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Knight_Ken Dec 21 2014, 10:09am says:

I like the game i hope it will be in full version.

+1 vote   game: Airplane Dash
Knight_Ken Dec 1 2014, 11:11am says:

It looks like the game "Kula World" released on the first playstation!

+1 vote   download: Adventures of a volleyball DEMO
Knight_Ken May 20 2014, 4:18am replied:

Exactly once you enter on monolith's area even with no soldiers nearby they become enemy, like for no reason.
For bandits i have really no clue why.

+1 vote   mod: S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Lost Alpha
Knight_Ken May 20 2014, 4:00am says:

Hi, i've been playing for many hours, and now i've noticed 2 things that bother me(a lot) after speaking to the monolith guy, military soldiers killed some monolith's and seems like both monolith's soldier asking you password died, because every time you enter they ask it otherwise they shot at you..... but of course i noticed that lately.
The other problem is bandit became enemy(randomly?) without changing suit, i've been selling weapons on bandit's area.
I checked reputation and now got -1250 from Monolith and -2500 from bandits.

+2 votes   mod: S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Lost Alpha
Knight_Ken May 10 2014, 11:11pm says:

Thanks for this great mod, but i have a question i'm a weapon mania so i wanted to know how many weapons did you added?

+1 vote   mod: S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Lost Alpha
Knight_Ken Nov 30 2012, 5:26am says:

Really if you success to make the game i'll definitely buy it.

+1 vote   download: SkullS v1.5
Knight_Ken Nov 1 2012, 5:58am says:

Hi, i know it's late but the setup crash so can't install it.

+2 votes   download: Airplane Dash - Version 1.01
Knight_Ken Nov 1 2012, 5:40am says:

Good game but sometimes boring and sad ending ;/.
But very nice work

+1 vote   download: Katabasis PC (version 1.1)
Knight_Ken Oct 12 2012, 6:28pm says:

I'd pay to play this!

+1 vote   mod: Arx - End of Sun
Knight_Ken Oct 9 2012, 10:40pm says:

Hi, i played Arx Fatalis a while ago and i want to play it again with this mod but i don't know where to find my save game location of Arx Libertatis.
I'm using Windows 7 64bits.
Thanks again.

+1 vote   download: Arx Libertatis 1.0.3 Windows Installer (64-bit)
Knight_Ken Jun 10 2012, 4:21pm says:

Looks like a great update! We need to try this out.

+1 vote   download: Smokin' Guns 1.1 - Windows installer
Knight_Ken Jun 6 2012, 4:16am says:

Thanks by updating this mod even if its has so many things yet.

+4 votes   download: Heroes Unleashed (v1.0.0b7 Full Install for PC)
Knight_Ken Jun 6 2012, 4:15am says:

Very big good old mod but still hard to control properly!
Thanks but i know we can get it from official website.

+3 votes   download: Infiltration 2.9 CE 2013
Knight_Ken Jun 4 2012, 9:22pm says:

I think i'm about to buy this game, i love it.
Its like an old macintosh game i was playing 10+ years ago.

+2 votes   download: Driftmoon Demo 0.870
Knight_Ken May 28 2012, 7:44pm says:

Really like your mods, and nice weapon models keep up the good work.

+2 votes   mod: Survive in Catacombs
Knight_Ken May 24 2012, 4:40am says:

It looks good, and the game remind me some of my old mac games.

+2 votes   game: Driftmoon
Knight_Ken May 23 2012, 3:33am says:

I was a myth and i'am always. Thank you by moding the game from Myth universer!!

+2 votes   download: Myth - Total War BETA
Knight_Ken May 1 2012, 12:13pm says:

Oh yeah! one of my future mod to play

+1 vote   article: User Error - Future Updates
Knight_Ken Mar 3 2012, 4:34am says:

I know it would be weird and nice(if it works) Can we play this mod with Underlords?

+2 votes   mod: Soulvizier
Knight_Ken Oct 7 2011, 8:00am says:

Great works!! as usual from modders.

+1 vote   download: Deus Ex Machina - A Steampunkyish Mod 3.0
Knight_Ken Oct 7 2011, 7:58am says:

I'm playing this mod with Morrowind Rebirth, i have no trouble with both mods unless that some item's has no picture when on "inventory", and game crash randomly after playing Rebirth for a while.
I visited Nwedaga-Deux Train station but there is nothing there instead that i need to move continually on railroad.
Thanks for modding, i'm enjoying.

Sorry for my english.

+1 vote   mod: Deus Ex Machina - A Steampunkyish Mod
Knight_Ken Sep 24 2011, 4:00am says:

Hurray for the mod hope it will be finished!!!

+1 vote   download: Cassandra setup
Knight_Ken Sep 24 2011, 3:56am says:

Very nice mods! nice items and levels, also weapons!!!

+1 vote   download: 2027
Knight_Ken Sep 10 2011, 6:52pm says:

Thanks and great works, also nice improvement!!!

+1 vote   download: SnMX 2.D1
Knight_Ken Sep 7 2011, 6:51am says:

Thanks i was waiting for new version!

+1 vote   download: [RELEASE] Morrowind Rebirth v 1.2
Knight_Ken Aug 23 2011, 3:48am replied:

Thanks, great work i noticed that seducer don't take damage but drain luck point.
But i'm getting crash while loading save game(sometime) except that nothing because i don't know where to go lol.(soon i'll now)
Good Day.

+1 vote   download: Morrowind Rebirth v 1.1
Knight_Ken Aug 22 2011, 4:09pm says:

I'm getting error message just after mod loaded but i could keep playing, and i don't know if the mod works correctly:
Installed Morrowind(from GOTY version), intalled Tribunal and then installed Bloodmoon, copied all files of Rebirth and overwrited.
At Morrowind launch i selected Rebirth(and of course 3 main files) and started the game.

Just after i created my character and leave home town, nearly a seducer(deadra) attacked me but couldn't affect any damage(me too).
Sorry but i was playing this game 5 years ago and i don't remenber if there were any seducer and also graphic looks original(old style unlike video of rebirth), so did i miss something after installation was completed?

My apologies for my english...

By the way great works, and i'm ready to replay this game with this mod.

+1 vote   download: Morrowind Rebirth v 1.1
Knight_Ken Jul 16 2011, 1:15am says:

Thanks by doing this "update" because the mission especially expansions are hard to beat.

+1 vote   download: Majesty 2 Reloaded! V1
Knight_Ken Jul 16 2011, 1:08am replied:

Very good demo it reminds me the game "Barrow Hill" keep the good work to maybe going Gold.

+1 vote   download: Dark Secrets v1.1
Knight_Ken Jul 12 2011, 6:43pm replied:

Thanks for updates and effort i really like this games.

+1 vote   download: WoP 1.5.3 beta patch
Knight_Ken Jul 3 2011, 2:53pm says:

This is gonna be awesome!!

+2 votes   download: Tides Of Infamy
Knight_Ken Jun 13 2011, 4:04am replied:

Sorry by not watching my message carefully, i think i just copied(drag and drop)of course with old version of D2 expansion(which i don't remenber)
By the way for the CD version of the expansion i will make another upload later i'll tell you, Good day

PS: thanks for updating the mods

+1 vote   member: Knight_Ken
Knight_Ken Jun 8 2011, 12:20am says:

We need players!!!

+1 vote   download: StrikeForce-CE-V4.1.exe
Knight_Ken Jun 6 2011, 7:35pm replied:

Thanks for updating!!

+2 votes   mod: Ravenhood 3
Knight_Ken May 31 2011, 11:11pm replied:

I know it's late but i did played since the version 1.40 to 1.80 since there were no players...
Nearly 10 years ago.
and bunch of UT mods too

+1 vote   download: Strike Force v1.84 Full
Knight_Ken May 31 2011, 11:05pm says:

Great works and thanks by making mods for old game!!!
Hope Dungeon Master 3 will come....

+2 votes   mod: Ravenhood 3
Knight_Ken May 20 2011, 6:55am replied:

I remenber when i was playing UT 1 engine games on windowed mode this is terribly slow... because it will be on software rendered..

+1 vote   poll: How do you set your resolution for PC gaming?
Knight_Ken Apr 29 2011, 11:36pm says:

Thanks for update and your effort.

+1 vote   download: BloodTC (alpha 29 apr 2011)
Knight_Ken Apr 10 2011, 4:00am says:

This looks interesting!

+4 votes   download: Settling Revenge Prototype V0.4
Knight_Ken Feb 4 2011, 10:55pm says:

Super! Super!

+1 vote   download: Ravenhood 1.1
Knight_Ken Dec 25 2010, 1:06am says:

Very nice stuffs. Keep the good work!

+1 vote   mod: Dungeon Lore
Knight_Ken Dec 12 2010, 6:18pm replied:

I already read it, and overwrited files on IT's folder it must be ok.
Note: I installed these 2 games before i installed that mod, nothing else before,
games are in english
So i don't understand why it doesn't open mod files...
Maybe i'm playing with the mods, but is there any proof that i'm playing it?
Because this is my first time of play....

+1 vote   download: Underlord 1.5 Full Version (Manual Package)
Knight_Ken Dec 12 2010, 6:00pm says:

Hell yeah !!

+1 vote   article: Update 05:
Knight_Ken Dec 11 2010, 9:13pm says:

Do i need to install the mod on TQ folder or IT's? because i've got a steam version of the game and this is separated so overwrited all mods file on IT's and still got 500 golds at beginning so there is something wrong...
Thanks by telling me.

+1 vote   download: Underlord 1.5 Full Version (Manual Package)
Knight_Ken Sep 21 2010, 2:08am says:

Funny game!!

+2 votes   game: The Caverns: Below
Knight_Ken Sep 21 2010, 2:01am says:

This looks interesting!!

+3 votes   game: Desolation:Earth
Knight_Ken Sep 21 2010, 1:21am says:

Awesome!!! i 'll try it

+1 vote   download: Hellgate Tavern
Knight_Ken Sep 12 2010, 6:12am says:

Big Good News for Old gamer!

+1 vote   mod: Nightkin
Knight_Ken Sep 12 2010, 6:12am says:

Awesome !!! but i wanted something for DM 2 because i loved it!!

+1 vote   download: Nightkin
Knight_Ken Sep 1 2010, 4:59am says:

an interresting Diablo like, looks awesome!!

+1 vote   media: Holyspirit Trailer June 2010
Knight_Ken Jun 19 2010, 5:20am says:

Thanks by taking care about that game, more mods would be nice!!
good work again!

+1 vote   download: Dragon Pearl Mod V10
Knight_Ken Jun 12 2010, 5:57am says:

Incredible works i always liked Might & Magic Series but this 6th was quite ok for me and this mod will change anything, and it's very good idea.. Thanks for your hard work.

+1 vote   download: Version 0,35
Knight_Ken Jun 5 2010, 4:54am says:

Great mod and i like SMAC. hope for the expansion too, great work !!

+1 vote   download: Planetfall v13
Knight_Ken Jun 4 2010, 7:47pm says:

I like this mod and yes it is very hard but on version 1.100h after i beat Diablo nothing happen.. just get item Rune Bomb, is it a bug or? Should i begin another game? Thanks by the way this mod may be the best.

+1 vote   download: The Hell, v1.100s
Knight_Ken May 31 2010, 2:15am says:

Very nice big mods, thanks
thanks for mac version too.

+1 vote   download: Heroes Unleashed (v1.0.0b6 Full Install for PC)
Knight_Ken Apr 17 2010, 5:16am says:

Thanks by releasing this mod i like TRON 2.0 since i played on Xbox

0 votes   download: TRON 2.0: Killer App Mod v1.1
Knight_Ken Apr 15 2010, 5:25am says:

Not bad! but it would be nice if there is more items, but didn't finish the game yet.

0 votes   download: Resident Evil Memory
Knight_Ken Apr 15 2010, 5:04am says:

Marvelous !!

+1 vote   download: Strike Force v1.84 Full
Knight_Ken Apr 3 2010, 12:51am says:

I miss UT2k3-2k4 mods.... especialy this.

+1 vote   download: TO:Crossfire 1.95
Knight_Ken Feb 26 2010, 4:17am says:

Was my favourite mod on UT but i guess and a lot of people thinks maybe like me that the earlier version was better, before AoT.

+1 vote   download: Tactical OPS 3.15
Knight_Ken Jan 19 2010, 2:48am says:

A very nice mod but i don't think it's better than the quake 3's Version.
But a lot of weapons.

+2 votes   download: Action Half-Life v1.0
Knight_Ken Nov 22 2009, 11:11pm says:

Nice work by developer for multiplayer, i'll try later

+2 votes   download: F.A.K.K. 2 - Multiplayer Mod Beta 0.3 INSTALLER
Knight_Ken Oct 13 2009, 7:37pm says:

Great works !!! all character design, new skills ,weapons modeled.

+1 vote   download: Movie Battles II: RC3 Patch 4 - Full Installation
Knight_Ken Aug 28 2009, 4:43am replied:

Yes, for sure.

+1 vote   download: Warcraft 3 the cries of the woods Beta 1.3
Knight_Ken Aug 27 2009, 6:51am says:

Very nice mod i played it and liked it, but i didn't finished the first map because computer crash before "orc invasion"... but we wait more about this mods. Cheers

+3 votes   download: Warcraft 3 the cries of the woods Beta 1.3
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