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Kantham Mar 13 2014, 4:57pm replied:

2. I'll try to make myself clearer this time. :) It's as designed. You are not supposed to have the same character option twice. This concept is meant to give you different scenarios without having too much say on how the match will play like. The problem here is that there's no clear indication on how the system works.

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Kantham Mar 13 2014, 10:15am replied:

Hello modsuki,

1. The score is displayed at the top left corner of the screen. Each icon represents 10%.

2. It may not be audible enough but you have 2 refresh attempts overall. I will make this clearer in the next version.

3. I'm not sure what you mean by no points. Each NPC casualties counts towards the overall score but won't display. I've only notified the user when equipment is destroyed, otherwise the interface becomes too redundant.

Thanks for the feedback.

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Kantham Oct 31 2013, 8:57pm says:

Here's more feedback for your tool after much testing and shortly about to complete procedural content using it:

1) Texture tiling is necessary? If the reason for it being there is related to not having texture seems between rooms, could it please be optional or stripped out of the code? It creates all sort of misalignment everywhere in the tiles, including precise texturing work all ruined.

2) starting from the middle of the editor limitations often results in brushes being deleted and out of bounds. This a common and irritating issue occurring because there's not enough space for the rooms to expend further. I was thinking about a south-to-north option in the file.

3) As mentioned in previous comment, an option for room probability would be very useful.

Here's a sample of the project I'm working on, it's VERY WIP and is wonky, but it works and all nav was generated by one hit of the keyboard using these tiles.

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Kantham Jun 22 2013, 1:32pm replied:

Nice! Glad to hear about all these changes, be sure I will have a look into it soon enough.

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Kantham May 16 2013, 7:25pm replied:

Hello, it's a shame you're not "coming back any time soon". But if you do...

I figured why the custom tiles I was adding didn't work properly, it was because while rotating them, the nearest portal to 0,0,0 wasn't aligned properly. That was an amazing discovery.

After using and appreciating your system for a while and enduring the thousand of manual processes involved, all I'd like you to change is make it Linear ; one path and one only. Add probabilities for specific rooms (for instance, all rooms with the "rare_" prefix would have a 5% chance of being picked and so on)

And most important of all, a starting room First rule, then ending with a finale at the end of the branch.

Lastly, I see you have attempted to get around the nav_generate complications... I really wished the navigations could be built outside of the game (3rd party software), manually loading the levels individually is a pain. Unfortunately nav_generate seems to be only possible from within the game with all the resources loaded.

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Kantham Feb 23 2013, 3:36pm replied:

So nonetheless.. I assumed this proof of concept was grid-based (like Alien Swarm TileGen) and it seems I was wrong. I downloaded/installed Python and Numpy because I was curious, that alone required some digging online to set up properly.

Every time I generate a level with any seeds, the stair case room is always picked first at the same door every time. The Exit location is only 3 tiles away and there are dead ends everywhere. The exit is always at the north-most location. I cannot add nor remove rooms without the combiner not liking it. (As if the VMF files are specified somewhere)

If I were to pick it up I would have to get rid of most concepts while keeping the portal and collision aspects, those are brilliant by the way.

I hope someone picks it up as a kick-starter concept. Or if you ever feel like coming back, work on the successful aspects of your project.

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Kantham Feb 17 2013, 11:00am says:

I would love to see this done in a different approach. You seem to like the idea of having fixed elevation and grid .vmf placement for non-linear placement.

I understand where you're coming from, but ugh. While you're simplifying so much how the room placement is handled, you also make the layout so strict. Not to mention L4D works in a way everything follows one course, the choice of action should be made inside rooms individually (IE a medium-large room with 2 floors with one exit on each levels, only one of them is open ETC)

While a proof of concept, the chances are for someone to pick this project alone is rather slim, and it has to involve the fact that they have Python knowledge.

If you really care, I'd love to see this re-done in a flash from you in a very simple-minded and linear "Non-grid based" room placement system that works with any elevation based on the picked room's exit and one exit only. Room prefix is probability in % (IE 100_Corridor is very common, 5_SpecialRoom is very rare). The users places their room in the appropriate folder, double click a file, it outputs a VMF file, they open it in Hammer, compile, generate the navs and voila.

My knowledge is limited to UE3 Kismet as far as scripting goes. I can't afford to learn scripting and learn how to simulate a layout generator at this current time.

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Kantham Oct 14 2010, 11:44am says:

Hey people. I have been working on some more content for the mod lately, sorry for the 5 months delay.

I have been updating the official thread over epic forums with what I'm cooking right now, I expect to be releasing some new content by this weekend.

Here's the 2 update links in that said thread.

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Kantham May 31 2010, 5:01pm says:

A bit embarrassing to ask, but you guys have the retail version, right?
Make sure you also have the latest patch installed just in case.

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Kantham Apr 4 2010, 2:03pm says:

Hi everyone.

Just a heads up that an Elite version is in the work, and is now BETA status. You can grab it from here and post feedback from this topic.

Thanks and enjoy.

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Kantham Feb 5 2010, 10:19am says:

That's some epic shot you got there.

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Kantham Dec 15 2009, 6:08pm replied:

Said the guy who adds Quake 1 screens to his profile.

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Kantham Oct 10 2009, 1:34am replied:

Are you on the latest patch?
Is custom content usually working for you?
Are you on a retail version?

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Kantham Sep 25 2009, 6:29pm says:

New releases:

-Veteran pack - and trailer
-Gameplay video

The Veteran pack is self explanatory, it contains 4 maps. Only one map (Orion) was dismissed. Right now i just submitted so all of this should get approval in the next few hours.

I'll be working on pack 03 soon.

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Kantham Aug 25 2009, 3:54pm replied:

Have you downloaded the latest patch?
Do you have the same issues with custom content?
Is this a retail copy?

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Kantham Aug 25 2009, 3:53pm replied:

The point is to have a working team with decent exclusive content. But feel free to convert your stuff..

Just make sure the same problem happen again please, I don't want people to convert already made MP maps without the legitimate author's permission.

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Kantham Aug 20 2009, 3:15pm replied:

I'm on the lookout for talented level designers, so the larger the team will be the more production rate will increase and the more maps there will be available.

I'm currently polishing and porting 5 maps. They're the following:


These are for Pack 02. It's the veteran pack, and should be here soon. Again, Lance is primarily about new layouts exclusive to the mod.

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Kantham Aug 16 2009, 8:13pm says:

Gold (final) version is getting uploaded as I type this. Hope you will enjoy it!

Please refer to news for a complete list of what this particular version includes, thanks.

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Kantham Jul 31 2009, 9:41pm says:

Hey Grid, looks great. I can't imagine how much of a painful experience this is using gears of War. UT3 has a open mod capability and Uscripting and updated version of the editor.


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Kantham Jul 31 2009, 9:32pm says:

Never gave you permission to release the palace guard in your project. I even warned you that I planed to keep it exclusive to L3.. Please ask next time.

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Kantham Jul 17 2009, 2:00am replied:

Download the latest patch. If this crash for YOU then all the custom maps you download from other authors will crash too. So to say, this is a game issue.

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Kantham Jun 17 2009, 12:47am replied:

Unfortunately kismet kind of limited us to that. :|

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Kantham Jun 17 2009, 12:46am replied:

Eh, doubt it.

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Kantham Jun 11 2009, 3:58am replied:

Yes there will be more. I think you will be interested in this here

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Kantham Jun 11 2009, 3:53am replied:

The fun thing is that the crawling anim is on there. There's just no way to make this work, it's just WAY too much kismet all in that and eventually Burned experimented a lot of crashes when experimenting too much. Kismet is just supposed to be used for level design, not mods or gametypes, but since this is the only way we can go on and modify things... :|

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Kantham Jun 7 2009, 4:48pm says:

PC, console for cash cows.

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Kantham May 27 2009, 1:35pm says:

Some people were having issues with understanding how the install work. The file will be uploaded again with a new readme to make things clearer for install.

Take note that you do not need to download it again. This is not a patch update.

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Kantham May 20 2009, 4:36pm says:

The tutorial is up.

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Kantham May 17 2009, 11:40am replied:

Glad you like it. I'm going to make new levels from scratch for a complete new change. Levels with better cover than Altar or all the others like it.

I don't know for the heart beat, I must admit I never noticed that myself.

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Kantham May 16 2009, 1:20pm says:

Remember, there's going to be more maps soon.

Here's a short preview of something new I'm working on

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