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Pomarańczą i Kremówką

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This is a review of Kingdom 2.0

Alright, when I first saw this mod on the front page of the Warband mods page, I thought it'd be another ****** mod, especially with the pictures posted on Kingdom's mod page. What enticed me to play were the pictures of the armors on Kingdom's mod page, and the good reception of the mod in Kingdom's comment section. So, I decided to give this mod a try and was surprisingly impressed. The textures are absolutely beautiful, which kept me playing for a while. The downside is that there really is nothing else going for the mod. The textures are gorgeous, sure, but there really is nothing else besides minor features that you won't notice. This mod is basically a dumbed-down version of a Native Improved mods but with better textures and much, much less features. If there were more features added that will increase the playtime of the mod and reduce inconveniences such as having to find the Guild Master in the towns instead of having a button that instantly takes you to the Guild Master, it'd be a more worthwhile play. The mod also lacks in a variety overall. Yes, the weapons and armors look different, and the font and map icons also look different, but the map looks the same as Native Warband including the factions. With the amount of varying armors and weapons, it'd be easy to add a few new factions or maybe a new map, which could potentially add more variety to the game which is much needed, depending how it's brought about. In conclusion, I give this mod a perfect 7, an average. The textures are beautiful, including the armors, weapons, and overall setting of the mod, but there really is nothing keeping the player from getting bored and moving on to the next mod because of the lack of any substantial features and variety.


16th Century

Mod review

Rising Sun: Bakumatsu

Early access mod review

Victory Dab

Mod review

Am 30. Januar 1933 zog ich in die Wilhelmstraße ein, erfüllt von tiefster Sorge für die Zukunft meines Volkes. Heute — sechs Jahre später — kann ich zu dem ersten Reichstag Großdeutschlands sprechen! Wahrlich, wir vermögen vielleicht mehr als eine andere Generation den frommen Sinn des Ausspruches zu ermessen: 'Welch eine Wendung durch Gottes Fügung!
Sechs Jahre genügten, um die Träume von Jahrhunderten zu erfüllen. Ein Jahr, um unser Volk in den Genuß jener Einheit zu bringen, die die vergeblich angestrebte Sehnsucht zahlreicher Generationen war. Da ich Sie heute als Vertreter unseres deutschen Volkes aus allen Gauen des Reiches um mich versammelt sehe und unter Ihnen die neugewählten Männer der Ostmark und des Sudetenlandes weiß, erliege ich wieder den gewaltigen Eindrücken des Geschehens eines Jahres, in dem sich Jahrhunderte verwirklichten. Wieviel Blut ist um dieses Ziel umsonst geflossen! Wie viele Millionen deutscher Männer sind bewußt oder unbewußt im Dienste dieser Zielsetzung seit mehr als tausend Jahren den bitteren Weg in den raschen oder schmerzvollen Tod gegangen! Wie viele andere wurden verdammt, hinter Festungs- und Kerkermauern ein Leben zu beenden, das sie Großdeutschland schenken wollten! Wie viele Hunderttausende sind als endloser, von Not und Sorge gepeitschter Strom deutscher Auswanderung in die weite Welt geflossen! jahrzehntelang noch an die unglückliche Heimat denkend, nach Generationen sie vergessend. Und nun ist in einem Jahre die Verwirklichung dieses Traumes gelungen. Nicht kampflos, wie gedankenlose Bürger dies vielleicht zu glauben pflegen.


The Parabellum mod

Mod review - 8 agree - 2 disagree

This mod has started off very powerful. I have never seen first releases of mods of this magnitude in a very long time. Even in its very, very early state, this mod is absolutely amazing, despite the multitude of problems it has. First off, I have never seen a mod with actual working planes and vehicles that are controlled by AI, that is ******* amazing. Props to the development team for actually making proper planes and vehicles that work. Second off, most mods that include somewhat modern weaponry always feel a bit off when I shoot them, or when AI use them, but this mod does it right. This mod uses decent sounds for weapons, along with the animations that come with them. No more reloading a gun like its a muzzle-loaded flintlock rifle/pistol, there are actual animations of reloading a rifle/pistol properly, instead of shoving an invisible cartridge down the barrel of the gun. The guns also aren't inaccurate as ****. Guns, more specifically rifles, are actually extremely accurate and deal huge amounts of damage, as they should do. Third, the clothing models are ******* beautiful. I was expecting ****** clothing models since this is just the first release, but god damn have I been proven wrong. The clothing models are ******* amazing, especially the uniforms for the countries's soldiers. That ends my list of all the good ****, now for the bad ****. The weapon models are ******* atrocious. How can you have this good of clothing models when all the weapons look like you painted them on a piece of cardboard and shoved it into your computer? Makes no sense how you can have everything look so good EXCEPT for the weapons, which is one of the reasons people play this mod. Planes and vehicles may work, but they're glitchy as ****. Sometimes, bombers will bomb YOUR OWN MEN like they were the enemy. It's like those pilots switch side on a whim. And the turrets for some of the tanks seem to be floating above the tank, like God is trying to take them back into Heaven. which is unbelievably jarring. Lords will have an inconsistent amount of men compared to every other lord. Some will have 20 to 30, while some have over 100 to 150, which makes it hard to decide whether I should have a lot of men or not. Also, if you invade an island or continent by boat, don't expect to get back. This mod doesn't allow you to get back to your homeland while invading someone else by boat because to access the port, you must enter the city or village that port is a part of. Sneaking in doesn't work either, because you're barred from entering the port regardless of whether you've snuck in undetected or not, so keep that in mind when invading another country overseas. Your only hope of every getting back is waiting out until there's a truce, then you have your chance to get home. The shaders that are apart of the mod are extremely painful to look at. The shaders will either make everything too bright to the point that my retinas actually explode, or so dark that you think you're in Silent Hill with the gamma turned all the way down. This mod is actually hurting me *PHYSICALLY* because of these shaders, and I think they need to be removed in future updates. That ends my list of good/bad **** about this mod. There are a large list of insignificant things I could list but it wouldn't be worth my time. If like you WW1 settings with proper weapons and vehicles than this mod is for you, I know it is for me. Despite the huge amounts of **** this mod has, the amount of content that this has provided me has almost overshadowed all the flaws of this first release, and I expect the developers to fix these flaws and improve upon this mod over the comings months. I give this mod an 8/10, for being ******* great.


Suvarnabhumi Mahayuth

Mod review

DISCLAIMER: This is a review for Suvarnabhumi Mahayuth Version 1.16A with Hotfix 1.

Suvarnabhumi Mahayuth is one of those mods that are in the first percentile, a mod that is competently made, showing the skill and determination of the team that created this gem through their work. As far as I know, this is some type of historical mod. I'm not much of a history buff, but this could be a dank meme mod for all I care. This mod is good, like, really good. This mod is professional good, and I mean it when I say this mod is considered in the first percentile along with all the other mods within this stature. I'll talk about all the goodies this mod has to offer first, which first and foremost includes the map. The map is amazingly beautiful. The map is very unique compared to other maps within other mods, differentiating in color and in size. The map uses a highly unique color palette, of light greens and yellows, which comes off to be very pleasing to the eye, and entertaining to look at as you travel across Southeast Asia. The size of the map is decently large, and the factions and their fiefs are well placed, and balanced out, making the map very vibrant with lots of diversity, especially with the icons for the towns and villages, which look tremendous. The scenes for the towns look amazing, and as far as I know, they are also unique to the faction, which shows their dedication to this mod. The factions are also plentiful, and their troops are unique, all different and carry a wide range of weapons and armors, making this mod one of the most diverse mods I've every played. All the factions have unique troops with their own unique armors. You will never see the same armor twice on different troops belonging to different factions. And the amount of weapons and armors there are is amazing. This mod includes a wide variety of unique weapons and armors, creating this diverse and unique environment on the battlefield. There are also little quirks within this mod which includes the ability to buy lands and collect rent, and lots of options for when you become king of your own lands, which includes being able to change your faction's troop tree. Now, time for the bad news. The modelling for armors and for buildings. The armors look like garbage, especially the Japanese armors. It looks like someone ripped these models off a newspaper and plastered it within the game. The models for the buildings don't look that good either, and are very gritty. Some buildings have these wonderful colors of reds and yellows and whatnot and look amazing, while these crappy buildings sit in the background, looking like the bricks used to make the buildings were dumped in a sewer for 20 years and brought back up only to be used as toilet paper for elephants. Also, the placing of the Portuguese settlements are way too close. They are so close that the icons for the settlement are clipping straight into each other, and it looks god awful. This mod is amazing, and I hope this team continues to, and or make more mods of this stature in the future. I give this mod 9 elephant brick toilet papers out of 10 for being not ****, like the large majority of the mods on this site are.


Warband: Brave New World

Mod review - 1 agree

Alrighty..... Let's see where I can begin....

Well, there are A LOT of grammatical errors, to the point where it legit gave me cancer reading a large majority of the names of the weapons and armors. Like seriously, mackie mangler, mackie beefcutter, mackie 12 inch *****, you see what I mean? The mod dev needs to rename ALL of the ****** up names of the weapons and armors before I die of cancer. Second, troop trees. It takes way too long to get actual infantry with decent weapons (rifles). You basically have to use cheats to upgrade all your men to have decent weaponry (like rifles) because there is a huge lack of anything you can fight, kill, and loot to level you and your men up in the early game because the map is so ******* big. Also, some of the uniforms for some of the factions look retarded as ****, and some of the troop trees are lackluster at best (US troops, British uniforms, any faction that has armored horses for their heavy cav). Having armored horses looks so unnatural and is very unnecessary. Guns exists to pierce armor, and having heavy cav at all is utterly pointless. Also, why do some faction troops have such unorthodox melee weapons. Like the British Colonies, why are their infantry equipped with ******* sledgehammers? The colonial Brits look like ******* edgelords totting those giant *** hammers around, and they look plain retarded, and they are utterly uneffective. Since this mod is based of the Victorian era, an era mostly dominated by rifles, why isn't it easier to get infantry with rifles? Pistol totting infantry is NOT fun and takes from the immersion this mod is supposed to have. Second, the map. The map is assfucked as ****, especially around North and Southern America. I know there are limitations to map size with the Warband engine, but you could've at least given us a smaller map, because travelling from Japan to America is NOT FUN and NOT worthwhile. One, because it's so laggy fast-forwarding your travel because the map is so ******* BIG. Two, because the movement on the map is ****** to ****. If you click to America from Japan, your party will start taking random *** turns and swirls before they get there, just to be stuck on the other side of the ******** mountain you put in the middle of ******* America, which isn't even geographically there in real life. Third, you basically need cheats to play this, which I prefer not to do. This mod is like a quirk, something fun that you can just have in your mod load-out and say you own for the hell of it, but not actually play. You basically need cheats to play because you basically have to teleport everywhere because of the size of the ******* map. You pretty much have to level up your troops with cheats because there is no one to fight, unless you wanna fight off national troops of different countries, which is a bitch. And, because it just can't possibly be fun playing this mod legit. I give this mod a 4 outta 10. I must admit, the models are pretty decent, but everything else is donkey ****. Oh, and if anyone says that this mod is steampunk and of course everything looks edgy and retarded... IT'S NOT STEAMPUNK. Just because a uniform has armor on it DOESN'T MAKE IT STEAMPUNK, it's more like an alternate history mod. There is nothing even close relating to steampunk in this ******* mod. "Steampunk is a science fiction genre that includes steam-powered machines instead of advanced technology", which there is no trace of. No machines powered by steam, no airships powered by steam, nothing related to steampunk. This is just another mod that is mischaracterised because the mod developer doesn't know what steampunk even is. Just because a uniform looks edgy or has armor on it, doesn't make it steampunk, it just makes it an alternative history.


Anno Domini 1257

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