bad area I've had 6 go down trying to get ammo all at the same time and when trying to revive. Good map it just could be better.

+1 vote   download: mp_surv_RE4village v1.0
Detnaite Mar 17 2010, 1:37am replied:

Want me to rub your back? =3

+1 vote   media: sinoso08
Detnaite Mar 7 2010, 8:29pm says:

If you could find me a good tutorial or help me learn something I'd more than be happy to help. Otherwise I could only playtest or try mapping for mods. And i haven't "made" a map but i have fiddled with the SOURCE SDK.

+1 vote   article: JUst some updates and some advice we are following
Detnaite Feb 18 2010, 11:37pm replied:

I loled. Nice one, I wish i could play but it "Updates" the server list for five minutes then i get bored...

+3 votes   article: WWI: Source is now OUT!
Detnaite Feb 12 2010, 10:40pm says:

Running on low specs eh? It looks nice anyways and i think anyone should get the general idea. Also is that a drivable tracker? =D

+1 vote   media: Museum Update
Detnaite Jan 24 2010, 8:02pm replied:

If your getting such troubles as this user please check page 2 of comments i posted solution and extras thanks you [Not all of its needed only the first part.

+1 vote   download: PARANOIA v 1.2
Detnaite Dec 24 2009, 3:11pm says:

Like the music.Love the animation simply yet amazing.

+1 vote   article: The Sound of an upcoming War
Detnaite Nov 2 2009, 11:15pm says:

28WLIH Not as catchy. Haha the last question music. you reaize you never told us =[

+2 votes   article: NMRiH Audio Update #3 October 31st
Detnaite Oct 5 2009, 9:45am says:

Yeah... sonic with guns not like the shadow game with guns wasnt annoying enough =D

+1 vote   media: New Years Update Pics
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