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0 comments by Kark-Jocke on Apr 22nd, 2013

[New games are coming update 22/04/13]

Some games it is worth returning to once released new DLC packs. One of last year's best games (maybe even the best?), Dishonored, is one such game. In 'The Knife of Dunwall', launched this week, you control Daud, the legendary assassin who killed the Empress, and get access to his weapons, gadgets, allies and supernatural powers.

After killing the Empress venture you embark on a journey in search of forgiveness for the deed you have done. On this journey you will experience aspects of Dunwall you have never seen before, and meet new enemies along the way. Choices you make along the way will determine whether you can manage to hold on to the last part of humanity is left in your body.

Dishonored: The Knife of Dunwall ble lansert denne uken til PS3, Xbox 360 og PC

Killzone: Mercenary. Expectations may not be the highest for both the Resistance and Call of Duty developers pooped on the leg with his 'contribution' to Sony's handheld, but I choose to be optimistic. Not only because it's Guerrilla yourself behind the PS Vita version, but also because what I've seen of the game so far seems promising. This week it released a gameplay trailer from the game, as you can see below!

Killzone: Mercenary coming to PS Vita in September.

Mars: War Logs is a sci-fi role-playing game that takes place on Mars nearly 100 years after a major disaster has struck the red planet and sent colonies into a violent chaos. Water is the most valuable resource, and various groups vying for control over this. In the middle of the chaos we find you, Roy Temperance, an adventurer with many talents. In the latest trailer for the game we get more info on what the game is all about, and how the choices you make along the way affects the game experience. Mars: War Logs is supposed to give you complete freedom, where you have to deal with the consequences through dialogue, choice of skills, treatment of partners, as well as the selection of equipment and upgrades. Recommend anyone interested in cyberpunk and Role Playing.

Mars: War Logs coming to PC in May, and follows closely on the PS3 and Xbox 360

is a horror game where you as a player must solve a series of puzzles to figure out the dark prehistory to your character. A bit like Amnesia: The Dark Descent in other words, and that's a good point! The events of the game are added to an abandoned sawmill in the Italian mountains, where the choices you make as a player will not only affect your mental health, but also can change history and uncover new secrets that lead you to one of eight different ends. Definitely worth checking out for anyone who enjoys a little scared!

Anna is available on Steam for PC now and can be purchased in physical stores from late April.

It has ruled some doubt about whether EA's annual sports games will appear at this year's consoles at all, considering that the PS4 (and probably the next Xbox console) comes on the market at the end of the year. EA wants enough to maximize sales on this generation's consoles when the number of consoles in the million homes are at their greatest, and this week was both NHL 14 and FIFA 14 announced. In the first trailer for NHL 14 we will see an improved physics engine, while focusing on fighting games seem to be more important than ever before.

NHL 14 kommer til PS3 og Xbox 360 12. september.

Telltale Games is behind one of this generation's best games with his interpretation of The Walking Dead. Now they are ready with a new game, this time very far from zombies, blood, death and tears. Poker Night 2 is in fact, as the name implies, a poker game. Here you meet the four characters Sam (Sam & Max), Brock (The Venture Bros.), Ash Williams (The Evil Dead) and Claptrap (Borderlands) for action at the poker table. In addition, we meet GLaDOS as the dealer. If you can not from poker before this is definitely a good time to learn it! The game will introduce so-called "Bounty Unlocks" which is able to unlock the digital content to include Borderlands 2, and Team Fortress, and Xbox Avatar stuff and PS3 screenshots. Check out the latest trailer below!

Poker Night 2 released for PS3, Xbox 360, PC and Mac 23 April.

The U.S. military is present in two thirds of the world's countries. A group of nations has had enough and starts a terrorist group by the name 'Black List'. They begin a deadly countdown of escalating terrorist attacks against U.S. interests worldwide.

Fisher, who is now head of the newly formed Special Forces 4th Echelon, a secret group that receives orders directly from the U.S. president, are tasked to stop the terrorists before the timer runs out. In the latest trailer from the game, we get a glimpse of some of the skills of the aging super agent.

Splinter Cell: Blacklist launched 22 August to PS3, Xbox360, Wii U and PC.

Star Drive sets a new standard for 4X strategy games added to the space. 4X is a genre where you as a player takes control of an empire, and explores, develops and destroys the world around you (Civilization is one such game). In Star Drive start with a single planet and a small number of spacecraft at your disposal before you must explore the galaxy, conquering new worlds, building new colonies and defend your existence from those who will have what is yours. How you play is entirely up to you. The video below is taken from the beta and certainly worth checking out for strategy fans!

Star Drive is out in beta on Steam now, while a full version will be launched on 26 April.

Star Trek will finally get a good game associated with its wonderful series. Star Trek: The Video Game is created by the same team behind include The Darkness 2, and also written by the writers behind the reboot of Star Trek in 2009 and the sequel coming in theaters this summer. The game is released next week, and the occasion has come a little video where the developers explain how they are trying to make this game the most authentic Star Trek game ever. All the main characters from the films has also helped to give their voices to the game. The trailer looks as usual below!

Star Trek: The Video Game comes 26 April to PS3, Xbox 360 and PC

Shinji Mikami, creator of Resident Evil, has started a new game studio, The Evil Within. The game is scheduled to launch both this and next-generation consoles in 2014. I find it lacking in horror in today's gaming world, so it's great to see a developer really trying to bring back the true survival-horror genre we had in the first Resident Evil and Silent Hill games (to name a few ). The first trailer does not contain any actual gameplay, but gives us a glimpse into how crazy this can get. See you at your own risk!

The Evil Within coming to PS3, Xbox 360, PC, PS4, and other next-generation consoles in 2014.

That was all game info for now, more will come later.
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0 comments by Kark-Jocke on Apr 20th, 2013

Do you remember this game?

Ubisoft celebrates 20th anniversary of Flashback.

(With new 3D version of the classic)

Original Game Creators

Vector Cell, a developer consisting of fifteen people, account for the new version of the classic. Among the fifteen we find Paul cuisse standing behind the original game, as well as four others who worked on the original team. It should therefore not be anything in the way of being able to recreate the original game. More worryingly, perhaps, Paul cuisse not have much to show for by Flashback at the beginning of the 90s.

Fade to
Black on Playstation followed by flop Time Commando was nothing to brag about, and after a moderate success with the Moto Racer series, he took a break from game development to return again in 2008 with the DS game Mr. Slime. Last year he made horror game AMY slain everywhere, so you can cross your fingers that cuisse has rediscovered his old form with the HD version of Flashback.

Watch trailer for Flashback HD here

Flashback HD developed by Vector Cell and published by Ubisoft.
The game
released digitally on the Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and PC later this year.

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3 comments by Kark-Jocke on Apr 15th, 2013

[New games are coming update 15/04/13]

[Project X Zone]

Project X Zone developed by NamcoBandai, and is a unique fighting game with both strategy and RPG elements. The game features over 50 characters from a variety of great Japanese games, including Tekken, Valkyria Chronicles, Street Fighter, Mega Man ​​and Resident Evil. This week it was released a trailer showing off some of these characters - if the final product lives up to this trailer, I dare say that this could be INSANELY fun!

Project X Zone coming to the Nintendo 3DS this summer.

[Metro: Last Light]

THQ went bankrupt in late 2012, they had several good games on the way, and many were afraid of what would happen to them. One of the most exciting was the Metro: Last Light, the sequel to the highly underrated Metro 2033. Fortunately, the series acquired by Deep Silver and after a small delay is now playing almost ready for release. This week the developers released the first of three planned videos in a series called "Ranger Survival Guide". We get great tips on how to survive in a Moscow devastated by nuclear war. Watch the video below to prepare for the dangers that await you!

Metro: Last Light is coming to PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. Release date is 17th May, which means that the game probably will not show up in the Norwegian shelves before 18 May.

[Pokémon X/Y]

X / Y, the first "real" Pokemon game for 3DS, launched worldwide in October. A brand new adventure in 3D and many new Pokémon are on the menu, and this week released Nintendo a little video that showcases one of the new ones understand. It reminds suspiciously much Mewtwo in appearance, a legendary Pokémon we first saw way back in Pokemon Red / Blue. What kind of Pokemon is this, how will you meet it in the game, and what kind of connection it has to Mewtwo?

Pokémon X / Y released for Nintendo 3DS in October.

This week was full version of Shoot Mania Storm released after a few months of beta testing. In this connection, let Ubisoft a new trailer to show us what we have in store. Shoot Mania Storm is a very fast shooter that is easy to get into but difficult to master (it is not so with most then?). The game also comes with a tool where you among other things can create your own levels and game modes. There is little doubt that Shoot Mania Storm will be available on most major pro tournaments and LAN parties in the future!

Shoot Mania Storm is out on PC now.

Van Helsing, the Dutch doctor who is best known as a vampire hunter and Count Dracula's nemesis, was created by Bram Stoker in 1897 when he wrote the book about the vampire Dracula. This spring is released the exciting steampunk action-RPG The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing. Developer NeocoreGames have released a trailer for the game, showing off some of the powers of Van Helsing has at his disposal as he will drive the dark creatures back to hell. The trailer looks as usual under.

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing is scheduled to be released for PC and Xbox 360 this spring.

In the summer comes a thrilling arcade game for console and PC. Organization they work for is secret, but what is certain is that the Thunder Wolves consists of the toughest helicopter pilots in the world that does not let anything stand in the way of them and their mission. The game features fully destructible areas, a wide arsenal of weapons and helicopters, varying gameplay with everything from stealth missions to escort missions to pure destruction and spectacular boss fights. Check out the frantic trailer below!

Thunder Wolves coming to PS3, Xbox 360 and PC this summer.

EverQuest II released for the PC in 2004, and was long one of the most popular online games. The game has been Free-to-Play since 2011, and in late April released a new expansion pack featuring a major new and exciting area called Scars of the Awakened. In the video below you see three of the developers talk about expansion - Worth checking out for MMORPG fans!

EverQuest II: Scars of the Awakened released for PC 30 April.

I have high expectations of Injustice: Gods Among Us. Not only is being developed by the same people who are behind one of the fantastic reboot of Mortal Kombat, but the game also contains many of the super heroes: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and many more. Now launch trailer out there - this appears to be a game all DC Comics and fighting fans should check out!

Injustice: Gods Among Us launched 19 april to PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii U

That was all game info for now, more will come later.
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2 comments by Kark-Jocke on Apr 8th, 2013

[New games are coming update 08/04/13]

The Last of Us is a game it is tied very high expectations and it will probably be high up there when in December to discuss the year's best games. That it is developed by Naughty Dog, creators of Uncharted series, is not helping to temper expectations. In The Last of Us has a pandemic struck the world, and destroyed large sections of its population. Cities are abandoned and taken over by nature while survivors are killing each other for food, weapons and whatever else they can find. As Joel, a ruthless survivor, be with Ellie, a young teenage girl who is far smarter and tougher than the rating would suggest, to work together to survive a trip through what is left of the USA.

The Last of Us Exclusive to PS3 on 14 June.

Trion Worlds, who has previously released MMORPG'et Rift, a game that actually got a fairly large fan base also in this country, has come with a new game this week. Tuesday, namely the innovative online game Defiance released for both PC and console. What particularly distinguishes Defiance from other online shooters is that it is closely related to a television series of the same name that begins on American television in the middle of April. For example, the events in the television series affect the game world you are in, and you will get to know the characters you meet in the game.

Defiance is on sale now for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC

The unique opportunity for smaller developers to get support to create their games, and for players to support the projects and the games they want to play. One of the newest and most exciting projects, the Divinity: Original Sin. The game will be developed by Larian Studios, the team behind all the previous Divinity games. The game will come regardless of Kickstarter success or not, but if you support the game you will be able to get more of everything: more depth, better gameplay, more history, bigger world, and give input. Check out the trailer below, and consider supporting the project for a promising RPG for PC.

Divinity: Original Sin coming to PC this fall.

One of the year's best strategy game released on Nintendo's little handheld console in April. The game has been out in both Japan and the U.S. for a while already, and based on the reviews we have much to look forward to. Fire Emblem: Awakening has now quite a Meta score of 92 out of 100 This week it was released several trailers for the game, including a television advertisement that you see below!

Fire Emblem: Awakening comes to the Nintendo 3DS, and released 19 april this country.
A demo is available on the Nintendo eShop.

Neverwinter is a Free-to-Play MMORPG added to the Dungeons & Dragons universe. The game is in open beta in late April, and in this connection the developer Cryptic Studios made ​​a trailer to explain what Neverwinter is.

Neverwinter coming to PC sometime in 2013.

A game I have high expectations for yourself is Remember Me. I Remember Me, you control the female "memory hunter" Nilin through Paris in the year 2084. Her former employer erases all her memories to neutralize her, and she must find out why. from the previous week it was released a new trailer for the game, showing off some of the enemies you encounter in the game.

Remember Me is released for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC 7 June.

Green Light is a great way to let Steam users help to decide which games should see the light of day. Developers post info about the game plan, so true players in the games they most want to play. The most popular games Valve will facilitate getting on Steam. Survivor Squad is such a game. It is an action-strategy game where you control a team of up to four survivors who guides you through a number of areas in search of supplies in the fight for survival. Watch the first trailer below!

Survivor Squad comes to the PC. So far there has not been any release date.

II is a strategy game for most people. For the unaware, it seems like a very boring, superficial games with Excel graphics, but for hardcore strategy fans, there is hardly any game that beats it when it comes to depth and gameplay. About two weeks released the second expansion to the game, which has received a trailer from the previous week.

Victoria II: Heart of Darkness released 16 April, and only comes to the PC.

There are many gamers today who have never played Thief. The last game in the series came in fact way back in 2004, and after the fourth game was announced in 2009 it has been very quiet around this title. So quiet that many have wondered whether the game has been canceled. But last month they got the first screens, and this week, the first trailer. They are dishonored vibes far out in the fingertips, which is not surprising, since dishonored is clearly influenced by Thief, and several of those who originally worked on Thief now working for Arkane Studios - This sounds good! Thief is developed by Eidos Montreal, which should get the water to run wild in the mouth of most of us. Eidos Montreal is in fact behind the blockbuster Deus Ex: Human Revolution, in addition to multi-player in the new Tomb Raider game.

Thief has not got any release date but is expected to release in 2014.
The game
has been announced for PC and PS4, in addition to the next Xbox console.

That was all game info for now, more will come later.
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0 comments by Kark-Jocke on Mar 28th, 2013

Wii U going to be faster now to April!

Update fixes in the system - watch the demo video!

Nintendo has released a video showing the differences in load times.
Before and
after the upcoming patch is installed.

Gift Pack for Wii U owners

They've had plenty of positive things to say about Nintendo's new big commitment, but when it comes to speed of the menus, the Japanese manufacturer mildly had something to go on. And since January, they promised to fix the problem.

Watch the demo here

The long awaited update for the Nintendo Wii U is released in April and it offers considerable improvements in both speed and stability. Also the much publicized Virtual Console will be launched in the aftermath of the April update, along with a selection of NES and SNES games. GBA and other platforms supplied by continually tells Siliconera.
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0 comments by Kark-Jocke on Mar 25th, 2013

Anybody want a taste of Battlefield 4 ?

EA and Dice preparing for the big unveiling
Dice has released enough called a teaser trailer for its upcoming war game Battlefield 4.
This time with
a helicopter.

Watch the Video here

Battlefield 4
is developed by Dice and published by Electronic Arts
Probably for the
PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Wii U.

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3 comments by Kark-Jocke on Mar 19th, 2013

Top 5: Scariest Game

is in many ways the perfect medium for horror. Not only do we watch the hell is happening on the screen, we also participate in and experience the demons, ghosts and all the occult that should be behind the next corner. For this reason, the horror a new phenomenon, and the vast potential has left a lot of games that offer horrible creepy and thrilling adventures.

5. Dead Space

In Dead Space staples we acquaintance of Isaac Clarke, an engineer who investigates problems on a spaceship only to discover the one terrible surprise after another. Before he knows it, he's alone in space against grotesque mutated Necromorphs.

Necromorphsene is in no way any kind beings. Not only Mon traverse left around in an unknown ship with defective systems, but they downright ghastly killing machines is a real danger everywhere. Out of the blackest darkness flies the nasty bodies voted to end the lives of the poor engineer, and together with the constant unsettling loneliness they form an incredibly thrilling atmosphere for the player. Looking to sprinkle and sweat? Then this is the perfect game for you.

4. Resident Evil

Resident Evil is by many seen as the survival horror genre's father, and had influence over many other games. A group of soldiers are venturing into a big and scary and sinister house standing in line as soon as you have moved over the threshold. An investigation suddenly turns into a deadly fight for life, with the nasty, hungry zombies brutally hunt you down.

In many ways this is Resident Evil still left as a worthy kronksempel how a survival horror game should be. The hordes of zombies pushing while it is often a lack of ammunition, and storage system makes it even more thrilling. Classic scenes, as the serpent and the first meeting with the dogs, has received well-deserved place in gaming history. Game Feeling combined with the investigation in the bottom makes it a game that is hard to put down, a combination that makes it worthy of classic piston.

3. Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Technology is anything but healthy for horror games. Many large developers have gone in the trap and priority availability rather than pure horror for high sales numbers, but fortunately there are also smaller developers focused and uncompromising interests. One of these is the Swedish Frictional Games, who have built up a good reputation in the genre of the game Penumbra: Black Plague and Amnesia: The Dark Descent.

There is no doubt the latter will walk away with the space the scariest game. In the game you wake up in a giant castle without knowing where you are, why you are there or who you are. In pursuit of answers you encounter various sinister beings, and they can combine with the dark cause mental instability and panic. It's a game that really makes you feel helpless and lost, it stands out in the crowd by not offering any kind of weapon, and everything revolves around the protagonist's ability to keep a cool head.

2. Silent Hill 2

With his morbid surrealism can Silent Hill 2 is described as a psychological horror thriller from hell. After the protagonist James Sunderland suddenly getting signs of life from the dead his wife tricked him into the mysterious town of Silent Hill, where one grim trigger the other. He quickly discovers that things are not as they should be, and what would be a beautiful reunion turns into being the worst James may experience.

The monsters of Silent Hill 2 reflects the fact that James is most afraid of, something that has made a monster design that is both disgusting and interesting at the same time. Throughout the game you meet all the time in the most absurd forms of enemies and monsters, which combined with the game's hopeless atmosphere makes the game terribly sinister and disturbing. Take Pyramid Head for example, with its pyramid head without face turns loose on the helpless James with a giant meat knife. Anything you want to meet when you trudge home from football practice one late autumn night? Did not think so.

1. Project Zero II: Crimson Butterfly

The reason why many people are afraid of the dark is not due. darkness itself, but ignorance of what is hidden there. This is something many horror exploits frequently, but what if the lights turn dark matter, and a camera lens is the only one who can reveal what is hidden there? The answer is Project Zero II: Crimson Butterfly, a game where you really never can be certain of what standing two feet in front of you.

Although the camera wearing around - Camera Obscura - kills ghosts encountered, the ghosts first visible - and vulnerable - when you are close enough that they manage to scare the shit out of you before you get them all. The terrifying surprises are never too many, and a further hell reveals itself when you run out of film and the dangerous ghosts flying around freely, totally invisible to you. If that does not scare your tough I am, maybe it helps that the game is loosely based on certain events in a Japanese village ..

Report abuse New Assassin's Creed discovered! (Rising Phoenix)

2 comments by Kark-Jocke on Mar 9th, 2013

New Assassin's Creed discovered!

What in the world is Assassin's Creed: Rising Phoenix?

A screen shot of what looks like a trailer for a new Assassin's Creed game called Rising Phoenix
Has appeared online,
report Eurogamer


On the screen, we can clearly see the logo of erudito Collective, the group that opposes the evil Abstergo Industries. Both of these, however, only exist in modern times in Assassin's Creed universe, and from what we know, comes the contemporary piece in the upcoming Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag to be told by a researcher employed by just Abstergo.

It is not inconceivable that the screen we see is taken from a game that takes place in parallel with Black Flag, or at least complement the story in it. As Eurogamer also mention, by the way firm Ubisoft Digital Arts the same as those made ​​short film series Assassin's Creed: Lineage, which was based on the game universe.

Report abuse The Elder Scrolls Online / Closed beta starting soon

0 comments by Kark-Jocke on Mar 2nd, 2013

. The Elder Scrolls Online / Closed beta starting soon .

Have you written up to The Elder Scrolls Online beta?

Bethesda and ZeniMax Online has confirmed that the first invitations to participate in the closed beta testing of online role-playing game The Elder Scrolls Online sent out this month.

 Big Names 

While World of Warcraft is really starting to turn gray beard flows challengers to both more frequent and better equipped to be. At one of the world's most popular RPG series now has an online role-playing, bodes well for both the publisher and the audience, and after what we have seen so far from The Elder Scrolls Online, it seems to live up to the soaring expectations.

watch the trailer here

As known driver developer ZeniMax and Bethesda and collect registrations for an upcoming beta testing of the game - it's still not too late to write up - and now they have confirmed that the first lucky pigs will begin with a closed already testing later this month. By filling out all fields when registering, you can increase your chances of getting the early testing. Check all means one out the FAQ for answers to a bunch of questions about the beta.

The Elder Scrolls Online is developed by ZeniMax Online and published by Bethesda Softworks
For the PC. The game is in closed beta at the end of March, to be launched sometime during the year.

Report abuse He is the first to test the PS4!

0 comments by Kark-Jocke on Feb 26th, 2013

[ He is the first to test the PS4! ]

Jimmy Fallon gets to play Kill Zone: Shadow Fall live

Talk show host Jimmy Fallon was the first man outside the industry to play PlayStation 4
Sony's unveiling earlier this week.

Gamer and Geek

It was the head of Guerilla Games Hermen Hulst who took a visit to Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, which is filmed in New York, the day after the much-publicized press conference.

As most young people today playing games in one form or another, have a talk shows picked up the game-related serials to their applications, and as such as Conan O'Brien focuses on how inexperienced he is, and butcher the most popular games on the market, tells Jimmy Fallon that he personally is an avid player.

- I'm a gamer, I'm a geek, says Fallon during the presentation, before a few minutes later get PS4 control in the hands and prove something else.

Watch the video here

Kill Zone: Shadow Fall developed by Guerilla Games and published by Sony Computer Entertainment
For the
PlayStation 4 The game launched on schedule at the end of the year.

For more information about PlayStation 4 press on this link: Moddb.com