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0 comments by KnightofEquulei on Sep 8th, 2012

Celeritas Eos is a open world dark fantasy horror survival role playing mod for Neverwinter Nights 1 that is set on a fictional world with a low fantasy setting. Intended to be a four part series, the series starts with Equilibrium of The Night where you will assume the role of a set protagonist although subsequent titles in the series after Equilibrium will feature your own custom character who can be imported into each adventure afterwards so that choices made in a previous module can be recognized. 

Click the button below to be taken to the mod's page:

                                                                     Celeritas Eos

                                                  Scroll over images to learn more.
     Knight's equipment is very expensive but very effective against zombies who find it hard to get past armor.
     There are plenty of dialogue choices to choose from. Some dialogue is unique meaning that you need to reach a certain requirement to be able to access it. Each dialogue choice in the conversation shown here leads to different dialogue and information being learned.
     The legend that is Jdhihjisswiherefj. Join him, ignore him or attack him. The choice is yours.
     This is no quest but even so you get a conclusion by the choices you make.

Report abuse The Jdhihjisswiherefj Series

0 comments by KnightofEquulei on Jul 23rd, 2010

History of Jdhihjisswiherefj:

A long time ago, a man was born. This man would grow to become one of the most hated people in the world. This man was a fail. His first epic fail was when he stole a piece of bread in front on two guards and tried to jump away from them. He was apprehended and killed. However, dark magic was drifting through the land at that time and resurrected him. Jdhihjisswiherefj went on to fail some more as he went back to the guards and teased them about how they did not kill him...he was killed again..and resurrected. In adult hood, Jdhihjisswiherefj often died by tripping over and banging his head onto the ground. Other times he would jump of off tall buildings believing that the dark magic would protect him despite the fact that he had died from tripping over and then finally, he became an outlaw. He dressed as a women with his merry band of men and even with allies by his side, he still failed as he suffered horrible injuries that disfigured his face and body.  After one day taking a stand against another group of bandits, Jdhihjisswiherefj was killed once again and all expected that they would hear of him again very soon when he would try to rob a village, despite them outnumbering him 100 to 1...their assumptions were wrong..Jdhihjisswiherefj was never heard of again for two years, then one day, a storm begun that shook the very foundations of the earth! Jdhihjisswiherefj was resurrected once again by black satanic magic. Many expected him to fail like he always did and sure enough, he did but then on day two after his resurrection...he became strong..he killed and he is the time for Jdhihjisswiherefj's revenge..

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