Hi, my real name is Mark Sinko.I'am 16 years old and I'am learning to be programmer.My hobby is programming and making Amnesia custom stories. Also I'am huge fan of Markiplier.

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1)Naked guys, falling things and closing doors in front of you.
I don't say don't use these scares (expect the naked guy), but don't overuse them.When you have no idea what kind of scare you want, search for one on forums or steal one from another cs.

2)Maps made in 5 minutes
If you want to make a good cs then you have to work with it. I've seen and played tons of custom stories those made in a month and I could make in less than a week.Also don't make useless level transitions.

3)Bad scripting
And we are again at those kind of custom stories...I've played if not a lot, but a few one that didn't even had .hps file for the maps.That means there was no scripting on the maps, so every monster were there since the start and the most complex things are the pick able items.

Don't have any puzzle ideas?Make key puzzles!
Ok, now seriously. Don't overuse key puzzles.
Also there is one very overused puzzle:NO-COLLIDE WALL or the wall you can go through(tons of beginners use this)

5)All scripts are copy-paste from wiki
I don't blame you for not knowing or not wanting to learn how to script, but then don't make thing, those need programming.There are only like 10-12 puzzles and scares on the wiki, that means if you only use them, you have to use them multiple times.

6)No story/minimal story or common story
There is nothing worse than adventuring deeper to a castle without any reason.Custom stories those have no story always starting at -2/10 for me.
Also using common stories is like having no story.
The most common story is:
-You visit your long haven't seen (grand)father but haven't found him.You find a secret passage where your (grand)father doing bad things.
I've used this for my first cs with a little twist.

7)Horrible level design
There is one thing that worse than all of the previous things listed here:HORRIBLE LEVEL DESIGN.
Most beginners don't care to/know how to use welders so they don't use it and just randomly putting down walls without rescaling them.

8)Light and tinderboxes
I think every map maker give us tinderboxes. At least I haven't seen one don't.
But most of the beginners do a big error:giving tons of tinderbox, but no light source to lit.
Also lots of newby cs makers use box light instead of torches or windows.Don't do it!It ruins the entire level design (or make is worse).

Thank you for reading.Have fun with playing Amnesia!

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Thanks for rating 10/10 for Key to Freedom :) Regardless of the glitch that you encountered. Thanx for bringing it to my attention, this will allow me to find the problem and fix it.

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Killermark Creator

No problem, that's natural for me to leave a review custom maps and report any bug I can find:)

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