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Aunt Lou

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She (Aunt Lou) has been sick off and on and a few days ago said to have maybe a few weeks to live. Then today 3/17/11 it is said she may not make it through the weekend. She is w/ Family and not in a facility. She believes in Jesus as her Savior as do I. She has lived a long and blessed life now at 102 years, I am blessed to know her!
I am working on a finishing a painting of her old house she had built for her Mother and Family many years ago. It as fell into disrepair over the years but its all she talked about, wanting to get back in her home. I had hoped when i started the painting, she could well, be back @ her house kind of.
I def need training in painting and have not put a brush to the canvas in years but I think she will like it. I am not in distress by the news, even she said when the Lord is ready for her, she is ready to go.
It is just always a time of grief but it also encourages us to value Family and Friends more than the things we possess for we never know when we/they will be gone.

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