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Duke Nukem: Attrition

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Just For the idea i give a 10, not many people actualy make a RPG-like mod for FPS games, but whereever i find them, they're simply in a word - amazing.
I was recommended by a youtube user named TheFistMarine, and i have to say the description is the perfect hook, i don't want to not play this now. For those who want to preview what the game has, watch my Let's Play Duke Nukem 3D: Attrition Mod series on youtube, at my channel; JacksonFelblade or JF-T.

I have to say that the idea of a game like this that keeps on going, is very heart-warming, nothing i hate more than to get to a high level, but to have to start over before even finishing everything, what would make the mod even better, that (if not already a feature) you would have your level files saved and loaded via files on the HD inside the same folder as the Duke Nukem 3D game files, or the Attrition files.

I sure hope you keep it up man, until it's perfect, even if it already is damn close!

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