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Hard Time

Game review - 2 disagree

This is, quite possibly, one of the most terrible things I've ever seen manifest itself into game-form. When I saw it up here on Desura, I thought it must be some sort of super late, absolutely hilarious April Fool's joke.

It wasn't.

Needing to pay even a CENT for this game--the original having been released in 2007, FYI--is criminal. Desura, I'm ashamed of you.


Seven Kingdoms: Ancient Adversaries

Game review

Ok, first of all this game is free (my favorite price!). Second of all, it was released in 1997; this is a fact that some of the lower-voting rankers failed to take into consideration. For what it is, Seven Kingdoms is fantastic. I only really have two legitimate gripes: SK:AA will just randomly quit after extended play; and some of the earlier "easy" scenarios are impossibly hard. As far as the random quitting is concerned, however, it is rectified by very frequent autosaves.

It's not AoE (although this is a personal opinion), but it is still a steal--there's no reason NOT to download it. I've spent 10+ hours playing off and on, and I know I'll come back to it when I want to kill some time with light gaming. Love it!


Project: Oh Wow an RPG Game

Game review - 10 agree - 10 disagree

I don't know how the designers can look themselves in the eye when they wake up everyday, offering a 5.99 "Premium version." Just downloading it took precious memory on my laptop; even THAT is asking a lot! And you know what? I feel I am being pretty nice giving the game such a high score. This is purely on the basis that work has been put into it at all, and giving a game a score of 1 is dishonest by those standards. Nothing about it is really even remotely desirable. If the game even attempted to take itself seriously, perhaps it'd get a 5. However, even the title of the game (the designer must have been trying really, really hard) is a complete joke. And the opening game menu? Don't get me started. It looked tacky and was laughable at best. I came into it with no expectations, and yet somehow was let down in the end.

Maybe you'll like it, who knows. But honestly, I find myself questioning whoever was in charge of letting this find a home on Desura.


Dwarf Fortress

Game review

Best and most immersive game I've ever played. Really. I don't play during the daytime anymore because I'll waste the whole day and, subsequently, feel like a disgusting human being. That's how much **** this game rocks out with. The learning curve isn't as bad as it's made out to be--honestly, a tileset will alleviate most of it. But, I won't write yet ANOTHER review for the game, as it eats into my evening of actual playing time. If you're really interested, check out the extensive wiki or bay12games.com. Conversely, download the damn thing. Lazy Newb Pack isn't my fave, but it comes with tilesets and will get you started. The only add-on other than a tileset that I heartily suggest is Soundsense. Look it up and download it. It makes it much, much easier to understand what goes down in the game when it finally hits the fan.


Project Zomboid

Early access game review

The idea behind this game is, for lack of a better word, fantastic. Although a 10/10 rating is certainly a tad high for ANY game, the sheer potential Project Zomboid has, as well as what the crew aims to do with it, gives me chills. Currently in development, PZ has already had many interesting aspects--very unique to a real-life zombie apocalypse--implemented within the system. Everything from panic, pain, hunger, exhaustion, and even getting sick from a bite, have been incorporated.

Although not unique to PZ itself, there is also a solid foundation for crafting unique items out of what you can scavenge (e.g., Molotovs, spiked baseball bats). The game itself is very new, but already there is a substantial and very active community; don't be surprised to see scores of new character and weapon sprites, maps, and even storylines all up for download on the boards. PZ has nowhere to go but up--I cannot emphasize this enough.

Do yourself a favor and buy it! It's worth it, and buying it now will save you the trouble of shelling out more for it at a later date. You will receive all game updates and the like for free, very much like Minecraft. Not only will you be able to access the game in the future, but the proceeds from buying the game now will help the team substantially, which in turn can lead to faster development and all that follows. This game is unique. I hope you can all appreciate just how unique it is, like I can.

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