Hola y buenos dias everyone!
My name is Kitteh Loaf and I am a YouTuber who loves to help out her fellow indie gaming community spread their creativity around the world in hopes their game can be recognized and played by everyone!
If you have a game, please send it to my email or my YouTube channel and I will do my best to record it and post it on my channel!
Other than that, I am just a crazy Mexican gamer girl who loves to wear cat ears and swears in Spanish.

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!Hola y buenos dias!
How is everyone doing this fine morning? I am Kitteh Loaf if some of you don't know and I am a YouTuber who enjoys playing indie games and helping the indie developer community by spreading their game around.
I love playing unique games and I have a lot of fun what I do.
Other than that, I'm just a crazy Mexican girl who wears cat ears and swears in Spanish.

I am in a lot of indie gaming communities and try my best to stay as active as possible. I have had this account for a while but I will do my best to be as active as I can and help out with my fellow friends.

I'm going to keep this short for now and I'll explain later but welcome to my profile and I hope you enjoy my channel, what I do, and I hope I can make you all smile.

So thank you so much! Please remember that Kitteh Loaf loves you and please remember to smile, because it looks good on you.
Thank you so much, you guys! BYE!

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