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8 Review

Mod Review on Mar 23rd, 2013

A nice little story. Could've been a lot better, but I was satisfied.

The bad points are that it lacks detail in many areas, and the Harry's voice through the cassette is hard to make out. And it wasn't very scary either...

But it was an okay story, and I'll give you a plus for the Alma easter egg. ;)

8 Review

Mod Review on Mar 19th, 2013 - 1 person agrees
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Very nice story. A nice story, but not perfect.

I think it was a bit too short, and there was a bit too much forced monster chases. I think it ruined the atmosphere a bit in the mines. And I didn't like how Simon started with sacrificing as his father did many years before, kinda ruined the ending for me.

But the mapping was nice enough. A bit too large open empty areas, but nice enough. One other thing was that the mine's walls, floor and ceiling seemed awfully stretched, making the textures look a bit weird.
As said, story was nice, mapping was decent, except in the village, where I think it was very good, I liked the village a lot.

And two things about the story I found unexplained. Why was the bad guy so dangerous? He had lost an arm, he would barely be able to follow me at all. So why was he as dangerous as the monsters? After what I understand, he was just a normal man, so why couldn't I fight back? And they could just have killed the monsters too, they weren't invincible, where they? I think it would be more likely if Simon tried to convince people they were real instead of trying to hide them.

But this is not my story, so I won't say it's really bad. Just those two things I didn't quite get.

Total 8/10, very nice overall.

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