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0 comments by -SRB-Knez on May 8th, 2014

If you always dreamed about Medieval 2 Total War as a open world game in 3rd or even 1st person,they you don't need to dream about it any more.
Now you can play Mount&Blade; Warband.
This game is great,with lot of armors,horses,one handed swords,two handed swords... and with a great gameplay.
When you start,you can chose your background (you can start as a Noble or even as a Street Unchin(when you start as a Noble you can have easier start but it's more interesting if you start as a commoner)).
Also,you can choose to be Male or Female (also Male charsters have easier start).

There are a lot of MODS (Rome mods European Medieval mods or Zombie mods or even LOTR mods...) and a lot of SERVERS and PLAYERS on servers.

I can talk about this game lot more but if you want to experience unique medieval experience,go buy this game via Steam or Taleworlds.

Anyway,i'm now playing M&B DLC called Napoleonic Wars.I't represents 19 century musket era.It's only multiplayer,but line battles are amazing.
If you want to play together fell free to add me on steam:

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