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Review RSS Feed Silent Threat: Reborn
10 Review

Mod Review on May 17th, 2015

I've played this a few times, and with every release, it gets better, and better, and better. It's a phenomenal campaign done by a dedicated team, and I highly recommend it.

Nexus: The Jupiter Incident
10 Review

Game Review on Jul 27th, 2011

Fantasic Game!
I grew up playing space sims (mainly FreeSpace 2), and I always hoped to be able to play from both a strategic standpoint, and from the viewpoint of a larger ship. Nexus accomplishes that flawlessly. Starting with simple point to point controls, which can be unlocked for free move, with wings and warships at your command. A great game for anyone who likes space sims or tactical simulators.

Star Wars Conquest
9 Review

Mod Review on Feb 20th, 2011

A very good mod, that tries to stay true to heart of the story and universe. A little buggy, but that's to be expected with Mount&Blade.

Sins of a Galactic Empire
9 Review

Mod Review on Mar 17th, 2010

Very good mod for SoaSE. Massive fleets of Star Destroyers squaring off against the rebel scum? That's what this is all about. Some of the units don't really scale perfectly (an Executor class should not be brought down by three MC-80s and a few wings of fighters), but very well done!

Star Trek: Sacrifice of Angels 2 [Diplomacy]
9 Review

Mod Review on Feb 20th, 2010

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Star Wars: Empire At War
9 Review

Game Review on Feb 6th, 2010

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