My bio.. never been good at talking about myself so lets keep it simple. I am a highly skilled IT Technician, with experience in just about every field of computing there is. As a result, it allows me to do really cool stuff like this SoC overhaul / mega mod! People often question why I have put the last 3 years into this SoC mod, the answer to that is simple - because I care. I feel SoC was done a huge injustice by GSC/THQ, and intend to bring everything that was promised back into the game. My own envisionment of STALKER is radically different to anything you have seen and played before, down to the smallest detail TK will bring a perfectly balanced, tense, beautiful, immensely impressive overhaul to SoC. Oh, and there is no mod team here, the "team" is me. Just because nobody else wanted to help apart from play the betas I release. So I soldier on, relying on the SoC mod community whenever theres a barrier I'm not quite sure on how to smash down.

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ketxxx 10hours 41mins ago says:

Alright, I'll keep the upgrade in place then. I was kinda undecided about it but now I think on things I guess anything that can be done to make X-Ray look nicer is worth doing as long as its within practical limits. I'll fiddle with the normal map settings for textures like this fern though as it looks a little too overcooked to me.

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ketxxx Oct 22 2014, 6:31am replied:

I don't really see that as a issue, the electro anomaly is lightening as well so similar thing, similar sounds, it makes sense. I'm still doing some juggling with the sounds anyway as I don't know if its me just not noticing the sounds or if the engine randomly picks a set of sounds with each new thunderstorm (which is possible I guess as I would imagine it does a similar thing when picking radio music at the bar) or if the engine just isn't using some sounds where the engines audio component is bugged but during "normal" thunderstorms there should be 12 different thunder sounds, I'm only hearing like 4-6 of them.

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ketxxx Oct 19 2014, 2:58pm replied:

Thats probably where some get their wires crossed, I always kept the scope of realism quite broad so as to try not to confuse people with some elements. In this case just because its not something you are going to see in your lifetime it doesn't mean I've just randomly slapped together something - quite the opposite, I've researched many aspects such as how weather and the planet would be effected by extreme nuclear fallout and interpreted it the best I can in X-ray which does naturally have its limits as many things aren't truly dynamic in the engine, weather included, its largely made out of static canvases with other small effects just bolted on.

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ketxxx Oct 18 2014, 9:12am replied:

TK is for SoC 1.0005, the steam version of SoC is 1.0006.

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ketxxx Oct 18 2014, 8:52am replied:

Yeah I'll always fiddle with things to max out their potential, I've already been doing that with the new sounds and think things are as good as they are going to be you'll hear rumbles of thunder both near and further away as well as the occasional proper loud thunder crack. I tweaked the volume of the rain as well so it doesn't overly dominate above the thunder sounds, overall its likely the best possible balance.

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ketxxx Oct 17 2014, 5:01pm says:

I think some of you are still missing my point with the sounds, I can tweak them a bit for distance based stuff but primarily I'm using these sounds because nuke fallout messes with and changes a lot of planetary conditions within the effected area such as the ionosphere, so heres a bit of linkage; I've tried to take into account all possible changes which would lead to more of a nuclear based storm not something strictly driven by nature alone.

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ketxxx Oct 16 2014, 1:39pm says:

Sounds probably sound "sharp" simply because their actually good quality now, vanilla sounds are all generally horrible quality and tend to sound muddy as a result. Storms are meant to be pretty extreme as well due to the nuke fallout, ionosphere changes etc.

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ketxxx Oct 12 2014, 6:13pm replied:

The sky textures are a mix of vanilla and various weather mods, I done some editing to the textures where needed to achive what I needed them to do and to clean them up as much as possible but thats it.

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ketxxx Oct 12 2014, 6:10pm replied:

The release date creeps ever closer ;) I'm testing the last of the extensive changes I made to ensure I have a completely stable base before I tackle adding blowouts back into the game. Its unlikely I'll add the reanimation project simply because I've already made extensive changes to weapon files and some animation changes to the vanilla models. I also don't want to do anything to harm SoC's identity beyond story tweaks, its why I've never changed even things like the inventory UI just changed its colouring to gun metal to make it look a little more modern :)

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ketxxx Sep 16 2014, 7:52am says:

I haven't finished with the bar area quite yet, I'll be expanding on the variation of stuff the megaphone blurts out as well. Not sure how much I can add to that though mostly I'm trying to introduce many unused things that already exist in the database archives.

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ketxxx Sep 16 2014, 7:46am replied:

TK has a dynamic life, this is by design so no two people have the same experience. This dynamic life can, and will, do whatever it wants. Sometimes mutants will win a fight, sometimes the NPCs will, other times the mutants might decide to just go hunt and kill each other (each mutant "faction" has mutants it hates and likes) and sometimes the military might decide to go and conduct a raid on the rookie camp. Those are just some variations I know of that can happen at the very start, theres certainly nothing biased about a unpredictable experience. Even if you were to just stand stilland observe things the dynamic life would happen all around you.

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ketxxx Sep 12 2014, 6:41pm replied:

As much as possible I've tried to use existing content that was just cut, unfinished or unused from retail SoC for whatever reason. A few of the weapon models are from other mods but I couldn't say what mod they originated from as I could only find the models as part of other large mods. Textures at the very least for weapons have been overhauled and normal maps I have completely remade and used other techniques to add additional details to weapons. In terms of sounds, they are all sounds that exist in the database archives for SoC ut were just unused. I have edited them to get the right reactions from the AI, which is a whole other story in itself.

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ketxxx Sep 12 2014, 4:52pm replied:

lol, or you could use the tactic I've started using, sneak up to the NPCs with M79s forcing them to switch to their pistol, rendering them near harmless ;)

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ketxxx Sep 12 2014, 12:03pm replied:

If you go big in the screenshot and look at the center slightly down and to the right of the crosshairs you will see one of the rats standing up on his legs looking and sniffing around ;)

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ketxxx Sep 12 2014, 9:49am says:

I never liked rats randomly attacking either just stupid on all levels, as rats are friendly to everything in the game you will see some very natural reactions from them including when they get up on their little hind legs and sniff the air for danger :)

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ketxxx Sep 11 2014, 6:49pm replied:

The rats won't attack anyone or anything, they will do what rats do best "live their life", panic and run away when caught in a heated situation and of course travel in packs. I decided not to go with the brown rat though as something about them just looks weird to me. I've left the texture for the brown rat along with references for it though so if anyone wants to add them in it'll only require minor editing in the ltx file and minor scripting.

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ketxxx Sep 11 2014, 9:28am says:

There will be varying kinds of rodents when I'm done, the tushkanos and 2 types of the regular rats one with a brown paint job the other as seen in this screen just to add some variety. You won't just randomly encounter rats in that way either you will mostly only find them in areas you would expect to find rats in real life, primarily underground areas and sewers. The main idea is to add "ambient" life with the rats so levels don't feel so rigid at static.

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ketxxx Sep 9 2014, 9:01am replied:

The technical term used in coding circles is either sun shafts or godrays, rarely, if ever, do I see them referred to as simply sun rays.

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ketxxx Sep 6 2014, 4:46pm replied:

Without seeing a screenshot I can't say for certain but 2 things come to mind;

1. Your graphics card has decided to start overheating / start dying. Clean the card heatsink and fan of any dust and replace the thermal interface material, that should solve your issues if the card is just overheating.

2. The install files have become corrupt, uninstall stalker (remembering to delete the gamedata folder) then reinstall stalker and the mod.

+1 vote     mod: STALKER: Twilight K.E.T. 2.ZERO
ketxxx Sep 5 2014, 6:29am replied:

The image is the same, its just a bit lighter which I did to ease strain on the eyes, I'm sure we all know how difficult it is trying to see a pseudodog tail.

+1 vote     media: OTs-27 "Berdysh"
ketxxx Sep 3 2014, 4:30pm says:

General question, which is why I'm just dumping it here, how would people feel about having a OTs-27 instead of the GSH18?

+1 vote     mod: STALKER: Twilight K.E.T. 2.ZERO
ketxxx Sep 1 2014, 8:31pm replied:

You might not say that when you run into a NPC with a M79, they can blow your arse up too not just you blowing them up :p

+1 vote     mod: STALKER: Twilight K.E.T. 2.ZERO
ketxxx Aug 31 2014, 3:46pm replied:

Its a dirty copy/paste from weapons.ltx, but heres a full list of weapons the new build will have;

#include "w_bk74.ltx" - wood stock & grip AK74
#include "w_ak74.ltx"
#include "w_ak74u.ltx"
#include "w_fn2000.ltx"
#include "w_rpg7.ltx"
#include "w_knife.ltx"
#include "w_bolt.ltx"
#include "w_f1.ltx"
#include "w_rgd5.ltx"
#include "w_rg6.ltx"
#include "w_vintorez.ltx"
#include "w_lr300.ltx"
#include "w_mp5.ltx"
#include "w_p90.ltx"
#include "w_mac10.ltx"
#include "w_val.ltx"
#include "w_hkg3a3.ltx"
#include "w_mp7.ltx"
#include "w_gauss.ltx"
#include "w_groza.ltx"
#include "w_hpsa.ltx"
#include "w_pm.ltx"
#include "w_pb.ltx"
#include "w_walther.ltx"
#include "w_ups.ltx"
#include "w_fort.ltx"
#include "w_toz34.ltx"
#include "w_svd.ltx"
#include "w_svu.ltx"
#include "w_binoc.ltx"
#include "w_l85.ltx"
#include "w_bm16.ltx"
#include "w_spas12.ltx"
#include "w_wincheaster1300.ltx"
#include "w_mounted.ltx"
#include "w_colt1911.ltx"
#include "w_beretta.ltx"
#include "w_desert_eagle.ltx"
#include "w_sig220.ltx"
#include "w_sig550.ltx"
#include "w_abakan.ltx"
#include "w_g36.ltx"
#include "w_gp100.ltx"
#include "w_m1891_30_scope.ltx"
#include "W_57.ltx"
#include "w_march.ltx"
#include "w_m_134.ltx"
#include "w_bizon.ltx"
#include "gsh18.ltx"
#include "w_m79.ltx"

+1 vote     mod: STALKER: Twilight K.E.T. 2.ZERO
ketxxx Aug 31 2014, 7:53am replied:

By the time the next build is released (which may or may not be the final build it depends on the time I have) compared to vanilla SoC there will be a total of 12 new weapons, not including restored weapons I have added that were cut from the retail version of SoC. I don't believe in adding weapons that I can't fit into the game in a plausible way. Theres no point in dumping a weapon into the game and just giving it to a trader to buy, somewhere in the game NPCs must also carry the weapon for continuity, variety, believability and game balancing reasons.

+1 vote     mod: STALKER: Twilight K.E.T. 2.ZERO
ketxxx Aug 27 2014, 1:30pm replied:

Haha I know the scene, I have Predator on DVD :D Supposedly theres going to be a proper new Predator film direct by the guy who played Hawkins in the original.

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ketxxx Aug 22 2014, 8:42am says:

One last quick update (because I'm lazy and can't be arsed making a whole new news post)

- Added a new "military grade" weapon
- Few minor tweaks / fixes
- Started work / testing on shader enhancements
- Other misc game balancing stuff
- Hopefully finally tracked down the god awful blurry mess of a level LOD texture used for Pripyat.

I have one or two fresh ideas I've not seen in SoC mods but I'm just deciding how may be best to implement them.

+1 vote     article: TK2.Zero: Singularity final build status update
ketxxx Aug 4 2014, 6:33pm says:

I like survarium, but damn, it deserves to be a epicly massive world with no loading screens once you have started the game and it needs to be a truly story driven apocalyptic romp. None of that FPS run & gun sillyness.

+1 vote     media: Chilling
ketxxx Aug 4 2014, 6:26pm replied:

Thats not exactly explanatory is it? How do you expect anyone to help with something as ridiculously vague as that?

+2 votes     mod: STALKER: Twilight K.E.T. 2.ZERO
ketxxx Aug 1 2014, 7:13pm says:

CS was a horrible game. I barely made it to agroprom before giving up on the POS. Fortunately, SoC (with mods) and CoP are far better :)

+1 vote     media: Clear Sky
ketxxx Aug 1 2014, 7:10pm replied:

If you want something all self contained and all at once, you could always give TK a shot folks seem to like it.

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