Writer, Gamer, Roleplayer and Sugar Addict. I write fantasy, sci-fi and horror for both poetry, songs, stories, games and so on. I am a BA (Hons) Graduate of the University of Derby, my course was Creative Writing. I am a writer and Head of PR for the gaming website Gamersaurs.com covering a variety of games.

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Kitsunami Jul 1 2010, 4:16pm replied:


I doubt they want a writer :P

+1 vote   mod: Lost World: Source
Kitsunami Aug 26 2009, 8:57am replied:


Im not paying 50 dollers for '5' new campaigns.

Melee and all that other ****?

Anyone wonder why they refuse to release the modding tools yet? Because, some modder could...gasp, create melee weaponry !

and then theyre in trouble.

I bet theres already a mod for L4D1 that enables melee weaponry.

Personally, im ashamed that Turtlerock (not valve. Its not Valve the boycotts supposed to be about. Chet even stated that he didnt think the l4d team were doing the right thing) went down the path of money grabbing. They even admitted to starting work on 2 immediately after releasing 1.

Everything that is in number two, could be put into one as an update. Campaigns? = Maps.
Melee? = Source code update + models/animations.
Incinerary bullets? = Already in the game. Hollow point is also in the game, Incinerary are not coded in, but Hollow point are useable.
New zombie models? = Update.

I am saddened by TR's mess and hope Valve will clean it up. Im also saddened by the boycott group (which i am not a part of) who are attacking Valve, when its not valve, but the studio working on L4D, who chose to drop 1 for 2.

+1 vote   game: Left 4 Dead 2
Kitsunami Jun 30 2010, 5:44pm says:

Sound very interesting

+1 vote   article: Getting Started
Kitsunami Jun 27 2010, 5:27pm replied:

very much so, however UDK is now the entire UT3 engine kit, not just a demo/half of it.

It also comes with an indie license or a full retail license, depending on your preference, allowing you to actually go for retail.

+1 vote   mod: Perfection
Kitsunami Jun 26 2010, 2:20pm says:

very good ideas...

Have you considered perhaps porting over to the UDK and beginning it as a indie project?

Its actually a fairly original idea, although there HAVE been games such as hitman or assassins creed, its a very untouched area.

I like the idea of setting up several prescripted elements such as fire alarms, metal detectors etc to find different ways to kill people.

I can see the potential of minigames for disarming alarms, enabling them, hacking security, etc.

Also have to be very careful with the 'targets', if it remains a mod. I recall a school kid who made a CSS level of his school getting into some serious trouble.

Otherwise, it looks like a really, really good idea.

Have you considered the chance of npc 'paranoia' levels, such as if you fire a shot and miss and they are near a phone or have a cell (enemy dependant variable) they call for the police, and armed police arrive?

I think it would be a good idea to set up a 'escape' meter, where you can outrun the police etc, and have to stay out of sight for awhile to get away, I.E hide in a dumpster etc.

A scene where you are caught if you pick to hide in a trashcan etc and they see you, where your arrested, would be funny...

Sorry, im rambling. Looks like a good idea, good potential.

0 votes   mod: Perfection
Kitsunami Jun 14 2010, 5:22pm says:


but i dunno, the last firearms was fun because of the community.

Is there a place for this now? :[

my net is really poor these days, Im afraid ill have to skip downloading it and hope it becomes popular <3

+1 vote   article: Tester Videos and Press Preview Weekend
Kitsunami Jun 12 2010, 6:47am says:

never heard of the anime before :P

nice video though

+1 vote   article: Lift News 26 - Lift needs testers
Kitsunami Jun 10 2010, 7:32am says:

Use the maps etc, but also keep one 'player map' which you can write on yourself.

In this map, automatically add locations you have visited with a special key, which would play an animation of your character writing on the map. Thus, bingo, you now know where that forest is.

So have a world map thats blank which you can note on, and then of course add stuff via the above suggestion.

+1 vote   article: Pelargir, a new elven ship and more!
Kitsunami Jun 3 2010, 5:17pm says:

you guys are still alive? o_O

Someday, they might release this mod. someday.

+2 votes   article: NMRiH Monthly Update - May/April 2010
Kitsunami May 17 2010, 9:24am says:

interesting and ambitious

Id like to see more for warlords though, dont drop your paying game for a free one...

Warlords has a lot of bugs and issues to be fixed, and definately, definately needs more maps and characters to play with.

Do want female commander :[

+1 vote   article: Introducing Iron Grip: Marauders
Kitsunami Apr 29 2010, 12:12pm says:

Best of luck to all entries.

I really wanted to go for this, but situations have meant i'll be unable to do so, far too much university work to do :(

Love the atmosphere the game gives off though, real shame.

Looking forward to seeing what comes from this game at release!

+1 vote   article: The Aero Empire Writing Contest!
Kitsunami Apr 22 2010, 3:27pm says:

Impressive for a 3 man team.

+1 vote   article: Meet the Tank: T-Rex
Kitsunami Mar 2 2010, 5:02pm replied:

Ah, that gives me much more appropriate times.

I was going to try and get something tommorow xD

but i have deadlines to meet for uni this month.

Might as well give it a shot, i recall applying for Aero back when you guys were first looking for a writer xD I missed the spot though.

I hope to pass my course (final year x.x) and go into game design writing n.n so experience in the field would be valuable.

+1 vote   article: The Aero Empire Writing Contest!
Kitsunami Mar 2 2010, 11:18am says:

closing date for this submission?

I haven't been onto the site and only just noticed this, and i have to leave for university right now.

Please dont be done...

+1 vote   article: The Aero Empire Writing Contest!
Kitsunami Feb 26 2010, 2:47pm says:

when did they cease development on the hidden anyway?

+1 vote   mod: Hidden Source
Kitsunami Feb 22 2010, 4:29pm says:


Congratulations guys ! I look forward to the game

+1 vote   mod: The Haunted
Kitsunami Jan 6 2010, 2:14pm replied:

I hope so.

Haven't got a mail yet though others have :(

*cradles special edition key* My preciosss...black female armor marine ? epic.

Rabbit Ninjas? Godly.

0 votes   article: The Organic Indie Preorder Pack
Kitsunami Jan 6 2010, 1:40pm says:

Interesting, and a nice deal...

So i just have to ask, will i get a copy of Overgrowth for pre-ordering NS2 months ago?

how so? :(

+1 vote   article: The Organic Indie Preorder Pack
Kitsunami Jan 1 2010, 8:25am says:

Hey echo

glad to see things are still going strong and there have been major improvements ^^

Will download and play sometime :)

+2 votes   mod: Situation Outbreak
Kitsunami Dec 25 2009, 7:20am replied:

Sorry, didn't get a note about my page.

My current avatar/icon is a picture of my character in a futuristic setting with special forces gear.

+2 votes   member: Kitsunami
Kitsunami Dec 23 2009, 9:45am says:

Having slogged through the uprush recently of crap, copy mods (Combine this, combine that. Gordon this, gordon that, zombie mod x,2,3,4,xz42..etc) This is incredably refreshing

A suggestion for the future perhaps...multiplayer crate smashing!

+6 votes   article: Too Many Crates! Coming Soon
Kitsunami Dec 20 2009, 7:55am says:

interesting idea....but, steam is something i trust, and garentees fast speed downloads amongst other things.

I dont know why, but when i use steam my download speed goes at max, i never reach that speed with anything else, including torrents/basic downloads.

Digital distribution platforms are useless without speed of download.

+1 vote   article: Our thoughts on Desura
Kitsunami Dec 12 2009, 12:46pm replied:

you would be correct, the terminology i should have used is action or adventure.

Hack and slash is a bit beyond and too harsh a criticism, i apologise. A hack and slash is a bland/dull repeated clicking to swing the sword over and over with no real variety, whereas your game has that variety.

Sorry :]

+1 vote   article: Labyrinthica: The quest of lima, is complete.
Kitsunami Dec 11 2009, 12:57pm says:

it looks pretty interesting, i like the combat system, but, it has to be said, the hud is simplistic, and it looks to be nothing more than a hack/slash.

What are your unique elements? I don't see any. The combat sys in itself is not unique, I can name several games that use it. (Zombie shooter 1/2, for instance, move iwth keyboard, mouse moves the gun/melee weaponry, same with dead frontier.)

Maybe its just the video and screenshots, and if so i apologise, you should update them to reflect the product, but from the video alone i wouldn't download the demo.

Its...just too little for 20$. This title seems like it would fit more onto the DS/Handheld systems rather than pc, and only one download for the 20$?

However, congratulations on completing your first game. Good milestone, i think the graphics are cute and it does look interesting in itself ,but the quests seem repetitive. Kill x 12 times. Repeat.

I think it would benefit from a story. And again, if its not in the video, i apologise but you should have an advertising video that shows all your features, not development footage.

Best of luck in the future, i reccomend you look into creating a indepth story-based game with the same combat system and graphics, it would be cool to see another action/rpg/story game on the market, long time since i saw them. (Turn based or multi-char seems to be the current thing)

Its a good start though. Maybe for 15 or 10$ id've given it a shot :]

Oh, if you get onto steam, best of luck! Steam would really give you more traffic and comments.

+1 vote   article: Labyrinthica: The quest of lima, is complete.
Kitsunami Dec 7 2009, 9:35am says:

please dont die. Please.

At least release the source code to a mod team so that it can be finished, i mean, the co-op replicator looks so fantastic

+1 vote   mod: Special Unit
Kitsunami Dec 3 2009, 4:29pm says:


Go haunted ! GO, GO!

+1 vote   article: Phase 4 Finalists for the MSU Contest
Kitsunami Dec 2 2009, 11:06am says:

at last, an interesting horror concept.

Theres been a LOT of pathetic 'zombie' mods springing up lately, all copying the same thing...

Good luck guys. It looks good.

+1 vote   article: The Rising MOD - Update
Kitsunami Nov 18 2009, 5:36pm says:

How is this different to the 100000 other source zombie mods?

More specifically:

ZSS Horde mode
ZSS Headcrab hunter mode

It just looks like you spawned bots with a speed boost and knifes, then skinned them with models.

The HUD is extremely basic. And obviously the HUD you use and the guns you use, are they in the mod? If so, are you giving credit to the original modders that made them? Because i have that HUD on my CSS.

+2 votes   article: Zombie Riot
Kitsunami Nov 15 2009, 1:48pm says:

You guys are appealing with all the shinys...

But i was always put off by the fact that zombies were pretty much invincible when i played...

Trapped in a car with just the one zombie, had two shotguns and a pistol. Used em all up into its head, and it still killed me. That was the day i put it down and i havent picked it up again...

I dont know about game mechanics and such, but quite frankly, zombies die when you shoot them in the head. When zombies survive this, with shotguns, theres no point in it at all.

-3 votes   article: On The Future Of Panic
Kitsunami Nov 13 2009, 8:53am says:

Good luck in the competition !

And fantastic work. I love it!

I wish your team the best of luck porting to the UDK and i hope you guys take the oppertunity to make this into a working title!!!

Please, please dont speed up your work, your maps are beautifully made and the atmosphere is fantastic. I hope you guys will look at making this into a proper multiplayer game, and if you do, your best bet would be to appeal to STEAM for a indie-title place on their page. They are well known for supporting modteams that go retail :]

Good luck! I will be buying the haunted when you reach the end of your hard work guys!

+2 votes   mod: The Haunted
Kitsunami Nov 13 2009, 8:38am says:



+1 vote   mod: HR-Custom Content
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