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9 Review

Game Review on Jun 2nd, 2014 - 1 person agrees

Really great! Fun gameplay, a nice and unique style, great soundtrack and charming all the way through.
Only issue is that I find Castle Crashers a bit too short, and in the long run you'll repeat the same levels again.

But for what its got, Castle Crashers is awesome, especially with some friends.

I'd say 9/10!

Brutal Lies {Short, story based CS}
8 Review

Mod Review on Mar 23rd, 2013

A nice little story. Could've been a lot better, but I was satisfied.

The bad points are that it lacks detail in many areas, and the Harry's voice through the cassette is hard to make out. And it wasn't very scary either...

But it was an okay story, and I'll give you a plus for the Alma easter egg. ;)

7 Review

Mod Review on Mar 23rd, 2013

Good, but lacking a lot of detail!

Troll Story
2 Review

Mod Review on Mar 21st, 2013 - 1 person agrees

One word: Horrible.

This CS is very bad. I don't see why it has a rating of 7 in total. Thats just stupid.


8 Review

Mod Review on Mar 19th, 2013 - 1 person agrees
This review may contain spoilers

Very nice story. A nice story, but not perfect.

I think it was a bit too short, and there was a bit too much forced monster chases. I think it ruined the atmosphere a bit in the mines. And I didn't like how Simon started with sacrificing as his father did many years before, kinda ruined the ending for me.

But the mapping was nice enough. A bit too large open empty areas, but nice enough. One other thing was that the mine's walls, floor and ceiling seemed awfully stretched, making the textures look a bit weird.
As said, story was nice, mapping was decent, except in the village, where I think it was very good, I liked the village a lot.

And two things about the story I found unexplained. Why was the bad guy so dangerous? He had lost an arm, he would barely be able to follow me at all. So why was he as dangerous as the monsters? After what I understand, he was just a normal man, so why couldn't I fight back? And they could just have killed the monsters too, they weren't invincible, where they? I think it would be more likely if Simon tried to convince people they were real instead of trying to hide them.

But this is not my story, so I won't say it's really bad. Just those two things I didn't quite get.

Total 8/10, very nice overall.

Cursed Souls >(New Version)<
9 Review

Mod Review on Mar 17th, 2013 - 3 people agree
This review may contain spoilers

A nice story, which does not need tons of notes to understand it, plus some cool puzzles. And the monsters are well implemented. The fact that all monsters are silent, and does not reveal themselves with obvious music, makes it much better when it comes to atmosphere. A fun fact though, is that I did not meet a single monster, except the water lurker, which you are supposed to encounter anyways. But the knowledge that a monster could be right outside the door gives a much better Amnesia feeling.

Though, the story isn't perfect. Because if it was, I would have given this 10/10. Like I think the story is a tad too dark. Yes, this is Amnesia, so this is really not a big issue, as Amnesia is a dark game. But I found it hard to see in some places, as the story had few tinderboxes and oil. The creator said at the beginning that it would be little of light sources, so this is no minus, but in my opinion, I think a few lamps could have been lit from the start, just to give a little more light, at least in the cave at the end and the area with the water lurker. Also, about the water lurker, I had a small issue on that one, as the water was too high. i could not jump on most of the boxes, only the small ones and the barrels. The last small issue is that it could've been a bit longer.But that only proves that the story was good, since I want more of it. :3

Might be annoying to know that the only issues are that, but it is very close to 10/10, no ******** monster placements or puzzles that are not given a tip for what to do. Neither does it feel boring.

Also, an extra plus for making me **** my pants and laugh at the same time when the dead grunt peeked out from the corner. I literally stood there for 10 second, wondering if I should dare come closer, while at the same time laughing.

I'll gladly give this 9/10 in total!

A Parcel for Emaline - A Short Story
7 Review

Mod Review on Mar 14th, 2013 - 1 person doesn't

Nice to see someone make a decent story without monsters, and new environments. But in my opinion, even though it is called a short story, I think it was too short. There could at least have been a puzzle or two.

Originally I would give 6, but because of nice custom things, I decided on a 7.

Tenebris Lake
9 Review

Mod Review on Jun 13th, 2012

Simply awesome story. I love all the new stuff, I may even use them myself in my own stories, if the creators accept it, of course. :)

Lost The Lights
7 Review

Mod Review on Jun 10th, 2012 - 2 people agree 3 people don't
This review may contain spoilers

Started good.
1. I actually liked the statues. They were creepy.
2. The atmosphere was decent.
3. Good scripting.
4. Decent map design.

1. Some monsters were poorly placed, they simply came bursting out of the doors. (Instantly destroying them)
2. Way too many water lurkers!
3. Some monsters just got stuck and kept trying to go inside the walls, I eventually had to kill myself to despawn them.
4. The door at the start with the first statues around the bed will be impossible to open when going inside it, then out and then locking it. It will then be uninteractive. Not so important though.
5. Very few clues.
6. Some spelling errors, which make it a bit harder to understand. The update fixed most of this though. ;)

There is much good here, but all the bad things drag the good ones a little down.

I give it 7/10

A good mod overall.

False Hospitality Chapter One
9 Review

Mod Review on Jun 7th, 2012

Great CS. ;)

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