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{Photos and info from Dragon Age III}

{Check out a bunch of new info about the RPG}

Bioware has released three concept images from their nyannonserte RPG Dragon Age III: Inquisition, and revealed a number of details when they recently visited Edmonton Comic & Entertainment Expo in Canada, reports Kotaku.

{Beautiful surroundings}

When EA and Bioware recently announced game, it was primarily to confirm the rumors already swirling, not because they had so much information to offer. Now, however, they released three concept art on his blog, all testify to a diverse fauna of dense forests, desert plains and icy mountains. In addition, recently visited Bioware employees Jon Perry and Mike Laidlaw, the Canadian cartoon show Edmonton Comic & Entertainment Expo to talk a little more about the game. Film Designer Perry could reveal that "one mission in Dragon Age III is as large as all the quests in Dragon Age II combined," while Creative Director Laidlaw handle the threes are going to top the Origins of customization options, which will also include the ability to customize companions. And you become the master of his own castle, with the customization options it offers.

{Human hero}

Chief Editor David Gaidar told that the main character this time is human, but that one can choose from a variety of backgrounds. Even if you play the backgrounds this time, the above Gaidar have a major impact on how the story degenerates. There are previously possible to import characters from previous adventures, but there are also evaluating the possibility of dropping this. Some platforms are still to be announced - we are using for now Xbox 360 Playstation 3 and PC in the product description - but the game is not released until the "end of 2013", is there some possibility that it may be talking about the next generation platforms as well, and of course the Wii U. When you're waiting, you see.

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