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Warband: Brave New World

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Alrighty..... Let's see where I can begin....

Well, there are A LOT of grammatical errors, to the point where it legit gave me cancer reading a large majority of the names of the weapons and armors. Like seriously, mackie mangler, mackie beefcutter, mackie 12 inch *****, you see what I mean? The mod dev needs to rename ALL of the ****** up names of the weapons and armors before I die of cancer. Second, troop trees. It takes way too long to get actual infantry with decent weapons (rifles). You basically have to use cheats to upgrade all your men to have decent weaponry (like rifles) because there is a huge lack of anything you can fight, kill, and loot to level you and your men up in the early game because the map is so ******* big. Also, some of the uniforms for some of the factions look retarded as ****, and some of the troop trees are lackluster at best (US troops, British uniforms, any faction that has armored horses for their heavy cav). Having armored horses looks so unnatural and is very unnecessary. Guns exists to pierce armor, and having heavy cav at all is utterly pointless. Also, why do some faction troops have such unorthodox melee weapons. Like the British Colonies, why are their infantry equipped with ******* sledgehammers? The colonial Brits look like ******* edgelords totting those giant *** hammers around, and they look plain retarded, and they are utterly uneffective. Since this mod is based of the Victorian era, an era mostly dominated by rifles, why isn't it easier to get infantry with rifles? Pistol totting infantry is NOT fun and takes from the immersion this mod is supposed to have. Second, the map. The map is assfucked as ****, especially around North and Southern America. I know there are limitations to map size with the Warband engine, but you could've at least given us a smaller map, because travelling from Japan to America is NOT FUN and NOT worthwhile. One, because it's so laggy fast-forwarding your travel because the map is so ******* BIG. Two, because the movement on the map is ****** to ****. If you click to America from Japan, your party will start taking random *** turns and swirls before they get there, just to be stuck on the other side of the ******** mountain you put in the middle of ******* America, which isn't even geographically there in real life. Third, you basically need cheats to play this, which I prefer not to do. This mod is like a quirk, something fun that you can just have in your mod load-out and say you own for the hell of it, but not actually play. You basically need cheats to play because you basically have to teleport everywhere because of the size of the ******* map. You pretty much have to level up your troops with cheats because there is no one to fight, unless you wanna fight off national troops of different countries, which is a bitch. And, because it just can't possibly be fun playing this mod legit. I give this mod a 4 outta 10. I must admit, the models are pretty decent, but everything else is donkey ****. Oh, and if anyone says that this mod is steampunk and of course everything looks edgy and retarded... IT'S NOT STEAMPUNK. Just because a uniform has armor on it DOESN'T MAKE IT STEAMPUNK, it's more like an alternate history mod. There is nothing even close relating to steampunk in this ******* mod. "Steampunk is a science fiction genre that includes steam-powered machines instead of advanced technology", which there is no trace of. No machines powered by steam, no airships powered by steam, nothing related to steampunk. This is just another mod that is mischaracterised because the mod developer doesn't know what steampunk even is. Just because a uniform looks edgy or has armor on it, doesn't make it steampunk, it just makes it an alternative history.


Bellum Imperii

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DISCLAIMER: This is a review of Bellum Imperii version 1.0 only. Features may change, and bugs may be fixed in later versions of the game.

After an hour of playing Bellum Imperii, I was somewhat surprised at the certain aspects of the mod itself. What surprised me the most was the use of the mod Brytenwalda as the base for the mod, which very few mods have used to such a decent standard. The armors and weapons are well detailed and enjoyable to look at, and fun to use. But here is the stuff that really bugs me. When I was exploring the Reports menu, I found the Upgrade Tree. I was curious on what the nations have to offer me, in the sense of soldiers, so when I explored into the Upgrade Tree, I see a lot of upgrades out of place. One of the troop trees, the Britons, have Light Warriors, going into Celtic Noble Warrior, to Spearmen (Im guessing its supposed to be Lgt. Warrior, Spearmen, Celtic Noble Warrior). If i'm correct, this may be a bug, or an intentional placement of upgrades on the troop tree. Another tree that is also messed up are the Slavers, they seem to be in order, but they have no clothing or weapons. And that introduces my next pet peeve, some soldiers have no clothing, weapons, or shields. Now, you could be saying "Why did you pick a troop tree with soldiers that don't have weapons, clothing, or shields when you could've picked a nation with soldiers that did, and wait for a patch to fix it you ******* ******?!?" Well, when I actually recruited the soldiers for the first time, they were Roman Serfs. The Roman Serfs had clothing and weapons, no problems yet. But when I upgrade them to Roman Levy, in the Party menu, it showed them with a simple white tunic and a sword. When I deployed the units on the battlefield, 75% of the levy had no clothing, and 25% of them didn't even have a sword. I'm pretty sure that this is a bug because I don't think the Roman government would send soldiers into combat without any weapons, having them resorting to looting like its Persistent World. One of the minor issues that doesn't **** me off as much is that whenever I travel on some part of the landmass, my standardized party icon, which is the walking male, is turned into a trireme, as if traveling on a mass of water. Also, whenever traveling on any form of water mass, 90% of the time I lose 20 Coins because my men are scared pussies, afraid of sea monsters or some nonsensical ********. It may not seem like a big deal, but the continent is literally surrounded by a giant mass of water, that you need to cross to get to another landmass, and there are fucktons of rivers. And did I mention you lose 20 Coins per hour? It takes more than an hour to cross the Mediterranean and Adriatic ocean.And i'm pretty sure Porco Rossolini couldn't even do that flying to Tunisia in his pretty red plane. So far, the mod is great, and the problems are bound to be fixed. Also, I have to give Gokiller props for the fast response on my bug report, thanks for actually listening, and i'm assuming you are attempting to fix any bugs as soon as possible.


Anno Domini 1257

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Sacma Mod

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Desert Combat

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Pewdiepie's House

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when i send this to pewdiepie he would be mad


Miner Warfare

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Desert Combat 0.7

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