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Project: Oh Wow an RPG Game

Game review - 10 agree - 10 disagree

I don't know how the designers can look themselves in the eye when they wake up everyday, offering a 5.99 "Premium version." Just downloading it took precious memory on my laptop; even THAT is asking a lot! And you know what? I feel I am being pretty nice giving the game such a high score. This is purely on the basis that work has been put into it at all, and giving a game a score of 1 is dishonest by those standards. Nothing about it is really even remotely desirable. If the game even attempted to take itself seriously, perhaps it'd get a 5. However, even the title of the game (the designer must have been trying really, really hard) is a complete joke. And the opening game menu? Don't get me started. It looked tacky and was laughable at best. I came into it with no expectations, and yet somehow was let down in the end.

Maybe you'll like it, who knows. But honestly, I find myself questioning whoever was in charge of letting this find a home on Desura.