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[New games are coming update 17/02/14]

~ Lords of the Fallen ~

Is an upcoming action role playing game developed by German Deck13. The game is reminiscent of
blockbuster Dark Souls, but will be more challenging and "tricky" than From Software's role-playing.

And will give a much deeper combat system including special attacks which provides a narrow time frame in which you can not hurt, that you must exploit fully out in order to survive, in addition to that you need to memorize enemy attack patterns to beat them.

According to the developers
should not Lords of the Fallen become a franchise, so they will try their best to make a game that you can remember for a long time, with a world to be able to come to love.

~ Here you can watch gameplay of the game ~

~ Evolve ~

The new game Evolve is a 4-on-1 multiplayer co-op action game by Turtle Rock Studios, best known for Left 4 Dead. You start by jumping into a world full of monsters where either one of the four heroes or a giant monster. The heroes must hunt down the giant monster before they can eat up to being too powerful. While the heroes are trying to hunt down the monster, the person who plays the monster trying to find enough food to be strong enough to fight down the four heroes.

You probably think that this is very similar to Left 4 Dead, only in a world set in the future with monsters instead of zombies. It is true enough, but they have also been fixed so it is more strategic than their previous games. The four heroes namely their own important role in the game. You have an assault that is primarily responsible for the injury, a medic to heal the team, stairs to catch the monster and support for a more tactical altogether.

~ Trailer of the game can you see here ~

~ South Park: The Stick of Truth ~

The game is based on the very popular TV show South Park nearing launch and developers have therefore posted a new gameplay video showing the first 13 minutes of the game. In the video we get to see the different classes we can choose in the game, namely fighter, mage, thief and Jew, but in this video we take a closer look at the class Jew. We will also see training in combat techniques in the game.

~ BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger ~

All martial arts game fans can now rubbing their hands with excitement. BlazBlue was released earlier this week on Steam, after increasing numbers Guilty Gears games have emerged. BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger is one 2.5D fighter game where you control one of twelve unique fighters, and will beat up your opponent.

The game
also has a history section where the plot is about one high standing advice known as The Libary exposed to destruction and disagreements. The danger of this is that the council sits with something so powerful that it once saved humanity, and it might as well destroy it.

~ Trailer of the game can you see here ~

~ Legends of Eisenwald ~

For anyone who loves both Heroes of Might and Magic series, Disciples 2 and King's Bounty games, Legends of EISENWALD absolutely perfect for those who miss a new game in the series. Legends of EIienwald are one "low-fantasy" real-time and turn-based strategy game developed by Russian Aterdux Entertainment. The game should be about 30 hours long when fully developed, and it will have a scenario editor which can extend this time a lot.

The game is already in: Steam Early Access

And you can read more about it on the game's: Steam page

~ Trailer of the game can you see here ~

~ The Memory of Eldurim ~

The Memory of Eldurium is a 3D "Open-World RPG" set in a fantasy world. The developers are doing to try and make the game unique is that from the first time you fire up the game, you can go wherever you want and do whatever you want.

The enemies will be just as strong no matter where you go, so it applies to hourly blocks and choosing the right strategies to beat the. World will be filled with large and small cities, vast forests, cold mountain, desert, swamp, jungle, and much more that have not yet been revealed!

The game is already open for alpha testing on steam

Via the "Early Acces" program

~ Pre-Alpha Gamplay can you see here ~

[New games are coming update 10/02/14]

~ Murdered: Soul Suspect ~

As we all knew that this was shown at the E3 trade show in last year and since then it has been very quiet about it. It has as well been given very little attention around them in terms of how little has happened around this game and the little information we got from the game itself. There are some things that are revealed about the game that you are a detective and must investigate your own murder, but in the meantime you can investigate other people's deaths and help others who have died for them shell move on to the afterlife. You can also help witnesses or people where it has happened by giving them an idea of ​​what you have received related to murder or whatever it may be.

They have also revealed that the game will come to the Xbox and the one most likely to PS4, but nothing is mentioned yet. What is mentioned in the new information is that those already underway to adapt the adventure to Microsoft's Xbox One.

- Microsoft has also come with an Xbox one -

- video that reveals little of the game as you can see below -.

~ ReROLL ~

PIXYUL , formed by Julien Cuny and Louis - Perre Pharand , former producers and creative directors at Ubisoft on Assassin 's Creed and Far Cry has launched a new project that arouses great interest for many players around the world.
It is of course not unexpected since the project includes some of the most fantastic for players who like big worlds and survival game .

The project is called reroll and the plan is to make our planet a 1:1 scale where players must survive when the world slowly though surely collapse. Players must battle through landscapes to find food and other resources to survive day . This can be some long days, since reroll going to get a 24-hour day / night cycle and a planned system to synchronize the game's weather with the real weather in the area. The project sounds unreal , but this is something they really want to get to, but it will of course require a lot of money. Right now is not PIXYUL more than the two founders and the appeal to the people for their support.

~ More information about the game can get here ~

~ Here you can see some of the game ~


Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2

The game has been done with and gotten better combat mechanics since the last time. The game has also become much larger than the other games and it is more realistic. There is a special court Konami has focused much on and there is a path in the game with a mysterious enemy known as "Toy Maker" Toy maker was trained by Rinaldo Gandolfi who made the Combat Cross which was used in the IgE game. What they are trying is to get players to like Toy Maker much as possible and do so that player simply do not want to fight him.

~ You can watch a 10-minute long gameplay video here ~

Free game "World of Tanks" has been a huge success on the PC, with over 2.5 million playing on average each month. On the basis of this success, Wargaming.net chosen to customize and publish it to Xbox 360 The game will not differ much from the PC version, Except from one UI prepared for console use. the game is set to release on 12 February.

- A little older trailer can be seen here -

[Leap Motion]

For PC gamers who are jealous of console owners who have PS4's camera, and Xbox One's Kinect, is finally a solution here! Leap Motion is one kind of small camera that "sees" what your fingers are doing in 3D, and you can program the residual allowing you eg. shooting game if you jerk your index finger. Today has not Leap Motion direct support to the very latest and hottest games, but it supports include Skyrim, Half-Life 2, Planetside 2, and a good number of other games. There is no garranti that it will function optimally with all the games, but the starting point must be able to support most games that are out there.

You can see a video of how it works here

[New games are coming update 03/02/14]

There has been more information through the diary from producer Dave Cox and Mercury team leader Enric Alvarez Discusses open world mechanism, circumstances and
inspired them to have that to follow Castelvenia Design.

Players will have the opportunity to explore pour Dracula's castle as well as the new modern city that grew around the castle.
The more
the player plays to
carry through history
as the city and the world around you open trust more and more that open to more opportunities in the game.

According tea Alvarez as wild players get the opportunity to play around and explore without going any soldering screenshot which is scolded by old Castelvenia games.

~ Watch Developer Diary Part 2 here ~

~ Do you have a detective inside you just waiting to come out and solve mysteries? ~

Then Frogwares new Sherlock Holmes game for you. Frogware base their
Sherlock Holmes games that players themselves will make decisions based on what they
found out when they have gathered evidence and statements. This time, says Frogware
that they will engage players in a big way in terms of intellect and moral issues.

But beware, you can actually run the risk of sending innocent people to prison. Sending innocent people in prison might sound bad, but when you find the culprit, you can actually choose to punish or release them. This weighs at least up to your mistakes about the criminals have not done anything too bad. All the choices in the game will obviously have an impact on future cases, so choose wisely.

~ Trailer of the game can you see here ~

Dead State is a highly popular survival RPG that is set up from the beginning of a zombie apocalypse. That assumes that society has begun to fall apart and catastrophic events happening around the world, but the player is recommended or must gather together a handful of allies or good people. As provided for you and the rest of you must build households and blocking and other things that can help.

Lightweight for foods that may lie around and for things you might need show has used later or can be used to help the group. As well try to make the group bigger find flære people and get them tea to trust you. So then is humanity's extinction in your hands.

Do you have what it takes to build a good and safe place to stay hidden or safer and good food in the store. This is your chance to find out.

~ You can see a (Dead State - Demo Update) here ~

Be John Rambo in a first person shooting game te Xbox 360, Ps3 and Pc. When you take a violent turn Reprocess three games from Rambo who is from the first 3 films.

First Blood, Rambo: First Blood Part II and Rambo II wild cause a real gamplay based on Rambo universe where you must fire the shot watchful and direct in dangerous firefights with a bunch of enemies deadly weapon. Become one with your surroundings while Carpenter up against your enemy to take them for a small one. Each kill or destroy the target there or enemy with your creativity or your destructive skills. As well as utilizing Rambo knife to fill the experience and knife fights that will test your skills.

So you must always keep your distance and always moving to not be too long behind a cover. Since most can be damaged by what you see around you and can be used for your exploitation to take down the enemy.

~ Trailer of the game can you see here ~

~ Cradle ~

Are you one of those players who simply love to have the best graphics in games,
but finding that many RPG games do not meet your requirements graphics wise? Well, then enough Mojo Game Studios which will delight you. De la namely recently released a Kickstarter project called Cradle. Cradle is a RPG game made ​​with CryEngine graphics engine, and as you probably know there is something "graphics whores" love to hear.

Some of the developers themselves are proud of their unique combat system.
next battle will in fact be affected by where you hit the last and they have a unique animation as
where on your body you turn. With this they hope to get a more realistic feel to the game as possible.

Project has writing collected $ 79,000 of the 350,000 target and even 17 days again.
If they reach their goal, the game will probably come summer 2016.

~ Here you can watch a Cradle's Kickstarter video, enjoy ~

[New games are coming update 27/01/14]

- Runemaster -

Rune Master an upcoming RPG game by Paradox Development Stuido, who is best known forstrategispillene Crusader Kings and Europa Universalis series. As big fans of the RPG genre would Paradox design their own, and Rune Master is their answer to the genre.

Rune Master takes place in a unvivers based on Norse mythology, but the special thing about the game is that each time you start a new character, the game will be generated in a different way from the last time. This makes the game a new experience for each review.

- Far Cry Wild Expedition Edition -

Ubisoft has now decided to come out with a generic package called Far Cry Wild Expedition Edition. The package contains all the Far Cry games, including "Blood Dragon". Thus, you can have great fun with all the Far Cry games until Ubisoft begins on the next Far Cry game. The package is set to come out on the 13th February both the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. So, with this you can relive countless hours of gameplay from the series, including the classic "Far Cry".

North America, however do not get the full experience we get. They will get a package called "The Far Cry Compilation", which only contains Far Cry 2, 3, and Blood Dragon. The release is set to 11 February across the Atlantic, and one day after the release, they will be able to install Far Cry (Classic) at Xbox Live and PSN.

- Hearthstone -

card game Hearthstone went this week out in the open beta, after some delays. Heath Tone codes have in recent months been very sought after and many have even paid with digital and real money to secure a. Luckily let more people having to spend money on it now that the beta is available to everyone, nor can sit down and have a duel with friends.

- Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition -

For those who missed the latest Tomb Raider game this konsollgenrasjonen and fancy a more upgraded version, adapted next genrasjon consoles can now rejoice merrily. The game will mainly upgrade the graphics to the higher standars and give you all the DLC packs released for the game.

- Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor -

finnest many Lord of the Rings fans around the world, it is something one can not deny. For the said fans who have a greater interest in games, they can now look forward to a new game set in the LotR universe. "Middle Earth: Shadows of Mordor". The game is one called "Action-RPG" and reminiscent of Assassins Creed, The Witcher 2 and the recent Batman games. As of today, the game has not a fixed release, but that will hopefully come in 2014.

The game will try to plugging the hole between the actions in "The Hobbit" and LOTR trilogy, and addresses the "Talion", which will take revenge on Sauron's army after they killed both his family and himself.

- Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII -

the sequel to Final Fantasy XIII-2 on the way! This time the game continues from where XIII-2 left off, and we'll revisit many familiar characters from the two previous games. The protagonist of the game is that the name simply implies, Lightning. The world is on the brink of collapse, and it is her mission to save the souls of men before the end of the world. Gameplay-wise it will follow the same formula as usual, so it should not be too different from its predecessors, as most people probably already familiar with.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is one game that has gained a huge popularity increase in a short time. Dealing with the brutal Middle Ages in a huge open world, with quite a strong focus on realism. For example, you could take down opponents in just a couple of hits, but in return, you can also fall in as many hits if you do not fit well enough on. In addition, among other things, make sure you are getting enough food, drink and sleep to function optimally.

In the game you play as the son of a blacksmith, and it gets in your mission to save the king, who has been kidnapped by his brother. game advertising with the main story is non- linear, you should be able to solve it in many different ways, and you can participate in the great battles and sieges castle.
The game can now be found on Kickstarter, where they reached the original goal for their under 2 days. If you have faith in the game, so you can already support it and get it finished game when it comes out.
Release is preliminary set to Q4 2015, and it will not come to PC, so to get to the next genrasjons consoles.

AMD Mantle increases Battlefield 4 performance by 45 percent.

AMD, which is the supplier of APU (system chip) for both Xbox and PS4 One, make it strong on its main platform for the future. As early as September showed up what they hope will be the next big thing in PC gaming, namely Mantle.

Exclusively for AMD

Mantle is an AMD-exclusive technology that is restricted for AMD's R7 and R9 series of video cards. This means it will not work (yet) if you have a video card that is not part of them. Mantle aims to make the transition from console to PC and vice versa an easier process for developers.

The three game engines will support Mantle, these are; Asura engine, Frostbite 3 engine, and Nitrous Engine. Upcoming games that will utilize Mantle includes Battlefield 4, Thief, Star and Citizen Sniper Elite 3 AMD says that there are about 20 games in development right now that is optimized for Mantle.

45 percent faster with Mantle

During AMD's CES (Consumer Electronics Show) presentation, one could see Battlefield 4 run up to 45 percent faster thanks to the newly developed API. An update prepares the game for Mantle will be out later this month.

The video of Battlefield 4 running on Mantle you can see here

- Founders Criterion Games leaves the studio -

Alex Ward and Fiona Sperry setting off on new adventures

Criterion Games
, best known for Burnout and Need for Speed ​​series, recently lost two of its founders. Vice president and creative director Alex Ward and Fiona Sperry, Studio Director, have both left the game developer. The duo have reportedly plans to start a new game company.

Criterion Games has in recent years steadily pumping out new additions in the Burnout series. EA looked impressed with what Criterion Games made ​​with Burnout and gave them thus in charge of the Need for Speed ​​series in 2010. Despite Need for Speed​​: Most Wanted got good reception, the Need for Speed ​​series in 2012 given over to EA's recent game studio called Ghost.

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Halo: Spartan Assault: coming to Xbox One and Xbox 360

The previous Windows and Windows Phone-exclusive game

Has been release dates for Microsoft's home consoles

Xbox One will soon have its first Halo game, but it may not be the Halo game fans have been waiting for. Microsoft could in fact recently announced the release date for Halo : Spartan Assault, which is headed to both the Xbox and Xbox 360 One The game was originally released for Windows 8 and Windows Phone in July this year.

Spartan Assault takes place between the events of Halo 3, and 4, and players can take the fight to the Covenant as soldiers Edward Davis and Sarah Palmer. The game is a third person shooter played from a bird's eye view, and offers original on 25 missions with shooting and collecting skill points.

The version that is heading to Xbox and Xbox 360 One could, however, offer little more content than the original edition. An optional package named Operation Hydra is included and console gamers will also be able to take on a cooperative mode over the Internet. Xbox One issue thrown in will run in 60 FPS at 1080p, which probably puts next-generation version notch above the other editions visually.

Halo : Spartan Assault will be available for Xbox One on Christmas Eve, while those who only have the Xbox 360 should plan on waiting until January. If you want to test the Spartan Assault out in 1080p on Xbox One, but have already paid for the game once to PC or Windows Phone, you can breathe a sigh of relief. Those who have purchased a previous version of the game before the 15th December only need to pay an upgrade charge of five dollars to get access to Halo at next-generation console.

So much does the content of Xbox One and PS4!

Analysis estimates how much the production of Xbox One and PS4 costs

Wondering how much the contents of Xbox One or PS4 really costs ? Information and research firm IHS has analyzed the contents of both Sony and Microsoft's new consoles and they have now added the results to the public.

The full report for Xbox One can be read here
And the corresponding report for the PS4 can be found here

Xbox One cost a total of $471, according to IHS . The materials alone cost $457, and the production cost of each console ports reportedly $14. The new Kinect Sensor with 75 dolole the console's total material cost. The market price of Xbox One is $499 in the U.S.
IHS estimates that production costs for PS4 also just lies slightly below the market price, namely at $381. Prices for materials are here estimated at $372. Console Processor and memory amounts to $188 of the total material costs, according to IHS.

They are estimated by IHS gives us an insight into how much the consoles cost to produce, but we remind you that they only take into account the cost of materials and how much it costs to put them together. Indirect costs occur until the console is in customers' hands are not included.

Sky-high prices for digital PS4 is lowered

Playstation 4 will be launched in this country and in the rest of Europe on Friday, and go with it the ability to purchase and download games via PSN.
However, it may be proved for many to be quite out of the question to buy their games this way, both EA and Ubisoft put their prices for their current games significantly higher on PSN than Xbox Live.

Sony discovered that many reacted negatively to this , and that the games would cost 63 pounds, they were reduced to 60 earlier this week. They warned, however, that the European PSN platform was still in the testing stage and that further cuts could take place, and now they finally put the prices down to 55 pounds, which is consistent with what games cost on Xbox Live.

The games in question are FIFA 14, Assassin 's Creed IV, Need for Speed: Rivals, Madden NFL 25 and Battlefield 4 Just Dance will cost about 40 pounds, but have gone through the same treatment as the other games. The reason why the differences arose initially must simply be that Sony and Microsoft use different methods to do about such.

Currency, and that Microsoft was forestalled this time. Ubisoft has also told Eurogamer that when it comes to physical copies, the store itself that determines prices when it comes down to it. Which explains why one finds several of the games for example. 47 pounds, as FIFA 14 costs on Amazon currently.