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Kung fu 3.0
Max Payne

90% - Kung fu 3.0

1 year ago Released Nov 2005 Single Player First Person Shooter

Kung fu 3.0 is a hand-to-hand and combo move system, with advanced shootdodges and acrobatic skills. It includes: An arsenal of over 20 different moves...

Matrixed Reality v1.2
Max Payne

66% - Matrixed Reality v1.2

8 years ago Released Jan 2007 Single Player First Person Shooter

Features: - authentic lobby shootout & matrix dojo levels - the construct from the movie used as an interactive level-selector - 32 weapons (including...

True Matrix Total Conversion
Max Payne

61% - True Matrix Total Conversion

1 year ago Released Feb 2004 Single Player First Person Shooter

The True Matrix TC for Max Payne converts this popular game into The Matrix, complete with new weapons, characters, and music from the hit film. Added...

Hell in the Pacific Total Conversion
Medal of Honor: Allied Assault

98% - Hell in the Pacific Total Conversion

3 years ago Released Mar 2005 Single & Multiplayer First Person Shooter

Hell in the Pacific (total conversion for Medal of Honor: Allied Assault) 2.0 consists of 17 deathmatch maps, 7 objective maps, 4 new gameplay modes...

Darth Maul race w/ saber
Star Wars: Jedi Academy

80% - Darth Maul race w/ saber

10 years ago Released Dec 2004 Single Player First Person Shooter

This mod gives you the option to play as Darth Maul, it adds Maul to the normal race screen, so you dont have to use the playermodel cheat. It also adds...

Star Wars: Jedi Academy

68% - SP_Jango_Fett_v3

11 years ago Released Feb 2004 Single Player First Person Shooter

This mod allows you to use Jango Fett in single player with jetpack & flamethrower fuctional

Rune Co-op v1.2

78% - Rune Co-op v1.2

2 years ago Released Oct 2003 Single & Multiplayer Adventure

This mod is a co-ops mod. That means that you can play multiplayer in the singleplayer levels (You Cooperate with your friends on the internet or on LAN...

FragOps v1.3 Alpha
Unreal Tournament 2003

63% - FragOps v1.3 Alpha

3 years ago Released Jan 2004 Multiplayer First Person Shooter

Frag.Ops is a Total Conversion UT2k3 Mod. It incorporate game styles from all genres. This current version introduces vehicles and akimbo weaponry into...

More Hilts
Star Wars: Jedi Academy

85% - More Hilts

3 years ago Released Sep 2009 Multiplayer First Person Shooter

Adds 23 new hilts to the selectable list in singleplayer and Multiplayer. Enables "Red" as a saber color choice in single player.

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