I love all sorts of mods. Stalker, fallout, half life, elder scrolls, what have you. I love all mods that change lots of stuff within the game, like ones that add weapons and items, and mods that make the game look better, to challenge my Gtx 580 and phenom 6x3.3 processor. Mods, and all community based content for that matter, are what really makes the game for me.

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Mod Review on Jan 16th, 2012 - 4 people don't

I like it a lot, changes some things that makes the game really enjoyable. The only 2 things I found not enjoyable was how everything looks generally black and white - like everything looks faded... the environment lacks color, and some people like that. I don't. Also, something happened a day after installing now I can't start a new game/load. I'm reinstalling with patch (because I really did like it) and hopefully that **** is done with.

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