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Kharcov Nov 3 2009, 1:24am says:

Epic Picture.

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Kharcov Oct 30 2009, 3:43am says:

Looking Great! Love what you did with the Helgoland, Just about my favorite class in the war. Can't wait to see it in action.

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Kharcov Oct 29 2009, 10:36pm says:

Dude, Must of those people don't know what they are talking about. It's a Fricken Warhammer Mod!, Any one who has a problem with it, dos not know **** about Warhammer! This is a place to support modders, and what they are doing, not get upset about the given "world" or universe they chose to mod.

So really people.. Really. Grow up a bit.

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Kharcov Oct 29 2009, 10:30pm says:

Now thats a real Warhammer Mod!!

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Kharcov Oct 16 2009, 11:06am says:

My vote is on the second one,

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Kharcov Oct 6 2009, 9:39pm says:

Nice, it's a Ba-6.

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Kharcov Aug 9 2009, 3:01pm says:

2 and 3 are my favorite.

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Kharcov Jun 6 2009, 6:10am says:

Great work guys!
I love the Covenant Ship, I really think it captures that "good old" Halo feel.
As for our new Human ship, I see a Battlecruiser, It has a very bulky feel to it and like the geometric shape. as well as the feeling of over hanging armor plates. Perhaps a command cruiser.

Well, I'm looking foreword to see what happens with this thing.

Good luck guys.

Comrade Karcov,

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Kharcov Jun 5 2009, 6:15am replied:

OK, thats good. I think it will work out well.

I just hate it in games, where units have shity/unrealistic line of site.
And, if they shoot as far as they see, Sorta odd.

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Kharcov Jun 4 2009, 3:52pm replied:

Yes thanks, I'll need to look in to that one.
I think it was the mod "Phoenix Rising" That did that as well. It was a great way to add some importance to those plants, But still I think Most all plants should be important in there one way.

anyway, thanks for the info on that mod, I will look at it today.

Comrade Karcov,

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Kharcov Jun 4 2009, 12:02am replied:

Yes, thanks for seeing this too.
It will be interesting to see how it works out.

This has always been a flaw in this game, One I hope to see all mods address.

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Kharcov Jun 3 2009, 6:46pm says:

Looking great guys, Keep up the good work!
As for help, I'll see what my team wants to do, But I think we can give you some support on the 2d front, and Backstory.

Comrade Karcov,

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Kharcov Jun 3 2009, 6:34pm says:

Comrade, I had an idea just now.
I think it would be great to have Sensor Hard Points for most ships.
It would add new stratagem to the game, With say a small increase with map size. It will allow a bit more tactical depth to the combat, giving players more of a chance to form effective battle lines and use deeper more strategic moves, instead of just slogging around until a ship appears in your face.

- As far as the codeing you could just keep there current line of site, as the base. And have the sensor hard point add be say 2x that.

Love to hear your thoughts on this.

Comrade Karcov,

+1 vote     mod: FOC Alliance-Star Wars from the Clone Wars to GCE
Kharcov Jun 3 2009, 5:51pm says:

Comrade, I really like your mod, have been playing 2.1 for many hours now.
I would love to help you with the English text, ex, the ship descriptions, and like.
I think your mod has the most potential to be an excellent mod to be rivaled.

Anyway, Keep Up the good work.

Comrade Karcov,

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Kharcov Jun 3 2009, 5:32pm replied:

Dude.... No,
This is Not ok behavior, Grow up, Or I will report you to the Admins.

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Kharcov Jun 3 2009, 3:57pm says:

Comrade, the mod looks great so far, keep up the good work.

- Now for the galactic conquest are you going the change any of the planets, to make them more unique, I find my self playing these long games foe the galaxy, conquering planet after planet, but there is no real point to it all, Most all planet are nearly the same as the next one down the line, with nothing really to encourage you to force a campaign against one or the other. I guess what I'm trying to say, is I would like to see some higher level of strategic differences between the planets.
This has been a plague with mods laity, I would love if you could touch on this.

Anyway, keep up the good work.

Comrade Karcov,

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