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April 26 unveiled next new game Call of Duty!

Everything indicates a new Black Ops III

Activision let out a teaser trailer for this year's Call of Duty games. Title of the trailer is Back in Black. Which strongly suggests that it is a new game Black Ops saga as we all will get to play next year. The cryptic video, which includes both voice and a great deal of references to the series' protagonist, Alex Mason, ending with Activision will unveil the game in its entirety on April 26. This is a little before tradition, as one often launched a title in the series in May.

~ Watch trailer here ~

Adam Jensen returns!

Check out the advertising trailer for Mankind Divided

It was report that Game Informer had revealed that the official announcement of a new game in the Deus Ex series was right around the corner. Now also develops Eidos and publisher Square Enix relieved the veil and they have now presented the advertising trailer for the game that everyone has the opportunity to watch now on youtube, which gets under the title Mankind Divided.

As the title suggests stands Jensen and the world faced a real distinction between those with and without these upgrades, and in the new trailer, which you can see below, one gets really impression that much is at stake for human development further. Like its predecessors, getting enough Mankind Divided its solid dose philosophy, and difficult choices that not only concern themselves will come enough to encounter the ineptitude of the game.

It is in any case a chaotic world all witnesses, and both messages about terrorist attacks and social injustice and unrest characterize the three and a half minutes long trailer. On top of it all stands villain Marchenko, and other new characters popping ever a person with dark yellow hood up in the trailer.

Trailer of the game can be seen here

~ ModDB needs more active members! ~

Want to help and share information about this website?

since 2010 and until now that I have been a member it has been less active members and people who leave the website, but now it's some new mod on it's way and many new opportunities to win games.
Some people tell about ModDB on Facebook and Twitter, but we need more people who can share out more info about this website.

We also need your help to keep the website active and share your experience what you think about the website so that more people will come. I myself have started to hold competitions out this year and is ready to share many more games for all of you game lovers out there in the world.

All competitions
takes place in a group called (
K-S Game Competition ) that all members here on the website is allowed to join. Many games have been released and there will be many more later on. The more people that comes the greater competition will be. What will you do that more people should be more active here on the website?

Give suggestions on comment list

K-S Game Competition (Rules Overview about 1-2-3)

Read well through, if you want to be a part of competitions
Link to the group here: K-S Game Competition

Rule 01: All the answers you have to the questions that apply to this rule field should be answered in the comments section of the news where the competition is. Any links, other items, etc, that are given can be released to the public.

- But if you give a link which is dangerous, you will be kicked out of the competition. So make sure you do not give out such things.

Rule 02: It is only permitted to answer short (between 1 to 40 words in each of the questions. Max 40 words to answer one question) Links, other items, etc, CAN NOT be sent publicly.

- But you are allowed to change your answer or delete your comment to make a new one until the contest over.

Rule 03: Nothing is allowed only this - The answers MUST only be sent as a private message to Kark-Jocke, DO NOT reply to the comment field. You are only going to type (I'm in the competition) in the comment section where you found the questions after you have send the private message to Kark-Jocke, nothing more. Do this and you have more chance of winning the game. If you are commenting the answers to the questions where you found the questions on the news you will be thrown out of the competition.

For all competitions you will only see one of those brands that also means if you notice rule 2 is there, so is not 1 or 3 active. There is only one rule at a time for all competitions which will be released here on the webside.

  • If you break any of these rules, you will receive a warning for the first time.
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These rules are only for Kark-Jocke contests awarded from the group K-S Game Competition, or if someone wants to use these rules to their own competitions after agreed with Kark-Jocke.

Host of these competitions are: Kark-Jocke

~ If you have any questions please contact me on private message ~

[Where is everybody?]

- ModDB is not as active as before -

In the past years I have been a member of the website, I've seen every type of difference through the years, as I have been here on the website.
Things that have been good and not so good, first time I started with news was at the beginning of 2012 april and until now. I've noticed that it has become less and less people who watch the news and less comments.

Some people have come and asked me for help with different things so their profiles should be better and so on. I discovered that ModDB was not as active in June 2014 so for avoiding it, I started with competitions for people to come back and new people would join the website.

There has been some argument with people on the web, commercials that nobody likes, people waiting for mod that never comes, things that disappear which people liked and some errors with different things. This is what scares people so that some of us leave the page without a word.

So now I ask you out there reading this if you can come with suggestions that this website may become more popular or to get more people to the website. I would not like to see this incredible good website should lose people who are here now.

Any suggestions for keeping this website more active?

~ Grand Theft Auto V Sales Top 40 Million ~

!The game reached the magical border right before Christmas!

Rockstar has every reason to celebrate. Recently, the company released a press statement in which it was announced that right before Christmas Eve passed the 40 million copies sold of the game. Rather it happened during the week ending Saturday, December 20th. Until now the game has sold 40.56 million copies worldwide. Of these so are 17 of them sold in the US and 15.68 in Europe. Playstation 3 version has accounted for half of them with around 20 million copies, while the Xbox 360 has 18 million copies. Playstation 4 has sold 4.73 million while Xbox One 1.81 million.

❇ ❇ ❇ ❇ ❇ Happy New Year ModDB.com ❇ ❇ ❇ ❇ ❇

?Will it be something new this year?

A new year has come to us here at ModDB many good Mod was created in 2014 and there will be many more as we await for this year as well, I hope. As many of you know, I keep contests that will be settled by this month - January 2-3-4 and 5 many people are waiting to know who wins, all winning images will come in K-S Game Competition so join there, to know when a winner is selected.

Many wonder when time I will be uploading new (Anime Wallpapers HD) again, it still has not arrived a date when time I'll do it again. But I can say that it does not come any in January. But I will see throughout the year and will give full details when I have something that is on the way.

I've had a lot of people who have read through my news in 2014 and received many good comments I want to thank you all for and hope that this will also be a so good year for all of us.

~ I wish you all a Happy New Year! ~

❇ ❇ ❇ ❇ ❇ ❇ ❇ ❇ ❇ ❇ ❇ ❇ ❇ ❇ ❇ ❇ ❇ ❇ ❇ ❇ ❇

~ Merry Christmas to all of you here on ModDB! ~

Yes! now is Christmas time here again and many gifts have been opened already, I hope that you've got what you wanted this year. If you want to continue the Christmas joy so it is still a competition here on ModDB you can win games. It remains open until December 27 that you have a chance to win: Eidos Anthology - So join before time runs out, so you have the opportunity now to win a lot of games!

Heroes of Might & Magic III - Comes now in HD quality

~ And it also comes to iOS and Android as well ~

Ubisoft has in a statement that the turn-based strategy classic Heroes of Might & Magic III will be relaunched in HD on January 29 next year. The game, in addition to being upscaled in HD be adapted widescreen format, and it's not just PC owners who receive take on remakes - it should namely also appear on tablet with support for iOS and Android.

~ Erwan le Breton with developers in DotEmu call relaunch for a thanks to the fans ~

"Communities have always been very central Heroes of Might & Magic series, and we would thank it by bringing back the epic tale of Queen Catherine Ironfist. We wanted to keep the core of what is Heroes of Might & Magic III, while we continue to offer a new visual experience and an opportunity to play the game on a tablet."

Peed Painting - Might & Magic Heroes III HD Edition

Like most other versions in HD, however, comes not Heroes of Might & Magic III to change appreciably in itself. We will still have seven campaigns, 48 maps, a local multiplayer mode and a map tool.

(which, however, only shows up on the PC) to do, but this time it should also be adapted for several community facilities on Steam.

~ Here are the PC requirements for The Evil Within ~

Can your PC run survival horror game on the highest graphics?

Publisher Bethesda has now released the minimum and recommended requirements for the PC version of Tango Gameworks' The Evil Within. When it comes to the recommended requirements are high enough VRAM requirement the most sensational, and according to Bethesda, it is the 4GB VRAM required to get experience developers want you to have. That puts the requirement a little extra loud to make is entirely possible, but many suspect that there is talk of a halfhearted console port.

~ Other requirements, such as the space required by the various consoles here ~

(Minimum Requirements)

  • OS: Windows 7 / 8.1
  • GPU: GTX 460 or equivalent with 1GB VRAM
  • CPU: i7 or equivalent 4+ core processor
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • Hard Disk Space: 50 GB

(Recommended requirements)

Operating System: 64-bit Windows 7 / Windows 8
CPU: i7 processor with four cores plus
Hard disk space: 50 GB (the game takes only 41 GB when installed)
GPU: GeForce GTX 670 or equivalent with 4GB of VRAM
Good internet connection
Steam account and ability to activate via Steam

PS3 and Xbox 360 will need 7 GB
But the
PS4 and Xbox One will have charge of more than 40 GB of hard drive space