Been a long time lurking, decided to join to making tracking/watching mods, and indie games far easier on myself.

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Kalenov May 12 2010 says:

Can I just say..YESYESYESYES..Yes.

+1 vote   mod: Arx - End of Sun
Kalenov May 12 2010 replied:

Might wanna hand-paint the specular maps, or even use some photo-realistic desaturated textures, set to multiply/overlay at a low opacity % ontop of your current specular map.

Because amusingly enough, as I've learned, the Specular Map actually adds a good portion of the depth you see on most modern meshes. Yes the diffuse is 'detail' but the Specular makes those Details Pop.

Model itself is great however actually!

+1 vote   media: Terrorist Finished
Kalenov May 11 2010 replied: Read that. *rolls eyes*

+1 vote   news: Orion - Beta 1.2 - Week of Media - Day 2
Kalenov May 11 2010 says:

Hah great to see this is still alive! Was getting a bit worried since GW/THQ/or -someone- sent the other UDK/Unreal Engine WH40k Game a C&D letter, brilliant model too btw.

+1 vote   media: Melta Gun 1.2
Kalenov May 7 2010 replied:

hah that sucks man! <3 online backups (specially drop-box)

How's the project coming?

+1 vote   member: Kalenov
Kalenov May 4 2010 replied:

Hey man, sorry for the lack of updates here :S I don't really have any production-grade work finished :P Have to basically re-learn modeling from the ground up.

Other then that, pretty good, you?

+1 vote   member: Kalenov
Kalenov May 3 2010 replied:

You, understand one is inspired from the other, right?

And that in-fact 'gothic' Medieval styling didn't come to be known as such until the early Victorian era, so, technically, like vikings with horned helmets, 'gothic' is just a romantic ideal created by the romanticized minds of Victorian era Writers & Artists, that in future times, became classical Goth-Elegant (Or rather Victorian/Steampunk Goth), not these pouty-eyed-look-at-my-hair-Emos we have today. :P

But yeah, Shrew did a wonderful job, and the gold really sets off the blue.

+2 votes   media: Church Update
Kalenov May 3 2010 says:

Youknow what, I loved how this was going, and the attention you sunk into both the community (as small as it seems to have been) as well as the project itself, was and is astounding, I think I'll track the studio you've made just to keep an eye out for your future projects!

+3 votes   news: Deceased?
Kalenov May 1 2010 says:

Ah Metro 2033, and of course Call of Pripyat, both amazing games. Are you playing with any mods on COP? (Meaning you personally, not asking for an official endorsement of any of them :P)

Really glad you guys are keeping us updated, personally (having recently started working with a studio myself) I can understand waiting on other people, (even if typically I'm the person being waited for xD) and it's great you put this message out to let the community know what your doing officially.

So what are the future plans (for lurk) beyond this upcoming release of LURK? Will we be seeing a CoP port, or will you continue on with SHOC?

+1 vote   news: L.U.R.K.: What The Hell is Going On?
Kalenov Apr 30 2010 says:

>>; keep getting "oooops!" on *every* video I click!

+1 vote   media: AFF:Planetstorm - UDK Showcase Trailer
Kalenov Apr 28 2010 says:

Yes, before anyone says anything; this is without ikhandles :P

+1 vote   media: Animation Test #3
Kalenov Apr 25 2010 says:

Download appears to be Dead :S And I just reinstalled COP for this >>; *puts disk back in its case*

+1 vote   mod: S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Wormwood
Kalenov Apr 23 2010 replied:

Wow, brilliant post there. /sarcasm.

He answered your question. The game cost 29.99 USD, there possibly will be a Demo (don't quote me on that, I don't work for them :P), but no 'free' version unless you intend on pirating it. And to be frank, 29.99 isn't -that- bad for both the game *and* access to the engine. Honestly I'd pay 29.99 to just use the damn engine to play around with :P

+3 votes   game: Overgrowth
Kalenov Apr 23 2010 says:

Might wanna increase the fracture by 1-2 slices on that board, I know its all early (and looking amazing even for early stages), but your dealing with (what I assume) is a Single Player Only game; so the freedom you have to use lots of props/effects/static meshes is way higher in most cases.

+1 vote   media: Weapon - Fireballs
Kalenov Apr 23 2010 says:


+2 votes   media: Brummbar
Kalenov Apr 23 2010 says:

Wow, just, wow. Will the hands & weapons be receiving texture upgrades? Also, will the mod be compatible with the Fan Patch/Unofficial 6.9 Patch?

+1 vote   media: Disciplines - Necromancy Lv 2 - Apprentices Brooms
Kalenov Apr 22 2010 replied:

UDK Releases don't work on the PS3 as far as I know; I'm sure someone will correct me on that, but yeah :P

The reason UT3 Mods worked on the PS3 (the few that did as far as I know) is simply that; they where Mods. The UDK allows Devs. to release their projects as Stand Alone Titles.

+1 vote   game: Warm Gun
Kalenov Apr 22 2010 says:

the Little Black Rifle* Due to no one knowing its name in early Vietnam Combat Trials.

+1 vote   media: A Few Spell Checked Items
Kalenov Apr 22 2010 says:

I've only recently started working in the UDK, but even I can see the insane amount of time and effort you've put into this project, great job and I can't wait for a release to try out.

+1 vote   news: Little God Story #5
Kalenov Apr 22 2010 says:

..This was source engine, or was some douche just putting that up there? xD

0 votes   download: VTMB Official 1.2 Patch
Kalenov Apr 21 2010 says:

"Meet the Tank: T-Tex" a play on the words T-Rex and Tank, or a simple mistake? :P

And you guys don't gotta sell me on buying it, always had plans to *thumbs up*

+3 votes   news: Meet the Tank: T-Rex
Kalenov Apr 21 2010 says:

M14EBR* :P Looks great however.

+3 votes   news: Weapon WIP: M14
Kalenov Apr 20 2010 says:

I gotta ask, if/when/are you considering adding custom sprites, instead of using whats provided to you by the RPG Maker? I can understand keeping say, the buildings, the ascetics would be a pain to match if you started jumping around with different sprites/tiles, but the characters themselves are stock; and as far as *I* know, you can actually import and setup custom character sprites & animations.

I understand the urge to tell a story; and that a game should be based upon solid gameplay and storyline, but for someone who grew up (ages 11-14) playing with the older RPG Toolkits/RPG Makers of the world, the look is stale, and anyone who -has- played with these tidbits of software will actually discount the game itself for using stock graphics (and I've even seen in some cases, discount the game as a whole for simply using the 'engine'/software.)

Don't get me wrong; its very clear your intention is to create a decent game, with an involving and driving story (although I can't say I've played any releases of this so, I won't judge the quality of those aspects :P), you might wish to pick afew other engines to learn, -while- working on this piece.

I'd recommend using, if graphics aren't an issue, the Neverwinter Nights Engine; create yourself your own module, keep it on the backburner and don't show it off till its ready; and the community will embrace it. (However it using the D&D/AD&D Ruleset might be a bit of a pain I'm sure, but again its just a suggestion for an engine upgrade.)

+1 vote   media: Version 0.20 Screenshots
Kalenov Apr 20 2010 says:

Although I've only played the demo (and I assume it'd be taboo for me just to judge it off that? :P)

The game has..promise, personally I'd love to see a cleaner GUI & Interactions in the GUI don't seem to really jump out at you, ie; when your at the merchant, it takes a second to realize the layout of your interface (characters paper doll in the center, inventory on the right, shopkeeper/'tailors' inventory on the left), although I suppose that isn't terribly bad.

I enjoyed what I did play of it; the gameplay mechanics are there, but the GUI feels pre-1999 almost :S Perhaps Triple A titles like Neverwinter Nights 1/Diablo/Torchlight/Lionheart have ruined me for this sort of thing however >>;

+2 votes   news: Din's Curse released
Kalenov Apr 20 2010 replied:

UDK comes (atleast the most current version) with the Robot you see there setup pretty commonly. Hell its even in the example map behind the wall you blow up using that demo charge.

Soo...I take it the chairs, tables, and those weird dishwasher things in the background are -actually- created with the Geometry Brush and then just textured with a simple material? Kinda works, I guess, although you should mention to the mapper that you -can- convert simple or even complex brushwork into a static mesh pretty quickly. Then you could (theoretically, I have no bloody idea how you'd get it -out- of the UDK but, bear with me here) take it into Blender/Maya/3DS and get it cleaned up/use it as a basis for scale.

Anyways its not..eye bleeding, I think, although that -would- explain the blood I'm seeing...

+1 vote   media: Unfinished Beta maps
Kalenov Apr 16 2010 says:

They ate the bloody grenade and was STILL HUNGRY FOR MORE xD

+1 vote   media: STALKER Complete Mutant Attack
Kalenov Apr 8 2010 replied:

yeah I suppose your right, I mean its basically the Quake 3 Engine right? (in reference to EF1) From what I've seen, its spawned a plethora of other engines/modifications to the engine, and still has large base community of both gamers and modders.

Again though, great job guys, can't wait to see the mod in full :D

+1 vote   mod: Star Trek : Freelance
Kalenov Apr 8 2010 says:

Why the heck didn't I see this before...Bloody Amazing job everybody, +tracking ftw

Gotta ask though, why EF1, not EF2? Better graphics, and as far as my understanding goes, just as 'easy' (if you can call it that) to mod.

+1 vote   mod: Star Trek : Freelance
Kalenov Apr 6 2010 says:

And I'll give you a hint as to why probably; Space Marine. Amusingly enough I love GW to death, but from the trailer I saw of Space Marine, -this- actually looked better!

Rest in Peace.

Anyone else find it funny that a AAA Grade Project get canceled, but pieces of crap like UT40k are allowed to continue because it doesn't pose a threat to them?

+4 votes   news: Bad news
Kalenov Mar 31 2010 replied:

AH but the only way to Win the Game, is not To Play ;) (+1 to whomever gets the reference xD)

+3 votes   media: Minuteman-3 LGM-30 ICBM
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