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only add me if, you can tell me were in the world New Zealand is on a map, if not to bad =P, xfire account: KiwiWarrior 2010, Steam: KiwiWarrior: New avatar its the good night Kiwi a very famous T.V. Show way back when

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The Start (why does h2 look better then h3)

OK after working in mines/forestry from when i was 16/17, i will just been waiting for a job like this to come out its a electrician but no normal fucken electrician that knows shit about how electricity and how it works, but a special one (like i have been called some much times here see i'm special lol xD )a industrial electrician (epic), i get to do some welding who does not love to weld see this is the welder i got like threes ago, (this is not mine its just a picture of one i found on the web xD)

Sexy no

not only do i get to weld and play with 400volts AC (them house electricians only get to use 203V haha) i get to learn PLC programing (ok if you don't know what PLC programing find your hole again and go back into your hole and stay there for the next 152000 years). but thats not it i get to learn fitter and turning as well is that not epic or whatys.(whatys is a word i just made it up now)

Ok now thats over now to talk about this shit house thing know as steam

Why is steam a fucken price of bullshit heres my answer, and why is xfire so much better

1.Steam you have to buy a steam game to use all its things wtf this is fucken bullshit i don't like any steam game why should i go out of my way for this, lol xfire don't ask you to buy any thing you can add friends without having any game top 2 of when i try and update steam i'm sure its doing this

(can some tell me if this gif is moving lol, cos i see it move when i go to edit the blog but when i look at it on my page its not moving)
its like wtf i have ever updated any program when in the fucken middle of it it goes backwards how the fuck does it go backwards its like wtf, are you deleting my files, cos its out of the fucken blue, it think it updates more lik a virus then any think

3.Random fucken crashes this program has to be more bugy and have more fucken holes in it them vista did lol it forever crashing doing fucked up things and just over look being random, now xfire has never crashed one time when i have been using it, it updates like a program should.

4.Fucken shit games, to get steam to work you have to have a steam game some people like them i hate them all, 95% of them are FPS which need no skill at fucken all to play, thats what i'm mostly pissed off about steam turning the FPS games and dumbing them down, why play a game if you don't need any skill, its just about as bad as me2 i got a boom stick you die, so i have giving up with FPS made by most people, the only people making good FPS that you need skill for you the bluehell group and and the game scud storm, Steam giving you shit house FPS for all of time,
don't even get me start on DOW2 wtf they just fucked up the whole of DOW ok so moving on

steam is shitter then EA i mean Fucken Ea, but it is, ea trys to make skilled games steam just spams games

well i got that out i'm happy again

and two pictures to go out on

some one tell my what the top 2 words are lol


O_O I saw the Steam pic move! then it was still...

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