The developers make games for their living. The parasite then asks: "Why you fags didnt make the game for free? Greedy dicks."

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2 years ago by KILLER89(FIN) 0 comments

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You wanna know how I became this expensive? My publisher...was...a money addict, and a fiend. And one night, activision goes off craaazier than usual. Gamer gets the forum topic to defend his explanation on why the high price wouldnt be good. Activision doesn't like that. watching, Activision takes the explanation and sticks it on the gamer´s ass, laughing while he does it. He turns to me...and he says..."WHY SO CHEAP?". He comes at me with raised price tag..."WHY SO CHEAP?!". Sticks the tag in my cover..."LET'S PUT A HIGHER PRICE ON THAT COVER!"...aaaand...why so cheap?



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3 years ago by KILLER89(FIN) 0 comments


3 years ago by KILLER89(FIN) 0 comments
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D3ads Jul 16 2009 says:

I don't use Steam, so MSN it is... :P

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harrisonbrtn Jun 15 2009 says:

their are still more zombie mods for hl2

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Minuit Apr 15 2009 says:

I don't use that MSN address anymore and haven't used it for about 5 months now.

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Niebule Mar 27 2009 says:

Hi Killer89!

I'm sorry for putting my nose where it prolly dosn't belong...

but you wrote:
KILLER89(FIN) Mar 6 2009, 12:24am says:
I noticed, that dynamic shadows act a bit weird.
This might be caused by that recent OB-engine update.
(DLL-files are out-of-date now?)

I noticed also, that also Outbreak had similar problems.
(it's a bit harder to notice it in Outbreak currently, since you haven't used projected textures, except the flashlight.)
I'm going to rebuild the DLL-files tonight and see, if it fixes the problem.

+1 vote reply to comment

I had a look at the pictures, and I was thinking, couldn't that just be because of too noisy bumpmapping on the textures?
( I really don't know, just looks like the texures bumpmapping looks of, and maybe it takes up too much light and therefor put out wrong/strange reflections?)
sry for talking about something I don't rly know, just know that textures with bad bumpmapping can make anything look thugly;)
I might join the team later on, I just want to see if it gets serious or just goes down the dumpster;)


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Tommi001 Mar 9 2009 says:

Moi, oon se SlayerFin facepunchista jos muistat. 8D

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shanemurphy Feb 24 2009 says:


Add me on steam.

STEAM ID: skippy52

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JoeNuggets Feb 5 2009 says:

joo mutta mapithan tehään ite joten niiden tekstuurien resotkin voi nostaa varmaan aika ylös jos haluaa? tuli vaa idea mieleen ku huomasin kuinka helposti pelin perus elementtejä pysty muuttamaan(kuinka nopeesti zombit juoksee,paljon niitä hyökkää jos hyökkää jne.) peliin sais myös helposti siistin kolmannen persoonan kuhan vaan sais aseisii laaser tähtäimen niinku re4 ja re5. pienellä työllä pelin vois muuttaa ja tuntuis että pelaiski jotai resident eviliä :) ihan kamalasti peliä ei tarvis edes koodailla jotta sais jonkun betan tehtyä.

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CDblunderbuss Feb 4 2009 says:

Not today, I screwed up my computer big time, now it won't launch. Dunno if I can get it fixed.

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CDblunderbuss Feb 3 2009 says:

Yup, started modeling some. Not too hard to learn when you get into it.

The box has transformed into... Something. Not sure what but I'll see when it's finished, if it's getting finished.

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shanemurphy Jan 26 2009 says:

Oh, sorry about that man, I thought wrong.

The skill.cfg that I sent you is the code file incharge of weapon damage and enemy health, so the settings I have in it now will make the zombies easier to kill with the pistal, because I have edited the pistal attack power, and the zombie health.

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